Roger Paige

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  Photographer ★ Collaborator ★ USMC Veteran   

I am best described as a human that believes all things are connected. With quick wit and narration I leave readers entranced, making the humdrum seem magnificent. Stories written to be enjoyable draw in my readers, yearning to pack their travel bag. My acquisitions include: a food judge on Lifetime's Supermarket Superstar, writing Wisconsin nuances for Matador, and teaming with Maven to promote their car service to suburbanites in Los Angeles.

Location Los Angeles, California Southern California
Member Since FEBRUARY 25, 2019
Social Audience 11K
  • Gardening
  • Style & Fashion
  • Travel
  • Traveling
@kill3rtones collaboration in Montebello

A benefit of living in Southern California is the endless opportunities to collaborate. I connected with a photography group and caught up with them at a shoot

The Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa ~ Take Me Back Baby, Take Me Back

The Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa ~ Take Me Back Baby, Take Me Back The Coronado Island Marriott reminds me of the days of the Rat Pack. Sinatra, Davis, Martin, Bishop, and Lawford. Just so you know, Focused Traveler uses cookies to improve your experience.

Person of interest: @StreetmeetLA Creator Dov Love Viramontes

TFT: The meets are all over southern California, what city do you live in? I’ve never actually attended a photo meet outside of Southern California. and I thought it would be cool to sell smoke grenades at photo meets. TFT: What would you tell somebody who was curious about attending one of these meets, whether they are a photographer or performer?

Mt Beautiful wines of North Canterbury, New Zealand

A nose of lilac flower, a palate of crisp and snappy pears and plums. A palate of white peach, honeydew and apricot give way to a surprisingly long and crisp finish. The very soft nose violets and blackberries gave way to an unexpectedly amazing palate of tannins swirling around auras of blackberry and peat moss that gave a finish of pleasant memories. The palate was slightly creamy, quite crispy, and had limestone traits, resulting in a short finish.

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