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Helping creative entrepreneurs get found online. Teaching DIY SEO, Laughing Daily, Traveling Often and Live streaming when I can. #creativepreneur #traveloften

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Fort Lauderdale For Wine Lovers Cooper's Hawk Restaurant

To my surprise, Cooper’s Hawk offers the best of both worlds by combining a wine tasting experience and a restaurant featuring delicious food. I am always looking for places to go with the hubs in South Florida, so I was thrilled that Cooper’s Hawk at Galleria mall opened back up. The best part is that the bottles roll over, so if we don’t go for 3 months, we get to take 3 bottles home and so forth. Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime, P. S I equally loved that they were not pushy with the membership but explained it so well that it was up to us.

Digital Marketing Detox

This month I have started running some ads targeting SEO basics, so I made sure my social media posts have posts like What is SEO? Dates don’t help so check if you can remove them, but make sure that the URL will automatically redirect to a new link and not be broken on your website. I love calls to action at the end of the blog post, but writing the same exact text and call to action is not ideal for SEO. * Add a broken links plugin or do a redirect of broken links.

10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Stick -

I must confess as this is new to me because, after all, I teach organic SEO and organic social media reach, but I now realize how powerful utilizing both marketing strategies can be. The cool thing is that you don’t need long videos; small videos go a long way. Off all the things I’ve done to market my business and keep things “flowing,” the best tip I can give for long-term success and sustainability, is changing the focus from what you can get and your personal and financial goals TO how you can serve and be a true asset to your clients and those around you. More brands will start to adopt to more advanced marketing techniques using services like voice search on Alexa, and Google Home, to connect with customers at home 4.

the 411 on the Clubhouse App %

The Clubhouse app is an invite-only and iPhone only app consisting of live rooms where moderators and guests discuss a topic in a place called a room. In case you are getting bored of the discussion, you can quit the room and join another room that interests you. ‘muted’ by the moderator, and you can continue to be so if you don’t want to participate in the discussion (sit back and listen to what people want to say) If the privacy is set to be social, the people in your connection list can join your room or those you follow.

Work from any where. What is your five year goal they asked. And that was my answer. This was the goal I had three years ago when I rebranded @getfoundwithfuse with @flourishcollaborative . . Ironically enough I love yo work from my bed but now I'm kind of over that on day 32 of lockdown and I miss the freedom of going to a cafe and ordering a delicious cappucinos and getting work done as well as the ability to travel and #workfromanywhere. . What are you missing today? #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #worfromhome #coronavirus #freelancer #ftlbloggers #latinaphotographer #brazilianbloggers #brasileirosnoseua #darlingmovements #travelpreneur #googlepixel3a #remotelearning #remotework #creativebiz #fempreneur #create

Happy Techie Tuesday. I will be going live today at one pm est to share some tips money pages and also doing a mini live SEO audit..just leave your website below and i may choose yours. P.S I miss feeling this free as in this photo. Quaratine day 32 here. #stayhome #creativebiz #photographyeducators #photographybiz #photographybusiness #creativesofinstagram #createandcultivate #fempreneur #ftlbloggers #girlblogger ##momblogger #momboss #getfoundonline #digitalmarketing #diyseo #seohacks

Day dreaming of southern Italy today. How is your Monday looking? Day 31 of quaratine and I'm kind of over #covid_19 anyone else? #myphotobusiness #creativebiz #creativesofinstagram #thebloggersunion #travelblogger #photographyeducators #photographybiz #darlingmovement #elearning #ftlbloggers #girlblogger

Dreaming of Piazza people watching and this fabulous view in the city of Sorrento Italy. I fell in love with this town and I can't wait to go back. It's the best place for souvenir shopping too. #sorrento #travelingplanet #travelpicsdaily #italystrong #travelphotography #pixel3a #androidphotos #viajarfazbem #viajarpreciso #creativebiz #travelpreneur preset by @tavernatravels

🇧🇷I'm from a coastal area in Brazil and in my state every Easter we cook this traditional cod pie. I have never cooked for in my life and removing the salt is challenging but I'm proud since this was my first one. Huge thanks to my cousin's @leandrog2 and my best friend Dedeia . It is nice to carry on family and cultural traditions . #felizpascoa coa #goodfriday #goodfriday2020 #sextafeirasanta #capixabadagema #tortacapixaba #culturabrasileira #brasileirosnoseua #brazilianbloggers

oh how He loved us! Thank you Jesus for loving us despite all our baggage, scars, and sin. You are our healer, savior, provider and friend. . Obrigada Jesus pelo o seu infinito amor e sacrifício. #goodfriday #sextafeirasanta #jesuschrist #grateful

#tbt tô a beautiful sunny afternoon in Miami design district and this great photo shoot with this babe @nkd.beauty . Follow her for great skincare advice. I can't wait to get back to photographing lady bosses. #miamiphotography #creativebiz #brandphotographer #brandphotoshoot #miamispa #miamiskincare #createandcultivate #creativepreneur #photographybiz #quarantineandchill #quarantine

Today's #tbt is remembering a very special day in #madrid starting out with hanging out at @mercadodesanmiguel which is one of my favorite food markets to date. Praying for Spain and that this shall pass soon so we can go back to visiting this beautiful country. #travelingplanet #travelingsoul #viajar #viajarfazbem #casaisqueviajam #travelgirl #travelislife #travelphotography #igersmadrid #traveloutfit #latinabloggers #brazilianbloggers #creativepreneur

if you missed my local SEO webinar good news here's the replay. Link in the bio catch the replay on five ways to get found for your local business. #creativesofinstagram #bloggerbabe #bloggerphotographer #bloggersofinstagram #locslseo #seoforphotographers #photographybiz #photographyeducators #photographyclasses #photographybusiness #kindcollaboration #coronavirusandyourbusiness

Happy Wednesday Friends. Stopping by to tell you it's OKAY . . 📌It is okay not to be productive right now . . 📌It is okay to keep your self busy working to distract yourself . . .📌It is okay to take naps . 📌It is okay to not set your alarm . . 📌It is okay not to be the perfect homeschool mom . . 📌It is okay to market your business with empathy and patience . . 📌It is okay to be in a funk and not want to work . 📌It is okay to bake whatever bread you feel like . . 📌It is okay to have alone time even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom for a whole 5 minutes or car and just breathe. - . . What I am trying to say is that we are all reacting to #covid19 and lockdown differently so it is time to GO EASY ON YOUR SELF. Leave the pressure and guilt aside, go with the flow. Be grateful. Take it 1 day at a time. This is what is helping me #quaratinelife #creativepreneur #creativebiz #kindcollaboration #ftlblogger #sflblogger #latinablogger #womeninbiz #stayhome #workfromhom #quarantineandchill #staystrong #shineonflorida #withme #untiltomorrow #createandthriv

Let's talk about blogging on this techie Tuesday, specifically my #1 hack for getting blog posts out faster and also optimized. I do batch processing. Before I even begin writing anything I create a list of possible blog post topics. I use this as my library of ideas. First I take myself, I mean quarantine myself with a cup of coffee or for you perhaps wine, then I put on a 10-minute timer and I write out all the blog post title ideas I have.  This becomes my library. Then when I start my batching process, it is a lot easier to choose a title and begin. Catch the rest of the steps on tomorrow's techie Tuesday IG live at 1 pm EST. #blogging #quarantineandchill #businessasusual #mycreativebiz #creativityfound #thenativecreative #darlingmovement #savvybusinessowner #southfloridabloggers #floridabloggers #bloggersunion #kindcollaboration #thebloggersunion #bloggerdiaries #bloggerbabe #bloggersgetsocial #blogchat #bloggerlife #momblogger #bloggersofinstagram #igblog #bloggerpost #blogger #newbloggers #smallbloggers #girlblogger #latinablogger --

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