Amber Faust

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2020 Mom blogger, Parenting Influencer and professional photographer 2020 Mom blogger, Parenting Influencer and professional photographer

Location Hilton Head island, South Carolina United States
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Throwback to when they were woodland creatures for Halloween, my favorite costumes ever. 🦨 🦝 This year I think they are going to be robots, but they’ve changed their minds 15 times and I think I may just tell them Target is out of costumes, which could be true? Maybe? . . These next couple of days are my favorite on instagram - so many cute kids in cute costumes! Happy Halloween friends! 🎃

Weight Loss Superfood Shopping List

Studies have also shown that eating a small bowl of broth-based soup before a meal reduces hunger and increases the feeling of fullness, making you less likely to overeat during your meal. Some studies have also shown that beans, such as kidney and pinto beans, help keep blood sugar levels steady, making you less likely to have a food craving later in the day. For example, a half-cup of unsalted black beans contains 7.5g of protein, 7.5g of fiber, is virtually fat and sodium-free, at only 113 calories per serving. And although the jury is out whether or not the enzymes in grapefruit actually melt fat away, the truth stands that it’s a healthy, low-calorie item to include in your morning routine, rather than a high-calorie latte or smoothie.

I love how much the boys love the sea. The ocean needs all of the help she can get. Let’s raise happy healthy ocean conservationists 🐳 . . . . I’ve been so uninspired lately artistically. I needed a fun #composite to make my heart happy! #compositephotography #notarealwhale (no whales were hurt while filming).

How to fabric wrap a gift for a zero-waste holiday

I’m going to show you a super simple version of cloth gift wrap, but the Japanese have some gorgeous ways to wrap your gifts! Fabric does not tear or scuff as easily as printed gift bags, making it possible to reuse one year’s fabric bags for countless more years. Cloth bags are great for wrapping bulky or oddly shaped packages which defy the logic and folding skills of the best-skilled wrapper. While it is rude to request wrapping paper and gift bags be returned from co-workers or friends, once the gift is opened, your family will no doubt pile up the cloth bags and hand them over, grateful to not have bags of wrapping to trundle to the curb.

They’re hot then they’re cold. Just like South Carolina weather. #wearpact #oliandmilo

Caring For Tropical Plants in the Winter

That means that in the wintertime, the reduced light, lowered temperature and humidity, and the threat of frost damaging leaves and roots often require that tropical plants are moved indoors and placed under greenhouse conditions. Unless adequate light is available for the plant to grow food using photosynthesis, leaves may turn pale and/or drop, stems thin, and the plant may grow few flowers. Helpful Materials for the Winter Gardener (But Not Necessary) Shade cloth ( if used during summer ) 8 Easy Steps a Winter Gardener Uses to Care for Tropical Plants 1) Identify whether or not your plant is tropical and the proper growing temperatures. Use a Plant Catalog, Plant App, Garden Book, Google or a Facebook Identification Group to identify growing season requirements.

We have a big kid and two littles, we’ve started early with discussing online safety with our 4 year olds. Our big kid strategy is different, we discuss it frequently, openly and honestly. #ad We want her to feel free to discuss dangers or bullies with us before any big problems arise. @eset has so many resources to help! How are you helping keep your kids safer online during this crazy time when kids are online more? Drop your tips below! #saferkidsonline #eset

Make Cloth Mainstream

Wipes, we use Marley’s Monsters cloth diaper wipes and we use them for EVERYTHING. Approximately 80% of people in a survey use disposable diapers while the rest use a cloth or a cloth/disposable combination. While many cloth diaper advocates enjoy financial savings and find cloth diapers to be more environmentally friendly, others determine that cloth nappies are not very convenient. Because cloth diapers require an investment of time and may not be convenient when traveling, some parents may choose to use a combination of cloth and disposables.


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