Female Travel Bloggers

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Female Travel Bloggers is a space for travel bloggers from around the world no matter where they are on their blogging journey. We support, educate and connect our members, enabling them to grow and develop their blog and their network.

Run by four women located across the world, we combine backgrounds in marketing, journalism, PR, web development and education, to provide opportunities and resources for our members.

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20 Amazing Things to do on a Long Car Ride

Because we’re about to hardcore swan dive into, count em, 20 of the most amazing things to do on a long car ride – activities that you never really considered before and that will help you transform your road trip into the journey of a lifetime. Okay, when I say “document your trip”, I know it sounds like I’m your sixth grade English teacher who is telling you to write a thousand word essay on your summer road trip. So, get creative and, like I said earlier, write a blog post about the trip, record daily activities in a travel journal, take photos, vlog it up and record some road trip videos, or buy a souvenir from cool places that you stop at along the way. And if this sounds even a little bit like you, then one of the best things to do on a long car ride is to talk about where you will travel next.

What is Tailwind and How Can I Use it to Skyrocket My Pinterest Traffic?

You can also schedule your pin to multiple boards at the same time by typing in the name of all the boards you would like to schedule the pin to into the tab that says “type a board name”. However, for even more in-depth information about your top-performing pins, click on the “Top Pins” tab of the “Insights” section and see not only what pins are doing the best on your profile, but see detailed information about impressions, closeups, saves, clicks, save rate, click rate and more. From here, select the Tribes you want to add this pin to (just check the box of each Tribe you want to submit to) and click the “Add to Tribe” button to confirm. * Use the Tribe Preview Button: Click on this button before you join a Tailwind Tribe to assess the quality of the pins in the Tribe and to see information in the Tribe Overview section on the number of reshares vs the number of repins from the Tribe.

23 Amazing Gifts for People Who Work from Home

Because it also comes with a durable steel flywheel, four non-slip rubber foot pads, an adjustable foot strap that can accommodate almost any size foot, and a fab little tension knob that allows you to easily adjust resistance levels to suit your personal fitness needs. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transform your sitting desk into an ultra-modern standing work station, then this VIVO stand up desk converter is the work from home gift of your dreams. Plus, this package actually comes with gift wrapping and personalized message options, making it feel a bit more personalized and like you actually put some thought into this gift. That’s why, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for people who work from home, then look no further than this awesome, Basic Concepts, Under Desk Footrest for just $23.95.

20 Fantastic Work from Home Apps that Will Enhance Your Life

Apps that will help you stay on task and maintain a high level of productivity throughout the day, When working from home, you can easily lose track of time. This is another free to join, work from home app that allows you to track your time throughout the day so that you understand exactly where your time has been spent and how to better manage your day. If you want, you can also use the app to setup mini work sessions, block distracting phone notifications, setup light wake up alarms, enjoy relaxed breathing exercises, do daily meditations, and receive daily, inspiring quotes, This free app even allows you to monitor your daily phone usage and shows you exactly where the time on your phone has been spent. Because with this fantastic work from home software, you can quickly suggest a variety of different times for an event, invite participants to select their preferred time slot, and create an event at a time that is convenient for the most people.

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