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Trying to save you money by letting you know about deals as I find them. Feel free to share any that you come across with your fellow readers!

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What to Know Before You Buy a Yacht

If you’re looking to be able to operate your yacht on your own, you have to choose the proper size. Large yachts can only operate with a crew, so if you prefer to sail alone make sure the size you choose is appropriate. Where Do You Want to Go Knowing the type of trips you want to take is necessary to choose the proper yacht for your needs. Each type of trip will have different supply requirements and you need to have the proper amount of space and amenities on the yacht you choose.

What You Need To Know About Borrowing Money

Many loans, including home mortgages and student loans, are paid back inconsistent, small amounts over a set period of time and at a set interest rate. Having a good credit score will allow you to receive loans with lower interest rates in the future. A more obvious benefit of borrowing money is that it gives you immediate capital that you can use to cover emergency expenses or even to allow you to make more money in the future. Before applying for a loan, be sure to understand all of its terms: when payments are due, what your interest rate will be, and what happens if you are unable to make a payment.

3 Exciting Careers to Consider

If you’re seeking a change of pace when it comes to a career, but find yourself seeking something new and exciting, there are plenty of options that don’t involve sitting at a desk. Here, you’ll have a chance to work with individuals in a one-on-one setting as you work to help them achieve their fitness goals. You’ll have plenty of hands-on training that allows you to use firefighter equipment and learning about types of situations you’ll encounter, from dealing with emergency fires to performing CPR. Police academy usually takes a few months, and gives you the chance to role play and get comfortable working in settings you’ll

Who's Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Walmart?

Black Friday makes shopping there 10x better with once a year awesome deals and savings. I will say that I am normally one to be out at midnight grabbing the deals and driving store to store, but this year I think I am going to stick to online shopping, in my pajamas, at home, and self-distancing from the craziness. I try and hold out on upgrading products and replacing damaged products as long as possible, waiting for Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is also the perfect time of year to stock up on children’s toys for Christmas and get you ahead of the game– time & money-wise.

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