Funtabulous Arnel

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Helping people manifest their dream through personal development and energy work. Ask me how.

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Every morning set positive intentions it will be an amazing day for you! Try it for at least a week and observe how it positively improves your life. I've been doing this for a few months now and I've seen my life shift more in the direction I want my life to go. In your declaration state positive affirmations of how you want to feel and how your day will go. Of course it won't always go your way but that's opportunity to regulate your mindset and prevent it from spiraling downward. This is the first part of my Miracle Morning ritual. This starts my day on a powerful note. Don't forget to drink a glas of water as part of your MM Ritual. 😉👊🙌 #miraclemorning #ritual #morning #routine #good vibes #fridaywisdom #happyfriday #love #selfcare #funtabulousarnel

A lot of the reasons why we feel negative, resistant, upset, frustrated, and down in a relationship is because we can't regulate our mindset. We give the other person the power, the power of our own emotions, which is really in our control. Control your mindset, control your thinking, and you control your emotions. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Focus on your self-worth. Focus on the positive things that are going on in your world; focus on what you are blessed with and everything will turn around for you. Remember to change what you see in your 3D reality you have to change your mindset. #lifecoach #relationshipgoals #mindset #controlyourmind #controlyourpersepective #focus #selfworth

To build confidence you need to get better at what you're doing, and to do that you need to keep practicing. #repetition #practicemakesperfect #keeppracticing #practice #lifecoach #healthylifestyle #mindset

True Love is... Working on yourself! it's how you make them feel vs how they make you feel. #instareel #relationshipgoals #truelove #loveyou #freedom #unconditionallove #lifecoach

Did you take care of your body today? Did you prioritize you? No one is going to take care of you better than you. 🙌👊💪🏽 #healthylifestyle #fitlife #fitness #workout #trainer #funtabulousarnel #lifecoach #mindset #beliefs #loveyourlife #lovinglife

"Mayo Clinic discovers high-intensity aerobic training can reverse aging processes in adults" Google this headline and you'll find the study and the stated benefits below. Cardio respiratory health, muscle mass and insulin sensitivity improved with all training. Mitochondrial cellular function declined with age but improved with training. Exercise improves skeletal muscle gene expression independent of age. In other words, do HIIT everyday for 20 minutes and you'll be 21 again! Just kidding! 🤣 Okay so HIIT won't reverse the aging process, but the study shows it will slow your aging so why not do it? #lifecoach #healthy #healthylifestyle #personaldevelopment #fitness #workout #homecoming #noweights

Hey Y'all! Another healthy fruit bowl! Today it's Koia Protein Cinnamon Horchata milkshake! This is so delicious 🙌👊😋 Are you making healthy decisions today? 🤔💪🏽 #healthylifestyle #proteinshake #powerfruitbowl #lifecoach #mindset #healthymindset @drinkkoia @naturespathorganic

Hi everyone! Remember, it's how you make someone feel that matters. If we all viewed our interactions this way, we would be more compassionate, more considerate, more patient, more kind, more forgiving and more loving to one another. Happy Hump Day! #instawisdom #positivevibes #behappy #positivity #mindset #lifecoach #funtabulousarnel

Labor Day Progress Report. Let's see where we're at six months from now. Thriving to stay healthy and fit is a daily commitment. Being disciplined and consistent as you age becomes even more challenging. A lot of people don't realize this but you can work on your physical appearance all you want but if you're not emotionally healthy and are worried, frustrated, angry, sad, stressed; your health will come crashing down. Make sure you have inner peace. Strive for emotional balance as much as your mental balance. It's: mind, body and spirit. #50.#50strongandfab #50SHADESOFENERGY #lifecoach #healthylife #balance #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #mindset

Are we afraid to fully experience being in a romantic relationship? In this generation, we are hopping from one person to another, only long enough to sample their energy but not long enough to really get to know them -- for fear of getting hurt or experiencing disappointment. However, in those challenging and uncomfortable moments, we get to practice becoming a better version of ourselves. It is in those moments that we can practice being more understanding, more patient, more kind, more forgiving and more loving. It is in those raw moments that we grow and level up. So I challenge myself to get into a relationship to experience what I need to learn in order to become a better version of myself. And I challenge you, to let go of any fear of commitment and open-minded to being in a healthy relationship. Remember, thoughts create -- Drop any limiting beliefs that hold you back from being in the loving and supportive relationship you are worthy of. #relationshipgoals #dating #advice #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #lifecoach

Thoughts create! You are the creator of your reality. Where you are in life is the culmination of your thoughts, beliefs and your self-concept, because they drive your choices and decisions. So, if thoughts create your reality then there are no coincidences. Your thoughts have either negative or positive energy of which you attach. To that end, you are manifesting either a positive or negative outcome. Furthermore, your alignment (thoughts, beliefs & self-concept) to the outcome will determine how quickly or slowly your desires will manifest in your life. Sometimes a thought can happen in a matter of seconds. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months, even years. It all depends on your alignment to the thought. Every thought creates an outcome. If you think good feelings you will attract good outcomes. If you think bad feelings you will attract bad outcomes. This is the law of manifestation/creation. #lawofattraction #lawofassumption #lawofdetachment #lawofcreation #lawofmanifestation #mindsetcoach #lifecoach

Lost but found! Law of Attraction and Law of Detachment at work! I lost my journal a few days ago. I backtracked my footsteps and none of the places I visited that day had my journal. I had turned my car upside down just looking for it and emptied my backpack but didn't find it. I recall taking it out of my car and setting it on top of something, but that was it. After having gone through all of this, I decided to enlist the help of The Universe and asked the ultimate power to bring it to me, and boy did it bring it to me! As I was recording a video to post on my social media channels a phone call came through of which I did not recognize the name. I was going to respond via text when I accidentally touched the Answer button, and behold I was talking to a wonderful man who had found my journal in the middle of the road on 4th Street downtown. He said he was driving down the road when he saw it. He felt compelled to stop and pick it up, and when he saw what it was he felt a tug to return it to the owner. Mind you, I purposely do not put my personal contact in my journals, because personal information is in it. If I lose it I would rather the information in it be from an anonymous author. He, however, found a Discount Tire receipt and was able to reach me to let me know he had found my "book." Without a doubt, I believe this was a manifestation of my doing. The key to successfully manifesting what you desire even though you have no idea how it is going to happen is trusting that there are higher powers at work all around us. One of the important keys to manifesting is letting go of the specific details on how your request, your desire, will manifest. Ask and believe! Ask and let go of any attachment to the outcome. Trust. Trust that it will happen in divine timing. That's the key. Focus on something else and release any strings you have attached to the desire. Let it go but don't give up. There's a difference. Trust that it will happen is not giving up. #lawofattraction #lawofdettachment #loa #manifesting #manifestation #coaching #Mindset #lifecoach

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