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📍TX |Believer•Wife•Mama•Creator Embracing Motherhood in my 40’s. Sharing God’s love. Inspiring women along the way. 💌:

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Last night we attended our very first @houstondynamo soccer game. We absolutely LOVED it! We had such a wonderful experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful and we were constantly being greeted. We will definitely be back!🫶🏽Oh yeah, and we got the WIN!!!

Wanderlust✨ #wanderlust #wanderlusters #nomad #hotspringsnationalparkarkansas #anthonychapel #garvanwoodlandgardens #traveler #shetravels

True Story😩 #coffeereels #reelhumour #betterchoices #coffeelovers #starbuckscoffee #icedcoffee #icedcoffeelover #regret

Storybook Character Parade-Frida Kahlo🎨🖌 Y’all know I love a good DIY costume over a store bought one. I purchased the items from the Dollar Tree. Cost around $12-$13. I made her a skirt from scarves cut into strips and tied to around an elastic band, no sewing! Headband and necklaces also from Dollar Tree. Mamas, You don’t have to break the bank for your kids. All you need is a little creativity. @dollartree for the win! 🙌🏽

First day of school for this one! To say she was excited would be an understatement. 😂 Seeing her smile BIG with her vibrant personality really helped this Mama heart of mine. I was feeling all kinds of emotions. She walked in there like a big girl! Soooo thankful that I was able to capture this moment! Have a great day Sweet Girl!

Quick dinner idea! Texas Toast Pizza

Bento Cake Box💕

Circus Animal Cookie 🎪🎡🎠

Jumbo Chocolate Chip🍪🍪🍪

Sleeping Unicorn Cake Pop 🦄

Levi’s 6th Birthday was a BLAST!🚀 I had so much fun making his “Space Cake” and “Planet Pops”.

Black History Month: Homeschool Curriculum -

One of the things that I love most about homeschooling, is that I get to choose and put together a curriculum that I feel is most suitable for my kids. Although, the books are titled “little”, I believe that children of all ages can learn from them because of the information that they contain. I am including 7 lessons that I’ve put together for my kids, along with free downloadable worksheets that I created, to go with each lesson. I have also included links to movies and YouTube videos that we’ve watched that also go along with the lessons.

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For The New Year -

Collecting items like old clothes, shoes and toys to donate will not only free up space for new things, but it will also help those who are less fortunate. For larger and heavier items, hire the help of a moving company like Our Truck Moving. In addition to the amazing services, they can even provide boxes and labels and help you organize your items. Saving early can help pay for a family vacation or help start a Christmas fund.

DIY Christmas Gift Idea-Building Block Table -

If you have just started your shopping, the hunt for the right gift for your child can be a difficult one…but don’t throw in the towel! After I marked my spots, holes were carefully drilled in the back of the table and the handles were screwed in place. After gluing all of the baseplates, I applied c-clamps to provide a firm hold while the glue dried. Once the baseplates have completely dried, fill the bucket with the building bricks and let the fun begin!

5 Budget Friendly Ways To Spend Halloween At Home -

With Halloween just a few days away, I wanted to share with you some safe and inexpensive ways that you can celebrate if you are planning to stay home this year. This year since we are spending Halloween at home, I refused to break the bank and purchase costumes for all of my kids. Instead, I decided to make dressing up in costumes fun and creative, yet challenging at the same time. Since we are passing on it this year, I wanted to create a fun way for the kids to get candy rather than just putting it in a goody bag or basket.

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