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It turns out I have been doing something over the past 90 days besides growing a baby. I’ve finally, 4 years later, been giving my hair and scalp the TLC it’s been craving (hello postpartum hair loss). I had a chance to add a new product @livingproofinc’s Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment to my nightly routine. Being a longtime fan of @livingproofinc products (especially their Dry Shampoo 🙌🏼) I knew I was in for a treat. After 90 full days of using the product I definitely saw noticeable results (including a huge decrease in hair loss) that I could go on and on about...or I could just show you! I documented the full 90 days in my stories so head there to see the transformation. #ad

Did a little Easter morning test run with @blueskyeggs 🥚 For the main I modified my normal egg muffin recipe to “make it Spring-y” with fresh Spring veggies + mozzarella cheese. The best thing about this recipe is you can swap out any veggies (although highly recommend keeping the carrots) or change up the type of cheese to fit your taste. Just make sure you have @blueskyeggs! Recipe below. I also posted in my stories so you can take a quick screenshot + save for later! 1. Sauté 1/2 onion + 2 tsp garlic in olive oil 2. Add veggies (3 cups) + sauté until soft (we used asparagus, carrot, mushroom, tomato + broccoli) 3. Whisk 10 eggs with dash of cream and salt/pepper 4. Layer veggies and mozzarella cheese in baking cups until 1/2 full 5. Top with egg mixture until 3/4 full 6. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes 7. Top with chives + serve!

Feeling like Spring...which only means one thing: it’s basically Summer 😝🍉 ☀️ 🏖 Mila’s dress is from @babyshop + I can tell you right now she is going to wear this one at least 100 times. #babyshop

We’ve all been working super hard over here (shoots on shoots on shoots), including Mila, so I decided to surprise her with some new jewelry from @tinyblessingsjewelry ✨ I picked out this super cute 14K yellow gold rainbow necklace for her + these 4mm white gold CZ earrings. She loves them + I think they look so cute!

26 weeks > 21 weeks > 16 weeks > 12 weeks Bump photos, the one thing you can’t procrastinate because the bump won’t quit! Proud of my procrastinating self for keeping up with these. What do you think? Which bump jump has been the most noticeable??

“You are so often so wrong about you and you don’t even know it” Stop being your biggest critic and start being your biggest supporter. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself? 🤍🧡 You. Are. A. Masterpiece. Dress by @pinkblushmaternity #prettyinpinkblush #pinkblushstyleambassador

I’ve been letting Mila dress herself lately and she is definitely one to dress for her mood. If she’s feeling like a princess it’s a dress and if she’s feeling adventurous she puts on something easy to explore in. When she puts on her @moodytigerofficial I know she’s either ready for an adventure or ready to do some yoga. I don’t blame her, the pieces from @moodytigerofficial are super soft as stretchy and I know she loves the fun patterns. Do your kids dress for their mood too?? Grab some @moodytigerofficial for when they are in a ready to play 👟mood. Code: Kay15 for 15% off. All orders are shipped with 3 day shipping. #moodytiger #moodytigeractivewear #kidsactivewear  #moodytigerleggings  #leggings #kidsathlesuire #athlesuire

Excited for longer days. Not excited for the hour of lost sleep it will take to get there! I finally feel like we’ve gotten on a consistent routine with Mila’s bedtime, and I’m not letting a little Daylight Saving Time mess this up for us. One thing that helps during bedtime is Natrol Kids Melatonin. We give Mila one @Natrolofficial Kid’s Melatonin sleep gummy 30 minutes before bed, brush her teeth, read a book and send her off to dreamland. She’s out in 30 minutes flat, and she happily sleeps through the night!+ It’s 100% drug-free, non-habit forming and safe for ages 4 and up. I shared a couple other sleep tips in my stories to help #ResetYourSnooze and get through the Daylight Saving Time slump.+ This post is sponsored by Natrol®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. -- Melatonin is a solution for occasional sleeplessness.+ †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Happy Weekend! Here’s a rare sighting of Mila wearing just ONE dress. Recently her favorite thing to do it to wear as many dresses at one time as possible. Her current record is 13. I’m all for her expressing her creativity but it’s making laundry day come sooner and sooner each week 🥴

#sponsored You all know how much I dread the nightly “what’s for dinner?” question. Cooking is just not my strong suit and 9/10 I’m pressed for time as I try to finish up work for the day. That’s why I have zero shame in my freezer game. I keep it stocked with easy options like these Birds Eye® frozen veggies from @krogerco so I can reach for them anytime I need a quick veggie side to balance out our meal. I grabbed these @conagrabrands Birds Eye frozen veggies from @ralphsgrocery during their “Spend $20, Save $5” freezer favorites event, but you can shop any @krogerco store to score the same deal for a limited time. Such an easy way to make sure you’re not missing out on veggies when you’re in a pinch. #ConagraAtKroger

A little story about way back when in our “brand reppin” days. I had just started this page and only posted photos of Mila which soon led me to the small shop “brand rep” world. I became quickly obsessed with entering rep searches and for the most part in order to enter these searches to hopefully get “picked” you had to post a graphic on your feed and a little blurb about why they should pick you. So there I was posting entering brand rep searches left and right and to be honest I was slightly embarrassed about it knowing all my friends and family (who were my only followers at the time) were seeing these posts constantly. What would they think? Would they be annoyed? I kept entering but I still kept feeling that way until one day when I was chatting with a friend and he asked me how “brand reppin” was going. I was quick to brush it off and say how much I hated posting those graphics (because well I was embarrassed) but his response forever changed my perspective. Without hesitation he said, “Isn’t that how you get what you want?” Of course the answer was yes. In order to get where I wanted (chosen as a brand rep) I had to put in the effort (put up the post). I had to worry about what I wanted and where I wanted to go not what I thought everyone else *might* think about it. It seemed so simple but I’ve never forgotten that. Now every time I think “what would others think?” I remember to remind myself that doesn’t matter. What matters is “How will it help me get to where I want to be?” Just a little reminder to put yourself out there FOR YOU. Don’t shy away from doing things you want just because you are worried about what everyone else is thinking. Focus instead on how it will feel when you get to where you want to be 🤍 Mila’s dress from @pippaandjulie 🌾

If we’re not matching, we at least try to color coordinate..it’s a problem. Also, our hat addiction? Yeah that’s a problem too 😬 As promised about to share some maternity find in stories!

I have to say my biggest personal accomplishment is finding my way as a modern woman in this ever changing world. It’s been a journey figuring out how to be strong and feminine and empowered all while staying true to myself and I’ll never take for granted the road it took to get here. Thankful today and every day to be raising strong empowered (tiny) women right alongside other strong woman doing their part to make a mark on the world whether that be raising children, breaking industry standards or everything in between. May we be them, and may we raise them 🙌🏼 Gorgeous dress from @petalandpup 🌿 I did a try on haul in my stories with a few more of their pieces! Swipe all the way to the end to see the funniest photo.

That Sunday light just hits different 💭

@plaingirlclothing G I F T 🎉 A W A Y congrats @shadell.clark W I N $50 Plaingirl credit by simply following the steps below! 🌿FOLLOW myself @fortheloveofmila and @plaingirlclothing 🌿LIKE this photo AND on the @plaingirlclothing feed (same photo) 🌿TAG a friend below that likes cute girl clothes W I N N E R announced Sunday evening! . . . . . #joyfulmamas #talesfrommotherhood #thehappynow #fromwhereistand #motherhoodrising #clickinmoms #thisismotherhood #honestmotherhood #dailyparenting #momentsinmotherhood #mommybloggers #momblog #honestlymothering #flashesofdelight #ohheymama #familyofthree #thatsdarling #motherhoodthroughinsta #ig_motherhood #momblogger #toddlerstyle

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