Funtabulous Arnel

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Helping people manifest their dream through personal development and energy work. Ask me how.

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Just pulled over in the middle of the night to feel the energy of the city. After dancing Salsa and Bachata at Veracruz. I wanted to take Me, Myself and I, on a midnight rendezvous to admire the city of Austin. To take her all in. To soothe the soul. I felt the need to love Me as I found myself wanting to fill that space on the dance floor, but coming up short to find a wanting soul to join me. Have you ever done that? Just take yourself on a date to enjoy life without anyone. When you're single, there is sometimes a longing for love outside of ourselves. It's easy to put it on someone to fill that space instead of doing the inner work. We all experience loneliness, but the funny thing is we are not alone in this. We all experience it. We all have moments where we just want to feel loved from an external source; from someone who gives a damn about us. Remember your time will come. When someone says, "Let's go! Let's go see the city lights. " ✨️ Let's be open the possibilities. Let's look up at the night sky and wish for our hearts desires. Let's run across the lawn in the middle of the night and feel the wet grass between our toes. Let's forget about tomorrow and the past. Let's be in the moment and watch the magic happen. 🎩 #romanticmoments #relationshipgoals #selfcare #selflove

Consistency equals Growth. Be consistent on a daily and weekly basis to achieve your goal. I know it can be challenging because it requires discipline. So, make your outcome bigger than life so when you achieve it, you'll be proud of your accomplishments. NO GOAL IS WITHOUT RISK, AND NO GOAL IS WITHOUT REWARD EITHER. GO GET IT! 🙌👊 CELEBRATE! 🥳 #mindsetcoach #transformationcoach #relationshipcoach #datingcoach #allprodad #mindsetwarrior #wellnesscoach #mentor #lifecoach #entrepreneur #cocreator #artist #designer #fitboss #firewalker #daytrader #wealthmindset #wealthbuilder #justlove #selflove #selfcare #healthylifestyle #fitness #personaldevelopment #lawofattraction #lawofdetachment #lawofassumption #iampurepositive #coacharnel

Thought this was interesting to do. I only found a Germanic meaning to "Arnold" which is the closest to my name. In Germanic it means: Eagle Ruler. Pretty neat, eh? 🤔😁👍

REMINDER: It's the simple things in life that matter the most. #itsthesimplethings #Friday #fridaywisdom #fridaymotivation #relationshipgoals #relationshipcoach #lifecoach #mindset

Who else does this? 😅🤣😂

Austin Texas. Love this city. Do you love where you live?

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