Jules Shapiro

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Sharing my love of yoga and entrepreneurship together with health and wellness for sustainability of body and business and how they are all interconnected and work together to Enhance, Amplify and Elevate living your dream life!

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#appreciation #authenticity ##love #gratitude

Why Placing Conditions On Your Contentment Is Hindering You & How To Finally FEEL Content.

Thinking about this thought, I ask myself, “am I really going to be happy and content long term once this blog post is written? It was from this place that I was able to choose joy and ease and navigate life with an open mind. Start to cultivate gratitude to help you move towards Santosha, contentment Gratitude is the ability and quality of being thankful for what you have and a readiness to show appreciation for those things and people around you. I feel content because I am grateful for the time I gave myself to do this work

It's the most wonderful time of the year! #christmasinabottle #christmas #holidayjoy #holidayseason #pinecone #pine #pinetrees #doterraessentialoils #doterra

Cash Back Apps

and then you can redeem your receipts for  Amazon gift cards, or retail gift cards that can be used at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Itunes, Lowes and Starbucks! I just found this app mid 2019 and so far I have earned 5600 points which is good for a $10 gift card and close to the next level which is 7500 or $25 in gift card value. You can cash out for gift cards for as little as 3,000 points or $3.00 for an Amazon Gift card. As of today I have earned 22,000 points and have redeemed 10,000 of them for a $10 Target gift card which I was able to use right away.

#this #mindset #youareyouronlylimit Starting the business is not hard. It's breaking the habit of sabotaging your efforts that requires awareness and vigilant dedication. Failure is inevitable it may even sting a little. But what we miss out on, the lessons, the experiences, the laughs, the tears, if we dont even try, is even more painful!

Yoga Inspired Living

Practicing yoga is something that I look forward to and I never thought I would have to worry about how I’s get a practice in. I missed my yoga practice for myself and how awesome I felt when I was just the student. Even better was that I was not rushing around, so I finished my practice feeling relaxed at ease and ready to take on the rest of my day. and you did not get half of what yogadownload.com offers for $12/mo with options to upgrade or chose other membership options.

#getit #truth #moneymindset @geniccawhitney.co

Put More Money In Your Pocket

How Mindless spending is still spending! might call it unconscious spending, I like to call it mindless spending. It’s those little things, the coffee stop, the sale item, that impulse purchase. It hit me that I was not bad with managing my money, I was bad at managing my spending.

#nature does not hurry yet everything is #accomplished. Take time to enjoy being present. Business is a #journey You are right where you are supposed to be. #mindset #mindsetcoaching #yogaperspective #yogaeverywhere #tea #yogastudent #yogateacher #yogaoffthemat #mindsetiseverything #youareyouronlylimit #youcandoit

Because I love to learn and grow as a yoga teacher and coach. Can not wait to dig into these as part of 2020 reading resolution! #thescienceofyoga #perfectlyimperfect #baronbaptiste #yogabooks #yogaanatomy #yogapractice #books #inspiration #resolutions #yogateachers #yogalife #yogadaily #motivation #yogastudies

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