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Helping people manifest their dream through personal development and energy work. Ask me how.

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He took the words out of my mouth... commitment is a decision! #commitment #relationshipgoals #romance #love

Have you ever felt more alone with someone than when you were alone? I'm going to be really vulnerable and transparent here and share an experience i had recently: That's what I felt when I was with a friend last night... she went to dance Bachata and I wanted to dance Zouk in the other room. She was able to find aΒ  dance partner but when I went to dance Zouk in the other room there was no one to dance with... and all I could do was watch everyone else dance Zouk in their element to some amazing songs... and all of a sudden, my energy started spiraling, and all these traumas started to surface. I felt my lungs start to close in one me slowly until i felt it hard to breathe... as if my soul was dying... I had to get out of the room. I had to go outside and breathe, but when I got outside, all my being wanted to run... to run away, to feel free once again. Have you ever found yourself in those shoes? #trauma #love #romance #Relationshipgoals

Do you ever wake up and feel you're out of alignment or lost? Well, here's what I have to say about that. Watch! #feelinglost #lost #inward #selfreflection #awareness #coaching tips #motivation #inspiration #life #reel #humpday #wisdom

Everything she says... who's ready to build an empire with someone special? Two is better than one in unison. #lifehacks #Relationshipgoals #partnership #goals #dreambig #plan #romance #growth #powercouple

Your impact on other people is bigger than you think. Don't discount your value in people's lives. Connect! #connect #livelifetothefullest #lovelife #impact #serve

I woke up this morning excited to support my sister in Christ whom I met at Red Rocks Church several weeks ago. I had grabbed a treat (donut shhhh!) on my way out of the sanctuary when she walked by me, saw the guilty smile πŸ˜ƒ on my face, and said hello. πŸ‘‹ πŸ™ She was volunteering that day and wanted to make sure I felt at home and welcomed. We shared our stories of coming to Christ and my experience getting baptized last November at Red Rocks. It was truly a spontaneous but intentional experience that I will forever cherish. ✝️ Stephanie's kindness, warmth, and desire to make me and guests feel welcomed at Red Rocks exemplifies what it truly means (in my belief) what being Christlike means - this is also what it means to be in a loving community that focuses on uplifting people to help build God's Kingdom. πŸ™ Thank you, Stephanie, for serving God's Kingdom and sharing your beautiful story. You left a positive impression on me that day. I am glad to have a sister in Christ like you on this earth. Congratulations on your baptism and cementing your love for our Creator, God. Amen! 🫢 #baptism #holy #anew #birth #Christian #God #faith #redrockschurch

There's a BAD BOY/GIRL In ALL of Us That desires to be UNLEASHED! What do you desire to let release? #untamingthedragon #lettinggo #lawofdetachment #surrender #balance #optimize #life

IF YOU LIKE THIS CONTENT, comment below: I AM BLESSED πŸ™Œ #inspirational #quotes #motivation #wisdom #funtabulousarnel #Seneca #marcusarelius #carljung #lautzu #pythagoras #confucius #rumi

I wrote this for a friend. It may help you: πŸ€” Have you lost your path? πŸ›€ If another path can be taken, how can one lose their path? Maybe it's just a detour? A path to find yourself again? Only that most often on a detour we find ourselves back where we were, on the same path. 〰️ Life isn't meant to be a straight line. Life is full of twists and turns meant to explore life more in depth. We are meant to experience every corner as much as possible. When we don't we aren't fully satisfied and there is a lingering desire to experience it again. πŸ›£ From where I stand, there are many many paths that can be taken. You just have to decide which path to take but most importantly which path resonates with you the best, based on what's important to you. 🌟 Choosing the "best" path may not at times be the best path, but if you sit down and write down the pros and cons and come to the conclusion that it is indeed the best path, then you can't be disappointed in yourself if it doesn't quite go the way you want it. And, this is where you have to manage your expectations and give yourself grace. 🫢 Giving yourself grace is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. It is permission to forgive yourself when you let yourself down. Giving yourself grace allows you to move forward and accept that whatever unfolded was meant to manifest. The work now is to go back to the thoughts, the beliefs, that generated that outcome and changed it from that thought or belief. πŸ’§Life is ever changing. Free will makes sure of that. So, nothing is truly in vain. Miracles do happen because our beliefs are stronger than the narrative. So do not despair when things don't see to be working out for you, because if your belief is strong something better always manifests. Then in hindsight, you see that you were meant to go down that path to truly appreciate the gift that's unfolding for you. #detour #wisdom #lifehacks #path #inspirationalquotes #motivation #grace #lawofdetachment

"Women are here to be women" what do you think about that? "We women build men." #coach #life #mindset

Graced by these two amazing Zouk dancers flow on the dance floor last night. It was a blessing to be a witness to the beautiful movements of some amazing dancers of this modality. Reflection: Partner dancing requires one to surrender and one to lead. It is also a collaborative creation of movements that make up a story or a series of stories. A beautiful dance is a collaborative engagement of two souls, and I believe truly captivating dances are one where both dancers take turns leading and following as it is in life and in our relationships. The exchange of roles is what makes the relationship grow and fulfilling. Being a leader or a follower all the time is like driving the same road all the time - It gets tiring and boring after a while. To dance beautifully in synchronicity requires both partners to connect on a deep level - to truly trust one another requires both partners to surrender themselves to the dance and to each other. In doing this, both partners have to become intimate. To become intimate, both must have love and respect for one another. This is why most amazing dancers are couples. There's no surface level relationships between two amazing dancers. The dance itself breaks that wall into intimacy. The more beautiful the dance, the more intimate the connection is on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. #zouk #dance #esquinatango #weekender

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