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Female Travel Bloggers is a space for travel bloggers from around the world no matter where they are on their blogging journey. We support, educate and connect our members, enabling them to grow and develop their blog and their network.

Run by four women located across the world, we combine backgrounds in marketing, journalism, PR, web development and education, to provide opportunities and resources for our members.

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How To Get Sponsored On Instagram

It’s more beneficial for brands to work with an influencer with a smaller number of engaged followers, than a larger number of non-engaged followers. Using all of Instagram’s features will also help your content get in front of your followers and new users to help you gain new followers and keep an engaged audience. When choosing a brand you want to work with on Instagram, it’s important to ensure the brand is an organic fit on your feed. To help sweeten the deal you can offer carousels of images, Instagram stories, include a link in your bio or stories, create a video rather than static content, mention the brand in a blog post, or provide the images you create for the brands own use.

How To Set Up A Self Hosted Wordpress Blog

But you’re probably wondering how to set up a self hosted WordPress blog because there are a few moving parts you need to get right to make the most of having a self hosted website. But, with WordPress.org, the software gets installed on your domain through a hosting provider – essentially you’re self hosting the software. But, when using WordPress.org (self hosted WordPress) you need to pay for other elements that all come together to enable you to set up a self hosted WordPress blog. Ok, so step 3 in how to set up a self hosted WordPress blog is where you’ll actually install WordPress.org.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest!

I mean, if you want to work with brands and need to share your number of social media followers to demonstrate the magnitude of your social media presence, then you may want to have a higher number of followers on Pinterest, you know, just to emphasize how flipping awesome you really are! I mean, followers are great, but not if they aren’t engaging with your content, So, the more niche the follow thread, the better since you want your followers to actively find and interact with your content. Because when you develop your very own tailwind tribe or Pinterest group board, not only will interested Pinterest users be able to more easily find your content, but you can also make it mandatory for new contributors to follow your Pinterest account BEFORE they are accepted into your group board or Tailwind Tribe. But, in addition to creating your own pins, be sure to repin a number of high-quality pins (i.e. pins with a high number of repins) from other accounts that not only reflect your brand but that also meet the needs of your audience so that you can obtain even more Pinterest followers.

Get To Know Kelly From Girl With A Passport

Well, since I am a solo female traveler, I wanted a name that reflected how awesome and powerful women are. I would like to continue to grow my blog and create a loyal fan base based on the unique qualities of my narratives. And it’s all because of the advice I got from FTB and the amazing bloggers I met there. I love the freedom of solo travel and the flexibility of slow travel since it gives you more time to see everything and is cheaper too!