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Mastering motherhood two babies at a time…

Location Phoenix, AZ
Country United States
Member Since FEBRUARY 09, 2019
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What are the Chances of Having Twins… Twice?

If you’re living in the US and are Black or White, you have a similar chance of having twins (with Black moms having a slightly higher chance). “In 2009, 7 percent of all births to women aged 40 and over were born in a twin delivery compared with 5 percent of births to women aged 35–39, and 2 percent of births to women under age 25.” Overall, mothers of fraternal (non-identical) twins are four times more likely to have twins if they get pregnant again, compared with the rest of the population. For example: If you are a woman in your late 30s, breastfeeding, carrying some extra postpartum weight, and you already have one set of twins, the chances of having twins again is high!

Make Your Own Play Food Using Recipe Magazines

This DIY play food craft is so simple you are going to kick yourself you didn’t try it before! Grab some old magazines, card, scissors and glue… it’s all you need to create some culinary delights for your child’s toy kitchen! Their 8yr old play kitchen was given a new lease of life and I have been served many a delicious platter from the in-house restaurant 😉 In making the DIY play food my kids got to practice cutting and sticking, something they struggle with.

Why PAW Patrol Saves the Day When It Comes to Sharing

My Boys recently received the PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset, and we’ve had lots of giggles testing it out. The Mighty Meteor Trackset comes with a 1:55 scale True Metal die-cast vehicle (Chase’s car), although we’ve been having fun trying out their other little cars and seeing which ones work the best! The loading and launching of the moving ramp and the rolling ‘meteor’ allow both my boys to have a ‘job’ and stop any potential fighting over who’s playing with the toy. If you would like to know more about the PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset, check it out here at Amazon.

10 Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

Adding a simple peak to your bookcase with an adorable wallpaper backing brings the piece to life and creates an adorable focal point to the room. I love the bold red color chosen by J.P. Franzen Architects for this storage and window seat, and it looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book. Let gravity stack your books at an asymmetrical angle and enhance your kid’s room design with a sharp contemporary look. This awesome boy’s room is designed by Tamara Hubinsky Interiors and if you have the space I love the idea of a proper staircase up to the bed.

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