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"Life through the lens of a foodie" � Former Chef | Recipe Developer | Restaurant Reviewer | Healthyish | Gluten Free Jesus �

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Spicy Salmon Cucumber Boats 🥹🫶🏻 these are so good! Ingredients: •4 persian cucumbers (halved and seeds scooped out). •8 oz sushi grade salmon. •2 tbsp chives (chopped). •2 tbsp sriracha. •1/4 cup japanese mayo. •2 tsp tamari + more for the sauce. •1 tsp sesame oil (more for rubbing on hands). •1 tbsp rice vinegar. •2 scallions (white part). •1 lemon. •sushi rice to taste. •sesame seeds to taste. •serrano slices for topping. Directions: 1.-chop the salmon really small as shown in video. 2.- add to a bowl with the chives, sesame oil, 1 tsp tamari, sriracha and japanese mayo. 3.-mix the scallions, rice vin, lemon and tamari to taste. 4.- rub some sesame oil on your hands so the rice doesn’t stick on your hands. 5.- add some rice to the cucumber halves. 6.- add the salmon to a piping bag and pipe it onto rhe cucumber boats, top with sesame seeds and serranos. #spicysalmon #cucumberboats #rawsalmon #salmonrecipes #cookingvideos #easyrecipes #healthyish #foodreels #makeitdelicious

Thomas Keller Zucchini & Crispy Capers is absolute perfection! Love the sauce vierge too! Simple but so delicious 🥹🫶🏻…my only tweak was baking the zukes with capers to get them crispy and add a bit of texture. PS: did not film the step where the zukes and capers sit atop a paper towel after the oven to remove the excess oil. TK recommends using canola oil but I had none and avocado oil did the trick. Ingredients: •2-3 large zucchini (sliced in half and scored). •avocado oil. •kosher salt. •1 pint cherry tomatoes. •1 small shallot (chopped). •2-3 tbsp parsley (chopped). •1.5 tbsp champagne vinegar. •3 tbsp olive oil. •3 tbsp capers (very well drained and pat dried). Directions: 1.- add plenty of salt to the zucchini and let them sit for 15 min. 2.- score the top of the tomatoes, add them to boiling water for 10-15 sec. Transfer to ice water and the skin will come right off. 3.- preheat a pan for 2 min on high, add some avocado oil (about 3 tbsp). 4.- really pat dry the zucchini and squeeze out as much liquid as you can. 5.- sear the zucchini scored side down on medium high for 4-5 min until nice and golden brown. 6.- add in the capers and bake at 450F for 15-20 min or until the zucchini is soft and capers crispy. 7.- chop the tomatoes and add to a bowl with the shallots, parlsey, vinegar, olive oil and salt. 8.- let the zucchini & capers sit on paper towels to remove excess oil. 9.- add the sauce to the zucchini and add crispy capers at the end. #thomaskellerzucchini #thomaskeller #zucchini #zucchinirecipes #easyrecipes #foodtrend #trendingfood #cookingvideos #recipeshare #simplefood #healthyish

Straciatella Hack ❤️ Straciatella is the filling of burrata and it is basically pulled mozzarella curds soaked in cream, so this lil shortcut works if you don’t want to make mozzarella from scratch or can’t find mozzarella curds like me. Learned all about the process from MasterClass, so decided to give this one a go and I’ll be honest, it is REALLY good and super easy. Tips: don’t salt the straciatella until after because then you can use it on sweet applications like strawberries and cream😍. Shred the strands as thin as you can! Leaving it overnight yields a creamer result. Ingredients: •8 oz fresh mozzarella. •3/4 cup heavy cream (add 1/4 c more if you want it looser). •Olive oil. •flaky salt. •black pepper. Directions: 1.- shred the mozzarella with your hands pretty small, add the cream and let it sit covered in the fridge for at least 4 hrs. 2.-drizzle some olive oil on it, flaky salt and black pepper. #foodhack #straciatella #recipetips #foodtips #cookinghack #mozzarella

Straciatella, Roasted Tomatoes & Herby Sauce ❤️. Obviously this is not the traditional way of making straciatella. Straciatella is the filling of #burrata and it is basically pulled mozzarella curds soaked in cream, so this lil shortcut works if you don’t want to make mozzarella from scratch or can’t find mozz curds like me ❤️. Got the straciatella making process from MasterClass. Ingredients: •8 oz fresh mozzarella. •3/4 cup heavy cream (add 1/4 c more if you want it looser). •1 pint sugar bomb tomatoes. •8 basil leaves. •1/4 cup chives. •1/4 c pistachio. •large handful arugula. •1.5 tbsp white balsamic. •1/4 cup olive oil (more for drizzling). •1/4 cup parmigiano reggiano. •1.5 tsp honey. •salt and paper to taste. •crushed red peppers. Directions: 1.- shred the mozzarella with your hands pretty small, add the cream and let it sit covered in the fridge for at least 4 hrs. 2.- preheat a pan for 2 on high. 3.- poke a hole on some tomatoes. Add them to the pan and cook until blistered, about 4-5 min. 4.- add the basil, arugula, chives and pistachio to a food processor and processb into pretty small. Add in the parmigiano, salt, pepper, balsamic, honey and olive oil. Process until smooth. 5.- add the sauce to the warm tomatoes. 6.- serve the tomatoes atop the straciatella, add crushed red peppers, black pepper and olive oil. #straciatella #appetizers #easyrecipes #makeitdelicious #damnthatsdelish #horsdoeuvres #roastedtomatoes #cherrytomatoes #tastemade

Follow @foodmymuse for more recipes like this crunchy salad with sriracha tahini dressing ❤️🫶🏻. Let me know if you want more salads! This salad served 4 people btw. Ingredients: •1/2 napa cabbage (super small chop). •1/2 head of iceberg (super small chop). •2 red bell peppers (small chop). •1/2 large jicama (peeled & small chop). •1 bunch green onion (small chop). •cilantro to taste. •3 chicken breasts (cubed). •1/3 cup cashews (chopped). •1/4 cup peanut butter. •1/4 cup tahini. •3 tbsp sriracha (adjust if want less spicy). •2 tbsp rice vinegar. •1.5 tsp freshly grated ginger. •1 tbsp maple syrup. •1 orange (squeezed). •1/2-1 lemon. •2 tsp sesame oil. •salt and pepper to taste. Directions: 1.- mix together the cabbage and iceberg. Squeeze the half lemon so it doesn’t brown. 2.-add the bell pepper, jicama, green onion, cilantro and chicken to the cabbage. 3.- mix together the tahini, peanut butter, ginger, tamari, orange, rice vinegar, maple syrup and sriracha. Whisk well. Add a bit of water to thin it out. #choppedsalad #crunchysalad #chickenrecipes #chickensalad #spicyfood #saladdressing #healthyish #bestsalads #easyrecipes #saladlover #cookingvideos

Follow @FoodMyMuse for more recipes like this Pastel Azteca (ish)…a Mexican tortilla cake, it was one of my favorite dishes growing up and was made at home at least weekly. PS I say ish because I used ingredients not commonly used like provolone or sour cream and nowadays I have to disclaim 😅. I also did not fry the tortillas individually but baked them. Ingredients: •18 corn tortillas (taco size). •1 lb shredded chicken. •2 tbsp tomato paste. •tiny dash cumin. •2-28 oz crushed tomatoes (Bianco Di Napoli). •1-2 dried whole pasilla chiles + plus another one thinly sliced for topping. •1 tbsp smoked paprika. •2 tsp mexican oregano. •1 large yellow onion (chopped). •3 tbsp butter. •2-3 garlic cloves. •12 oz oaxaca cheese. •8 slices provolone. •avocado oil. •sour cream or media crema. •cilantro. •salsa macha or salsa of choice. •queso fresco. Directions: 1.- add some oil to a pan and preheat 1-2 min. Sautee the onion, garlic and pasilla for 3-4 min on medium. 2.- add in tomatoes, paprika, oregano, salt and pepper. Simmer for 25 min. 3.-blend half of the sauce and add it back in the pan. Turn heat off and add the butter. 4.- arrange tortillas on a baking tray, spray some avocado oil and bake at 400 for 6-7 min. 5.- add a bit more of avocado oil to a pan and preheat 2 min. Add in shredded chicken with salt, pepper and cumin. Cook til slightly crispy on med high, about 5 min. Add in tomato paste and sautee another 2-3 min. 6.- add in chicken to tomato sauce and mix. 7.-add some sauce to the bottom of a baking dish, layer 6 tortillas, add more chicken sauce, add sour cream, cilantro and top w 4 slices provolone and oaxaca. Repeat, leaving the final layer just chicken tomato sauce and top with oaxaca. 8.- bake at 400 for 30 min. 9.- top with sour cream, cilantro, salsa and queso fresco. #pastelazteca #chickenrecipes #chickendinner #spicyfood #comfortfood #makeitdelicious #tastemade #damnthatsdelish #mexicanrecipes

Follow @foodmymuse for more recipes like this delicious salad! To be honest…it truly is one of the best ones I’ve ever made. Full of flavors and textures! Pro tip: cut everything reaaally small so you get a bit on every bite and def def eat it with a spoon. Ingredients: •1 small head iceberg or 1/2 large (chopped). •1/2 head green cabbage (chopped). •1 pint sugar bomb tomatoes (quartered). •1 english cucumber (chopped). •1 bunch of green onions (chopped, green and light green part). •7 oz package turkey breast (cubed). •4-6 oz package calabrese (chopped). •1/2 cup banana peppers + 1 tbsp of the brine (chopped). •1/2 lemon. •1/4 cup spicy brown mustard (sir kensingtons). •2 tbsp mayo (dukes). •1 tsp oregano. •1 tbsp salsa macha, chili crisp or sriracha. •2 tbsp red wine vinegar. •salt/pepper to taste. •1/4 cup olive oil. •1.5 tsp honey. Directions: 1.-let the tomatoes sit atop a strainer over a bowl with salt for 15 min. 2.- combine the cabbage and iceberg in a bowl. Squeeze half a lemon so it doesn’t brown. 3.- add in banana peppers, green onion, cucumber, turkey breast, calabrese and tomatoes. 4.-using the tomato water as the base for the vinaigrette, add in spicy mustard, mayo, honey, salsa macha, red wine vinegar, banana pepper brine and oregano. Whisk in olive oil slowly. Adjust dressing to taste. 5.- add the dressing to the salad, let it sit 5-10 min in the fridge. Top it with black pepper. #saladrecipes #bestsalads #healthyish #easyrecipes #saladlover #homecooking #cookingvideos #damnthatsdelish

Follow @foodmymuse for more recipes like this Salmon Salsa? Dip? I wouldn’t dare call it #ceviche for obvious reasons but it was definitely inspired by it. Fried rice paper inspired by my favorite Vietnamese rest ❤️. Tip: chop the veggies as small as you can so you get a bit of everything on each bite! Ingredients: •6 oz sushi grade salmon (cubed). •1 serrano (small chop). •1 cucumber (small chop). •1/4 red onion (small chop). •1 avocado (small cubes). •cilantro to taste. •1.5 lemon. •seasoned salt to taste. •3 tbsp japanese mayo. •6 rice paper sheets. •avocado oil. Directions: 1.- add the salmon, serrano, cilantro, red onion, avocado ane cucumber to a bowl and mix. 2.- add in the lemon and mayo. Add salt to taste. 3.- add some avocado oil to a pan until it hits 350F or the handle of your wooden spoon bubbles. 4.- fry each rice paper sheet individually until it puffs, about 3 sec. 5.- assemble and enjoy. #salmon #rawsalmon #appetizers #easyrecipes #cookingvideos #recipeshare #tastemade #salmonrecipes

Salmon Crudo & Ginger Scallion Sauce ❤️ it is spicy, coconutty and perfect. Ingredients: •6-8 oz salmon (sushi grade). •2 tbsp coconut milk (full fat). •1/2 lemon or lime (plus a bit more for drizzling). •3 green onions (green and white part). •1/4 cup fresh cilantro. •1/2 orange. •1.5 tsp fresh ginger. •1 tsp sesame oil. •2 serrano pepper (1 chopped and 1 sliced). •1.5 tbsp tamari. •salt/pepper to taste. •olive oil to taste. •flaky salt to taste. •za’atar to taste. Directions: 1.- mix together the scallion, cilantro, lemon, orange, ginger, tamari, sesame oil, coconut milk, salt, pepper and 1 cilantro. Add to food processor and pulse until chunky smooth. 2.- slice the salmon super thin and arrange on a plate. 3.- drizzle the scallion ginger sauce on top. 4.- add a touch of lemon, olive oil, za’atar and flaky salt. 5.- top with serrano slices. #salmon #seafood #rawsalmon #easyappetizers #makeitdelicious #homecooking

Follow @foodmymuse for more recipes! Carpaccio is something I ALWAYS order at restaurants so wanted to make my version and I gotta say…it was 👌🏻❤️ the little details like the fried capers and seasoning on the tenderloin make it so good! What other classic dishes do you want me to remake? Ingredients: •4 oz high quality tenderloin (if you can, get it freshly cut, in the very least buy it the same day you’ll use). •1 tbsp za’atar. •1 tbsp sumac. •1 tbsp seasoned salt (pegs). •3 tbsp mayo (kewpie). •1/2 tsp lemon + more for drizzling on arugula and the carpaccio. •1/2 tsp worcestshire sauce. •1/2 tsp milk. •1/2 tsp dijon mustard. •3 tbsp capers (pat dried very well). •arugula to taste. •olive oil to taste (kosterina). •parmigiano to taste. •black pepper to taste. Directions: 1.- place the za’atar, sumac and seasoned salt in a cutting board and mix. Completely coat the tenderloin in it and wrap in plastic wrap. Let sit in freezer for 1-2 hrs for easier cutting. 2.-mix the mayo, 1/2 tsp lemon, worcestshire, milk and dijon. 3.- fry the capers on medium high with avocado oil for 4-5 min until crispy. Let sit in paper towels. 4.- dress the arugula with lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil. 5.- slice the tenderloin thinly, place in between parchment paper and using a rolling pin thin out to desired thickness. 6.-arrange the tenderloin on a plate, drizzle the mayo sauce, some olive oil, top with the fried capers, black pepper, shaved parmigiano and the arugula. I always drizzle more lemon on top. #carpaccio #tenderloin #appetizer #viralreels #foodreels #makeitdelicious #damnthatsdelish #arugula #healthyish #homecooking

Lemon Parm Pastina 🍋(Acini Di Pepe)…so cozy, comes together in one pan in 20 min! Everyone in my family was a fan and it has been on repeat 🫶🏻. Tip: don’t add lemon juice until it is almost done because it evaporates and doesn’t do much. Do add lemon zest however while cooking! Rubbing the salt with lemon zest makes it release the oils and be super fragrant. Ingredients: •1 cup acini di pepe. •3.5-4.5 water or stock. •2 lemons. •4 tbsp unsalted butter. •1 cup grated parmigiano reggiano (more for topping). •salt/pepper to taste. •Olive oil. Directions: 1.- add some oil to a pan, and toast the pasta for 2-3 min until slightly golden. 2.- add the zest of 1 lemon to the pasta along with the water, 1 cup at a time. Add a bit of salt. 3.- simmer until pasta is al dente and there is water left over. I like it pretty brothy. 4.- squeeze half a lemon on to the pasta and add parmigiano. Cook mixing together for 1 more min. 5.- turn heat off and add butter. Mix it vigorously until emulsified into the pasta water. 6.- zest the other lemon and rub some salt with it. Add the lemon salt to the pasta. Serve with more parmigiano and black pepper on top. #pastina #lemonbutter #onepanmeal #onepotpasta #comfortfood #vegetarianrecipe #cookingvideos #recipeshare #pastarecipes #parmigiano #lemonpasta

Homemade Butter...not much to it and I’ll was DELICIOUS. Keep in mind though that it is all in the heavy cream you buy...this is one of my favorites and the results were 👌🏻❤️. Do you want me to show different variations of flavors? Pro Tip: Letting the cream sit to get to room temp ish makes it go quicker. Buying cream or heavy cream with 35% fat is crucial. Ingredients: •1 pint heavy cream (I used organic straus dairy). •Flaky Sea Salt. •Ciabatta. Directions: 1.-Place it in your stand mixer and whip on medium high until it becomes whipped cream, and keep going until it separates. 2.-Scrape the sides regularly. It’ll be about 7-8 min. 3.-Strain the buttermilk (save that for pancakes)you’ll whip again and strain one more time. 4.-Using a cheesecloth remove more of the buttermilk out. Rinse it under cold water and squeeze. You got butter! 5.-Add some flaky sea salt and spread on, well...anything. #homecooking #fromscratch #cookingfromscratch #cookinghack #homemadebutter #easyrecipes #diyfood #todayfood #toasttuesday #tastemade

Million Dollar Chicken 🫶🏻 this is such an easy + comforting recipe…it’s been on repeat this week! I used Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce recipe for the first time and it was *chefs kiss* although I did change up the order in which the butter goes in. Ingredients: •4-6 large chicken breasts. •28 oz crushed tomatoes (Bianco DiNapoli). •1 large onion (peeled & halved). •5 tbsp butter. •6 slices provolone. •fresh mozzarella to taste. •12-14 basil leaves. •parmigiano reggiano to taste. •salt and pepper to taste. Directions: 1.-add the tomatoes to a pan with the onion. Bring to a simmer for 40 min. Add salt/pepper to taste. Off heat add the butter. 2.- butterfly the chicken breasts and slice in half, place a plastic wrap on top and thin it out with a meat mallot. 3.- season chicken on both sides. 4.- preheat a pan for 2 min on high. Give the chicken breast a hard sear for 1.5 min per side. 5.- in a baking dish add some sauce, chicken breast, more sauce, provolone and basil. Layer with more chicken, sauce, parmigiano and fresh mozzarella. 6.- bake at 400F for 20 min. 7.- add fresh basil on top and enjoy. #chickendinner #chickenbreast #chickenrecipes #dinnerideas #makeitdelicious #damnthatsdelish #homecooking #cookingvideos #recipeoftheday

Scallops 101…by far one of my biggest requests always is how to cook scallops. Now…am I claiming this to be the only way? No…but it is a great way. You can also leave them in the fridge uncovered and then letting them get to room temperature before searing. This is just quicker and does the trick! •You’ll just take your blow dryer on cool and dry the protein on both sides for 1-2 min. Also make sure you hit the sides. •If available get ‘dry scallops.’ This means that they haven’t been injected with water so they will not shrink down as much and will have a much nicer sear. •Don’t shy away from the pink ish scallops! I always get asked if they’re ‘bad’ and no, they’re not. •Pick IQF if buying frozen (individually quick frozen). That means they’re frozen individually so they don’t stick together and become mush. •Preheat your pan for 2 min on high. Lower to medium high, and give it a sear for 3-4 min on one side and 1 on the other (this varies depending on size). Don’t be messing with them so they develop the golden sear. #cookingtips #cookinghacks #foodhacks #cookingtipsandtricks #foodreels #scallops

Lemon Butter Sauce 101…so silky and perfect. Tips: when making a lemon sauce, add the zest at the beginning but wait until the very end to add juice because it evaporates. Also you can actually reheat gently bain marie! Ingredients: •1/3 cup + 1 tbsp water. •1 lemon. •pinch of salt. •6-8 tbsp cold cubed unsalted butter (start with 6 and add more to taste). Directions: 1.- add water to a pan with the lemon zest. Simmer and reduce by about half. 2.- squeeze 1/2 lemon and cook 1 more minutes. Turn heat off. Salt to taste. 3.- add the cubed butter. emulsify with a whisk vigorously off heat. 4.- drizzle over anything. #cooking101 #cookingbasics #learntocook #cookingtutorial #buttersauce #easyrecipes #lemonbutter #cookinghacks

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