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I am Sustainable Vegan Fashion Designer and Advocate sharing conctent on my blog " Fashion Fab News" about fashion,beauty and fitness with an artistic point of view. Fashion/Beauty Influencer BLOG: . YOUTUBE:

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Life is short, but the world is wide! 🌏️ Exploring Korea, one step at a time! I’ll be back #travelkorea #expat #travel

Hair goals in Seoul? 💇🏻‍♀️🇰🇷❤️ Juno Hair, the easiest hair salon to find in Seoul! With multiple branches in every neighborhood, getting a great haircut is just a step away! I loved my haircut and styling! #JunoHair #seoulhair #EasyToFind #hairgoals #ForeignerFriendly #koreanlearning #mustgo @junohair_official #준오헤어 #서울미용실 #쉽게찾기 #헤어골스 #외국인환영 #한국 #seoul #myeongdong #명동

If you can keep up with my shopping spree in Hongdae, we’re a match made in heaven✨💙❤️ Bring my cat, coffee and tickets for the art gallery. #travel #catmom #granolagirl #matchmyfreak #koreatravel #artgirl

📍🇰🇷 Seoul, Korea ❤️✈️ 아름다워요💙 #seoul #seoullife #seoultravel #seoulkorea #seoulvibe #seoultrip #seoulfood #seoulnow #seoulvlog #southkorea #southkoreatravel #bestcityintheworld #bestcity #favcity #한국 #서울카페 #서울여행

Seoul OOTD! 🇰🇷✨ It was too hot in Korea, had to reveal my shoulders lol 🙆🏻‍♀️👗🔥 . . . #seoulkorea #fitcheck #koreafashion #ootdfashion #koreanclothes #koreatravel #koreatrip #seoultravel #southkorea #ootdkorea #outfitinspo #outfitcheck #whatiwore #casualoutfitideas #fashionreels #지하철 #서울 #패션

Clean Minimalist Skincare With AcARRE

A dry oil locks moisture into your skin, improves skin texture, promotes skin barrier repair, helps with premature aging, sun damage, alleviates scalp dryness, etc. I like using AcARRE’s multi-use oil to do lymphatic drainage with a Gua Sha (BTW, AcARRE also has Gua Shas). First, I prep my face with Acarre’s Beauty Edit, multi-use bioactive dry oil. If you are looking to transform your skincare routine, make it more minimalistic, or just want to add a clean and sustainable product to it, check’s multi-use beauty oil and let me know your experience with it.

NYFW Fall 2021 Prabal Gurung Inspired Makeup

Prabal Gurung showcased a glam and wearable collection for Fall. The collection has beautiful classic prints like polka dots and floral with shades of pink, red, and orange, etc. I would personally wear any of the pieces presented for the fall season, and even though this is a more romantic collection than what we are used to seeing for Prabal, it is good for this year and what we have been expecting for this season. I was inspired by this collection's beautiful colors and vibrancy and decided to create a modern makeup look that would go perfectly with any pink look from the designer Prabal Gurung.


Ten years ago, we were pretty skeptical about this type of shopping, but now according to Bazaarvoice, 49% of consumers shop online more than they did pre-COVID-19. The problem is that some people are not aware that the shipping process, the handling, and the packaging of the products they get online generate CO2, and this one keeps adding to the dangerous change of our global climate. Every day in the U. S. alone, packages travel the same distance as going to the moon and back 133,000 times! Today I will explain my new favorite way to shop Carbon neutral, and it is called ECOCART.

Top Three Haute Couture Shows From Home

I know that people still want to be informed about the latest collections in the fashion industry, know about the concept behind each look, and I still want to provide this information from my perspective to all of you. We all know Iris Van Herpen's work for her staple geometrical details, 3D printed garments, and structural looks, but this season this collection screamed to me less "industrialness" more flowingness. Iris Van Herpen definitely tried more organic shapes for this spring 2021 collection, and I also see a more unique approach to evening wear and red carpet gowns. Iris Van Herpen collaborated with Parley for the Ocean Plastic fabric made from upcycled marine debris to create some of her pieces and based the collection on the enigmatic fungi kingdom, calling her work

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