Mick Forgione

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I'm Mick Forgione a tour Professional Golfer from London living between New York and Miami. I use my platform to share my journey of Golf, Fitness, Health and Fashion. Have a look at my instagram profile @ForgioneProGolf and website www.ForgioneProGolf.com to see how I promote brands across my page and get an idea of how we could work together!

Location Pompano Beach, Florida United States
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 26, 2021
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A lot of work has gone in to make @sonnyswellness a company that produces great CBD products. If you read their story you’ll understand the passion. Their products have become a staple in my day to day and mostly I use it to relieve stress and anxiety. Safe to say I’m stress free here ❄️ Use code: MF30 for 30% off your order at checkout.

New Year, Fresh Kicks @sperry 👟 #ad

Shaving has always irritated my skin, making me feel sore and uncomfortable. That’s why I’ve used an electric razor for so long. @dollarshaveclub has enabled me to shave comfortably and without irritation. I’ve partnered with them as part of their #mengetreal campaign. #Dollarshaveclubgiftedme #dollarshaveclub #Octolyfamily

I like to switch up my look from time to time so I decided to take part in the 7 day stubble challenge with @schickhydro. Clean shaving irritates my skin but I wanted to give it a try. I was surprised at how smooth it was with no pulling or tugging. The new Schick Hydrow stubble eraser comfortably shaves up to 7 days of stubble, give it a try yourself. #sponsored #schick7daystubblechallenge

I’ve never really had a skin care routine but it’s never too late to start. Ive been using the @mskincareline products and my skin honestly feels fresh after every wash and shave. The products are affordable, but high quality. Use promo code SHOPM50 for 50% off at checkout. #skincare #mensstyle #mensskincare

Crisp winter mornings @lambdagolf ❄️

Find the right woman and she’ll help you conquer the world. #snowmobile #skiing #huntermountain #winterstyle

Hydration is important for any athlete, but it becomes extremely important in hot climates such as Florida. Take in regular fluids to replace the fluids you lose through sweat and don't wait until you feel thirsty as by then it's too late. That's why I take my @alpexperformance bottle with me every round, it keeps my drinks ice cold and I can stay on top of my hydration. Link in bio to shop.

@drinkyerbae has become my go-to drink on and off the golf course, refreshing sparkling water with zero sugar, zero calories, and a nice natural caffeine boost without the jitters. Go to Yerbae.com and use code FORGIONE15 at checkout for 15% off. #drinkyerbae #plant-based #nongmo #livehealthy #fitness #energy

In this game it’s important to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses if you want to improve. For me, my strength has always been my short game. I love the creativity of it and the variety of shots you can play from around the green. 1.) In the first and second videos I am hitting a high, soft landing shot to a tight pin. Notice how the club face is wide open, my hands are low and I’m taking a long, smooth swing. (This can be seen better in the second video). When playing this shot I have a light grip pressure to help use the bounce of the club. 2.) In the last video I am using the same 60 degree wedge to play a low skipping shot that will check up late. Notice how the ball position changes, my hands are higher and the tempo is much faster compared to the first two videos. For this shot my grip pressure is a little tighter as I want to feel the swing path in my hands and I don’t want the club head to get infront. Two different shots, same club, different techniques. Get creative and have fun. @lambdagolf @titleist #golf #golftips #instagolf #titleist #forgioneprogolf #florida #tips #golfswing

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