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"Life through the lens of a foodie" � Former Chef | Recipe Developer | Restaurant Reviewer | Healthyish | Gluten Free Jesus �

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Milky Dirty Martini 2.0 🍸🫒 I know it sounds…weird…HOWEVER! however…it is delicious. The humboldt fog in the shaker is what makes it look milky and adds a delicious lil funk in a fabulous way. Ingredients: * 2.5 oz vodka. * A splash sweet vermouth. * 2-2.5 oz olive brine * 10 castelvetrano olives. * 1/2 inch chunk humboldt fog + more stuff the olives Directions: 1. Add a bit of the vermouth to your martini glass, swirl, discard (or save, don’t come for me lol). Place glass in the freezer for 15 min. 2. Hand stuff your olives with as much cheese as your heart desires. 3. Fill a shaker with ice, add in vodka, olive brine and a chunk of humboldt fog. 4. Shake for 60-90 sec. 5. Pour on the chilled glass and add your olives. #dirtymartini #martini #goatcheese #cocktails #drinks #humboldtfog

Spicy Shrimp Jicama Wraps & Miso Tahini Dressing 🫶🏻 scroll down for the recipe or COMMENT ‘JICAMA WRAPS,’ and I’ll DM you the printable link with tips, subs and tricks ♥️. Ingredients: * 1 large jicama or jicama wraps. * 1 avocado (sliced). * 12-14 shrimp (peeled and deveined). * 1/4 red cabbage (thinly sliced). * 4 scallions (green part). * 1 red bell pepper (thinly sliced). * Cilantro. * 1/3 cup tahini. * 1 orange. * 1.5 tbsp tamari or soy sauce. * 1 tbsp rice vin. * 1 tsp fresh ginger. * 1.5 tbsp miso. * 1 tsp sesame oil. * 2 tbsp sriracha. * 2 tsp maple syrup. * Chives to tie the wraps. * Toasted sesame seeds. * Black sesame seeds. Directions: 1. If using the whole jicama, peel and using your mandolin, slice them really thin. 2. Blanch the jicama wraps in boiling water for 2-3 sec max. Place over paper towels and pat dry. 3. Preheat a pan on high for 2 min, add olive oil, lower to medium high and sear the shrimp for 1 min per side. 4. Mix together the tahini, juice of an orange, miso, maple syrup, sriracha, tamari, rice vinegar, sesame oil and ginger. 5. Add an avocado slice, bell pepper slices, red cabbage, scallion, cilantro, shrimp and sesame seeds. Wrap like a little cone and wrap with a chive. #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthyish #jicama #shrimp #easyrecipes #makeitdelicious

Crispy Steak Bites 🥹♥️ for ep.15 of my restaurant series…these would def be on my menu! Esp with the caviar on top… This is delicious without caviar too btw but add flaky salt on top Ingredients: * 2-10 oz tenderloin filets. * 1.5 tbsp tamari * 1 egg. * 1 cup panko. * Seasoned salt to taste. * Olive or grapeseed oil for frying. * Crème fraîche. * Chives. * Caviar. Directions: 1. Brush the tenderloins with tamari and wrap in plastic. Place in freezer 1 hr. 2. Shake and strain the egg into a bowl, add the rest of the tamari. 3. Slightly pulverize the panko and season 4. Cut the steaks into cubes or rectangle. 5. Pass the steak through the egg wash and coat in panko. 6. Place in freezer 15 min. 7. Fill a saucier about halfway with oil. Heat up until the bottom of a wooden skewer bubbles. 8. Fry on high heat, until golden. About 45-65 sec. 9. Top with creme fraiche, caviar and chives. #tenderloin #steak #appetizers #makeitdelicious #tenderloin #caviar

Cioppino ❤️ Restaurant Series ep.14! This is one of the best recipes I’ve ever developed! For a more in depth recipe COMMENT ‘CIOPPINO RECIPE,’ and I’ll DM you the link! Cioppino: 4 oz pancetta. 1 onion (minced). 2 shallots (minced). 28 oz roasted tomatoes. 2 tbsp tomato paste. 2 tbsp calabrian chili paste. 4 garlic cloves (thinly sliced). ½ tsp saffron. 1 tbsp tarragon. 1 fennel bulb (shaved). 2 tbsp butter. 1 cup white wine. 12 oz skin on salmon. 12 oz halibut (remove skin yourself). 1 lb black mussels (washed and beard removed). 8 scallops. 1 lb shrimp. Chives to taste. Seafood Stock: Shrimp shells. 2 tbsp black peppercorns. ½ cup white wine. 1 onion, 2 celery ribs. 2 carrots. 2 bay leafs. Salt and pepper to taste. 8 cups water. Bread: Ciabatta. Garlic powder. Butter. Oregano. Directions: Preheat a cassadou pan with a bit of olive oil. Add in shrimp shells & peppercorn. Deglaze with white wine. Add in the veggies, salt, water and simmer. Cook covered for 30-45 min. Strain. Preheat your dutch oven on med for 2 min, add in some olive oil and your pancetta. Sautee for 5 min on med low mixing often. Add in onion & shallots, sautee for 5 min. Add in tomato paste, calabrian chiles, saffron, fennel and garlic. Drizzle a bit of olive oil. Cook on med for 4-5 min. Add white wine. Add in crushed tomatoes, seafood stock & halibut skin. Simmer, lower heat & cook covered for 30 min. Spread the butter onto the bread with garlic, salt & oregano. Bake at 350F for 10-15 min. Preheat your everyday pan and sear your salmon, skin side down to crisp up until desired temp. Give the scallops, shrimp & halibut a hard sear. Add in tarragon & butter to the sauce and the mussels. Cover until they open. Remove halibut skin. Arrange seafood onto the bowls with the sauce, add black pepper, chives & bread. #Seafood #DeliciousFood #HomeCooking #MakeItDelicious #HeresMyFood #Cioppino

Cioppino is by far one of my favorite recipes EVER ♥️ let me know in the comments if you want me to reshare the recipe video! Full recipe on my website anyways! #cioppino #seafood #recipes Which photo do you like better?

Whipped Herb Feta & Pistachio…inspired by my last trip to NYC, ate the best whipped feta with pistachios and this is my dupe! Ingredients: •8 oz feta block. •1/2 cup roasted pistachios (separate a few for topping). •1 lemon (zest). •1/3 cup cilantro. •1/4 cup scallions. •olive oil for topping. •1/2 tsp honey. Directions: 1. Add the pistachios to a food processor and process for 5-8 sec. 2. Add in feta, cilantro, scallions, honey and 1/2 lemon zest. 3. Process until smooth but still chunky. 4. Serve making a little well in the center and fill with plenty of olive oil, pistachios and a bit more lemon zest. 5. Enjoy with pita. #whippedfeta #fetadip #recipeoftheday #appetizers #pistachio #homecooking #damnthatsdelish #easyrecipes #makesmewhole #feta

Brown Butter Tomato Tagliatelle for ep.13 of my restaurant series. You better believe this would be on my menu! This serves 4. Ingredients: * 1 lb tagliatelle. * 2 pints cherry tomatoes (quartered). * 1 small vidalia onion (brunoise). * 2 large garlic cloves (minced). * 3 oz high quality tomato paste. * 4-6 basil leaves + more for topping. * 8-10 tbsp unsalted butter. * 1 tbsp soy sauce. * 1 tbsp high quality balsamic. * 1/3 cup parmigiano reggiano + more for topping. * Black pepper to taste. * Salt to taste. * Olive oil. Directions: 1. Preheat a pan for 1 min, add in the butter and brown until nutty and golden. Set aside. 2. In that same pan, add plenty of olive oil. Enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Add the basil leaves, onion and garlic. Cook at medium low heat for 5 min or until softened. 3. Add in tomato paste and cook together 3-4 min at medium heat. 4. Add in tomatoes and let them blister on medium heat for 30 min, mashing them with a spoon often. Add in balsamic and soy sauce halfway through. Add in parmigiano and fresh basil. mix well. 5. Whip the brown butter over ice until fluffy and set aside. 6. Cook your tagliatelle in boiling salted water until almost al dente. 7. Add the pasta to the sauce with plenty of pasta water. Let it cook together for 2 min. 8. Turn heat off and add butter and emulsify well. 9. Serve with more parm. #pasta #pastarecipes #blisteredtomatoes #brownbutter #tagliatelle #tomatopasta #makeitdelicious #privatechef

Scallop Fritters…ep.11 of my restaurant series. If I’m being honest, at this point I’m pretty sure if I ever do a restaurant, I’ll have to land all of my ideas bc my hypothetic menu is having an identity crisis🤣. Ingredients: * 3/4 cup all purpose flour. * 1/3 corn flour. * 1/2 cup + 3 tbsp milk * 1 egg. * 1/2 tbsp fish sauce. * 1/2 tsp garam masala. * 1 tbsp smoked paprika. * 1/2 tsp cane sugar. * 1/2 tsp black pepper. * 1.5 tsp seasoned salt. * 3/4 tsp baking soda. * 1 cup chopped scallions. * 1 lb scallops (chopped pretty small). * Grapeseed oil for frying. * Flaky salt. Dipping sauce: * 1/4 cup mayo. * 2.5 tbsp sour cream. * 1.5 tbsp salsa macha or chili crisp. * 3 tbsp dill. * 1 tbsp agave syrup. * Lemon to taste. * Salt and pepper to taste. Directions: 1. Mix the flour, corn flour, spices, sugar, baking soda. Make a well in the center and add the egg, milk and fish sauce. Mix well. 2. Add in the scallops and scallions. 3. Let that chill for 15 min in the fridge. 4. Mix together everything for the sauce. 5. Fill a pan with oil, about 1.5-2 in. Preheat to 350F-375F or until the bottom of a wooden spoon bubbles. 6. Spray an ice cream scoop with oil. 7. Drop the fritters in the oil without overcrowding the pan. Flatten them with a spoon so they don’t over puff. 8. Flip them after about 2-3 min or fully golden. 9. Hit them with salt and that’s it! #scallops #fritters #seafoodfritters #appetizers #makeitdelicious #heresmyfood

Nadia’s Classic Margs: * 3 oz tequila blanco. * 2 oz fresh lemon juice (1/2 from a charred lemon and 1/2 fresh) * 1 oz Grand Marnier. * 1/4 oz agave syrup. Shake for 60 sec in an iced filled shaker. Serve over a salt rimmed glasses. #cocktails #drinks #margaritas #tequila #makeitdelicious #damnthatsdelish #recipereels

Stainless Steel Cleaning 101…so, I caramelized some onions outside and it was so windy that I couldn’t really control the heat so I got a bunch of grease spots and stuck on bits… anyway, let’s clean it! My pan is the 10.5 in @allclad graphite core btw! Directions: 1. Use a non abrasive detergent (@seventhgeneration) and let it sit on warm soapy water. Clean off as much as you can. 2. Form a paste with 3 parts @barkeepersfriend & 1 part water. Rub it all over the pan with a cloth. Let it sit for 1 MIN. That’s it. 3. Using a nylon pad or something that won’t scratch like the scrub daddy, scrub until squeaky clean and rinse with warm water. 4. That’s it. #stainlesssteel #stainlesssteelcookware #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #homecooking do you find these videos helpful?

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