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A daughter, a sister, a wife, mommy of two. Follow my story..

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Happy Monday Morning! What an awesome message to start off this week! Not everyone is meant to do great things. We are all made different and that’s what makes us unique. No two person is the same. We may have similarities but are exactly the same. We are made that way to share our good and bad with one another. Instead of always trying to do great things, you can do small things with great love. Do things with love and there’s no other greater gift to share. If you can do great things, that’s wonderful. But not everyone is cut out that way, and it’s definitely okay! . . . #mondayquotes #mondayinspiration #mondaythoughts #motivationalquotes #motivationalquotesoftheday #dogreatthings #withgreatlove #motherteresa #motherteresaquotes #noteveryonecandogreatthings #everyoneisdifferent #itsokaytonotbeokay #learningtoaccept #beyourbestself #youdoyou

Top 5 Breakfast Ideas At Home

I toast the waffle on a pan instead of on a toaster to give it a little different texture. This little handy egg slicer tool also helps us make little shapes for the kids which they enjoy very much as well too. With just the right amount of toasted texture and the cream cheese on it, it makes it to our top 5 breakfast ideas as well. We always used to toast our bagels in our toaster oven but do you want to know a little secret?

(#gifted) Being at home with the pandemic, it’s been hard trying to keep the kids entertained yet leaning at the same tone. The kids were super excited to receive the lunchbox magnetic letters from @barnacletoys! This fun tool helps your kids learn phonics through a fun environment. It comes with magnetic letters and word boards that can be used to help enhance your spelling as well. It was very useful for both kids at different levels. . . .#gifted #learningphonics #wordsmatter #phonics #phonicsforkids #letterbox #barnacleboy #kidsofinstagram #learningisfun #dogreatthings #literacy #brothersister #learningtogether #growtogether

How To Encourage Kids To Read

Its a wonderful way to encourage kids to read, where everyone grabs their favorite book and gathers to read. But having a group reading time helps kids know that mommy and daddy read too. How to encourage kids to read can be created with a little reading nook near our bookshelf, but that didn’t last too long. We used to read a bedtime story to the kids but it’s been on a pause for awhile because it took them longer time to go back to sleep.

Friday Vibes! Have you ever noticed your mood being more positive on Fridays then any other weekday? I do! 🙋‍♀️ This quote is right on target for me. Does anyone else agree? I tend to get nicer on Friday afternoons😂. Hey it’s a start of the weekend, so who wouldn’t be nicer right? Be proud of yourselves for getting though another week and take some time off to enjoy life. Have an awesome weekend friends! . . . .#fridayvibes #fridayquote #itsfridayyall #theweekendishere #niceronfridays #fridaymood😎 #feelinggrateful #gotthroughanotherweek #instadaily #momsofinstagram #instagrammoms #instamoms #enjoytheweekend #takebreaks #fridaymorning

Motherhood During A Pandemic

Then I’m a dishwasher washing all the dishes that we’ve used up for breakfast or lunch. Or I’m attending to my daughter who needs help understanding her class work or homework. They are staring at the screen the majority of the the class time and can’t imagine how much damage it’s having on her eyes. Having to wake up and go straight to a screen can’t be easy for the kids

All My keto friends, you better tune into this! (#ad) Who needs some keto friendly chocolates? Um yeah!!! If you are on keto and need to indulge on some much needed chocolate, @choczero is the goto item! It is sooo good! * It’s keto-friendly with No added sugar * It comes individually wrapped * Almond Bark, Hazelnut Bark, and peanut butter cups are some of the flavors. You can purchase it at your local Sprouts Market or check out the link in my bio. Use promo code “spring” to get 15% off. . . .#ketofriendlychocolate #ketolove #keto #choczero #ambbrandhashtag #ambcollab #ketolifestyle #chocolatelovers #itsokaytoeatchocolate #almondbark #sogood #discoverunder5k #blogginglife

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body

I would get 3 days of descent sleep and 3 days of not. I’ve had countless days of sleep deprivation from both of the kids early years. I still have days where I would be wide awake for hours in the middle of the night but not as often. a plus Physical Activities – Increase in physical activities helps the brain stay more alert and active.

Be that Badass Girl! Everybody goes through patches of ups and downs. If you trip on a rock while walking, you may fall, but you will get right back up. There will be challenging days and we all go through it. It’s okay to be not okay because we will learn to rise again. But If you were lazy yesterday, you need to buckle up and make some changes. Today, put that lazy girl back in your pocket and bring out the badass girl out of you. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from being that badass girl today! You are better than that! . . .#badassgirl #lazyyesterday #makechanges #itsokaytonotbeokay #newdayquotes #newdaynewstart #everydayisanewday #everydayisdifferent #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #mombloggers

So Monday we meet again! I’ve made a positive relationship with Mondays recently. We agreed that although we may not be friends, we can still come to common grounds. We can accept the fact that it’s the day after the weekend, so to not expect any jumping for joy. But I’ve also agreed to that it’s a start to a new week, new goals to set, and to go out there and make things happen. Nothing can be done if you expect things to come to you. You gotta go get them! You have to be hungry for what you want! Motivational Mondays! . . .#mondaymotivation #mondayquotes #mondaymonday #mondayagain #positivevibes #weekendisover #positivemindset #agreetodisagree

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