Elyse Dean

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I began my work as an influencer back in 2017 after the birth of my first child. With Instagram as my primary platform, I took to the world of social blogging focusing on motherhood and homemaking. I utilized every facet of my creative nature to grow my platform to over 50k followers. In the past 5 years, I have accomplished various projects including blogging, product photography, detailed reviews, social promotion, collaborative product releases, and much more. I am passionate about parenthood, homemaking, and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working with brands that prioritize and value their customers in an effort to develop authentic brand loyalty.

Location Indiana
Member Since JUNE 25, 2022
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Birthday photo dump 🤍 this two year old is equal parts spunky and sweet. She’s adventurous and hilarious and full of personality. I love you Noa Claire!! Happy birthday✌🏼

Mm…It’s giving….✨birthday✨ #growingnoaclaire #12121

Christmas 2022 🤍

One last post for Remy boy. He’s always been like a brilliant + goofy old man trapped in a kids body; truly one of a kind. I couldn’t love being his mom more!! Happy birthday bubs 🤍

seems like just yesterday… that baby boy turns 4 in a few weeks 🤎

The claw-clip. She’s either serving elegance, or overgrown fern. There is no in-between.

Afternoon caffeine is such a joke. This definitely won’t kick in till 8pm…but I’m going to drink it anyway 😌

It’s never too early to dress for fall… it’s called manifesting….Just wait... It’s totally gonna work 🖤 Shoes and shacket gifted by @shopbohme code 15ELYSE for 15% off #bohmeproduct22 #bohmeinfluencers #shopbohme #ownyourbohme

I am so thankful for my family. One word about how I just can’t do it all and they jump in to help how they can….which is almost always cleaning or taking on the kids. My mom arranged and covered for my house to be cleaned and my brother detailed the van. A few meals provided as well. The kids each got special 1:1 time this week which they badly crave.. but with the gratitude for help comes the guilt that man… I’m just not enough…I’m in over my head. Then Koko came home with a “student of the month” award and a note gushing about what an awesome kid she is…. I just felt so proud of her. Then a new feeling popped up…I was proud of me too. It takes a lot to mother three. It may not always feel natural or like I’m “winning”, but I know it’s my purpose. I think that’s enough. Nap time rambles from the couch 🫶🏼

Doing away with baby items. Making room for make believe. Passing down to expectant friends. Now teaching my babies to read. All the things that we once needed, but there’s no longer a need. Babies change to children, true, but what does that change make me? A mother of a different time. A mother of let go. A mother of three children now. mother of “let grow.”

The question is less “do I want it?” and more “does it come in beige?”

I’m not one to brag… but I did clean this mirror with something other than a baby wipe…so…

🤍 #growingnoaclaire

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