Nadia Aidi

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"Life through the lens of a foodie" � Former Chef | Recipe Developer | Restaurant Reviewer | Healthyish | Gluten Free Jesus �

Location Tucson , AZ
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Best Potato Puree 🫶🏻 I think the French do it best, and after a lot of researching throughout the years, I came to this recipe and its been my go to for YEARS! Tips: •Using a Tamis strainer ensures the SMOOTHEST possible potatoes. Doesn’t mess with the starches so it doesn’t make them gummy. Totally worth it. •Cube the potatoes small so they are easier to pass through the strainer. •Always save a bit of potato water, enhances the potato taste. •Add the potatoes into the warm (never boiling) cream. •Add the cold butter little bits at a time so they get super creamy. •Use high quality butter and don’t skimp on it. •Always boil them in salted water. •To reheat always do it bain marie. Ingredients: •2 lb yukon gold potatoes (peeled and small cube). •3/4 cup heavy cream. •1/3 cup potato water. •1 lb + 2 tbsp unsalted butter (cubed). •1 garlic clove. •1/4 cup creme fraiche. •chives. •black pepper. •salt. Directions: 1. Bring water to a boil, and salt heavily. Make it taste like the ocean. 2. Add the cream to a pot with the garlic clove and set it on very low heat until it is warm. Turn it off and let it infuse. 3. Boil the potatoes until fork tender, strain but reserve some potato water. 4. Add potato water to the cream and turn heat on again, on low. Remove garlic. 5. Pass the potatoes through the tamis strainer directly onto the hot cream. 6. Keeping the heat on low, add the butter little bits at a time until fully incorporated. Finish with creme fraiche. Turn heat off and salt to taste. 7. Top with chives, black pepper and flaky sea salt. #potatopuree #potatoes #easyrecipes #comfortfood #makeitdelicious #damnthatsdelish #potatorecipes #fallcooking

BEST Grilled Cheese Sandwich ever…the textures here are UNREAL! The crispy cheese against the gooey cheese and crunchy bread 😍🤤. Ingredients: •2 slices of sourdough bread. •2 slices extra sharp cheddar. •2 slices provolone. •smoked gouda to taste (be generous with it. freshly grated). •parmigiano to taste (freshly grated). •1 tbsp butter (room temp). •tomato soup. Directions: 1. Preheat a pan on high for 2 min. Add in your grated gouda, be generous with it. Let it bubble for 2 min or so. Lower heat to medium. 2. Add your bread on top, as shown in the video and give it a lil shake so the cheese sticks to the bread. Cook for 1-2 min or the edges start looking really golden. 3. Spread butter on the tops of the bread, add your parmigiano and flip over. Cook another minute. Add your cheese to the crispy cheesy part of the bread and fold it as shown in the video. Lower heat to med low. 4. Cook for about 3-5 min per side until fully melty and fully golden. #grilledcheese #grilledcheesesandwich #cheesyrecipes #comfortfood #cheesecrust #makeitdelicious

Spicy Chicken, Sausage & Gnocchi Soup 🔥 yields 4 large servings. ProTip: chop everything pretty small so you get little bits of everything on every bite. Ingredients: •1 onion (chopped, I used vidalia). •2 shallots (chopped). •2 garlic cloves (minced). •1.5 lb chicken breast (small chop). •1 tbsp smoked paprika. •2 tsp oregano. •4 spicy italian sausages (casing removed and sliced, then halved). •2 carrots (peeled and small cube). •1 large red bell pepper (chopped). •1 bunch lacinato kale (stemmed and chopped). •2 cups crushed tomatoes. •3 tbsp tomato paste. •3 tbsp calabrian chile paste (I like it hot). •8 cups chicken stock or broth. •parmigiano rind. •8 fresh basil leaves. •1/3 cup fresh parsley (chopped). •1/4 cup heavy cream. •12 oz mini gnocchi. •salt and pepper to taste. Directions: 1. In a bit of olive oil, sautee the shallot, garlic and onion for about 5-7 min or until softened. Remove from heat 2. Turn heat up to medium high and brown your chicken with the paprika, oregano, salt and pepper. It’ll be about 5 min. Add in sausage and brown together 5 more min. 3. Add in the onion mixture back, bell pepper, carrot, kale, basil, tomato paste, calabrian chiles, crushed tomatoes, parm rind and broth. Simmer for 30 min. Add in more broth if needed/wanted. 4. Add in gnocchi and simmer for 7-8 min. Finish it off with the cream and fresh parsley. 5. Serve with parmigiano on top and chives. #souprecipes #soupseason #chickensoup #spicysoup #comfortfood #cozyrecipes #makeitdelicious #gnocchi #healthyish

Best Potato Salad Ever! It is bright, tangy, creamy and spicy 😍 also…does it take a million ingredients? Yes 😭 but is it worth it? Also yes! Ingredients: •6-7 large yukon gold potatoes. •1 1/4 cup labneh. •1/4 cup mayo. •1/4 cup + 3 tbsp olive oil. •1.5 tbsp red wine vinegar. •1/4 cup capers + 1.5 tbsp brine. •1 serrano (chopped). •1/2 tbsp honey. •1/4 tsp cumin. •1 tbsp dijon mustard. •3.5 tbsp za’atar. •1/4 cup chives. •1/4 cup dill. •1 lemon (zest). •1/3 sliced almonds. •2 tbsp salsa macha or chili oil. •1 tbsp smoked paprika. •parmigiano reggiano to taste. •salt and pepper to taste. Directions: 1. Boil the potatoes in salted water whole for 20 min or until fork tender. 2. Mix together the labneh, mayo, capers and brine, red wine vin, honey, dijon, lemon zest, serrano, cumin, za’atar, chives, dill and 1/4 cup olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. 3. Add 2 tbsp of olive oil to a pan and fry the sliced almonds until golden with the smoked paprika and salsa macha. 4. Cut the potatoes into small cubes skin on, and add to the sauce while warm. Let them cool. Top with the almonds, parmigiano, more herbs and that’s it. #potatosalad #potatoes #easyrecipes #summerfood #potatorecipes #labneh #spicyfood #tastemade #homecooking #healthyish

Arayes are typically a levantine street food, I believe they are originally from Lebanon but it was something my Syrian dad made often so I added a bit of my Mexican flair and they were 🔥. I don’t speak Arabic so don’t come for my pronunciation 🙈. Ingredients: •1 lb ribeye (cut into chunks). •2 tsp smoked paprika. •1 tsp allspice. •1 tsp Mexican oregano. •1 tsp chipotle powder. •1/2 tsp guajillo powder. •1/4 tsp cumin. •1 tsp salt/pepper. •1/4 onion (chopped). •1/4 bunch parsley (chopped). •5-6 pitas (cut into triangles). •1/3 cup tahini. •2 tbsp plain yogurt. •1 garlic clove. •1 tbsp lemon juice. •olive oil. •salt/pepper to taste. •salsa macha. Directions: 1. Place your ribeye in the food processor and process until kinda ground. Add in spices, onion and parsley. Process until fully ground. 2. Cut your pita into triangles. 3. Add in the meat inside the pita triangle and press evenly with a spoon. 4. Preheat a cast iron for 2 min on high. Lower to med high and add olive oil. 5. Brown each pita for about 2-3 min per side or until fully golden and sort of crispy. 6. Mix the tahini, yogurt, garlic, lemon and salt. Thin it out with a bit of water. 7. Serve arayes with the tahini sauce and salsa macha. #arayes #easyrecipes #middleeasternfood #makeitdelicious #homecooking #recipereels #pita

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