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Yoda⇢🐷 Luna⇠🐷 Okja⇢🐷/🐮 Zeke⇠🐮 I am a dog mom that's a little obsessed with helping her dogs live their best life. My blog focuses on French Bulldog/Pitbull care tips, treat recipes, DIY projects, and much more.

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What if I told you these were so easy that I forgot to record every step? 🫠 Mix it up - plop teaspoon-sized treats onto your baking sheet - bake - enjoy! You don’t need any special equipment. I kept these both easy and healthy. 🐾 You can grab the full recipe for these Homemade Sweet Potato and Spinach Dog Treats on the blog. . . . . . . #diydogtreats#homemadedogbiscuits#dogfoodrecipe#dogfoodinspo#homemadedogtreats#dogfoodie#dogbiscuits#dogmomtips#dogtreatsplease#dogtreatsfordays#dogtreats#easybaking#fallbaking#bakingfromscratch#dogsarefamily#lifeofadog#lovemypup#dogmoments#happydogs#barkhappy

What’s your dog’s favorite treat? 🦴 Despite all of the homemade treat recipes I share, I purchase plenty of packaged treats for the dogs. 🦴 In a world where the word treat might also mean junk, how do you choose the right treats for your dog? We all know the usual things to avoid: meat meal/by-products, corn or wheat-based treats, etc. 🦴 I wrote a blog post last year about choosing the right treats and what surprised me most were the food dye additives, sugars, and corn syrup used in many popular treat brands. 🦴 You can check the blog for why these ingredients aren’t necessary for your pup. Or aim for single, limited-ingredient, homemade, or fresh dog-safe fruits/veggies. Treats are the easiest and cheapest place to start when upgrading your dog’s diet. ♥️ . . . . . . #diydogtreats#homemadedogbiscuits#dogfoodrecipe#dogfoodinspo#homemadedogtreats#dogfoodie#dogbiscuits#dogmomtips#dogtreatsplease#dogtreatsfordays#dogtreats#easybaking#fallbaking#bakingfromscratch#dogsarefamily#lifeofadog#lovemypup#dogmoments#happydogs#barkhappy

Peace, Love, and Frenchie Farts

This blog may contain affiliate links that allow me to make a small commission if you make a purchase by clicking the links – including Amazon. I found a great pack of 16 small tubes of paint colors on Amazon. The motion and pressure from your dog licking their treat off of the bag will allow the paint to safely spread over the canvas in the Ziploc bag. Step Five: As soon as the dogs were done licking their peanut butter off of their bag, I was able to pull out their paintings and allow them to dry.

Peace, Love, and Frenchie Farts

This new recipe for Spinach Muffin Dog Treats will help your dog fall in love with this leafy green…These Mini Spinach (& Blueberry) I incorporated whole blueberries into this recipe but after seeing how crazy my dogs went over these Spinach Muffin Dog Treats – entry.)The dogs were howling over these Spinach Muffin Dog Treats!Zeke, who is my most difficult dog to impress with healthy treats, started howling anytime I would open the container that I was storing these treats in. All opinions of the dog treats are my own.**This blog may contain affiliate links that allow me to make a very small commission if you make a purchase by clicking the links – including Amazon.

Peace, Love, and Frenchie Farts

Keep reading for my four ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Pie Dog Treats… When I heard it was National Pie Day on January 23rd, I knew I wanted to treat my dogs to their own special pie dog treats. For these Peanut Butter Banana Pie Dog Treats I used my silicone cupcake liners to form and bake the pie crusts. (Aim for single ingredient Peanut Butter, Bark Bistro Peanut Butter, or just make sure : • Peanut Butter: This is a great source of protein, Vitamin B, and heart-healthy fats.

Choosing The Right Dog Treats [Updated 2022]

When you find the right dog treats, the labels aren’t challenging to understand, and you can feel proud that you know exactly what is going into your dog’s body. When choosing the right dog treats, it’s essential to understand dog the ingredients to avoid. Avoid corn and wheat and try to find treats that contain healthy grains. Here are a few of my favorite treat brands, that my dogs love, the brands are amazing small dog-loving businesses, and they make choosing the right dog treats easy.

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