Federica Sbordone

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Location Rome
Country Italy
Member Since MAY 11, 2021
Social Audience 38K
efcarrot 37K Last Month Last 3 Months
  • Posts 7 16
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  • Avg Likes 1K 2K
  • Avg Comments 48 42
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🍁👻 New Halloween towels from @tatatowels are finally here! Yu huuu! I'm so excited 🕷🕸 Are you too already thinking about spooky stuff? 😏 10% off: BBFEDESET #TaTaTowels #BreastFriendsClub

Io e @sifjakobsjewellery abbiamo pensato di fare un piccolo regalo ad uno di voi: €100 da poter spendere liberamente sul loro store online! 🎁✨️ • metti like a questo post • segui me e @sifjakobsjewellery • commenta con la tua emoji preferita Il 25/09/22 annunceró il vincitore (scelto random) nelle mie stories. Potete commentare quanto volete, anche con diversi account 🤗🤍 Mi raccomando, seguite tutte le regole! 🍒😙 #letyourselfshine #sifjacobsjewellery

Summer is coming to an end that's why I like to greet it with some latest summer-themed content 🏖 2022 is a fundamental year for my life as I moved and went to live together. It's a year that has already given me a lot and for this reason, I didn't plan to go on vacation ✈️ I'm doubly grateful to 2022 because despite everything, I managed to leave, even if at the end of the summer, and to visit Sardinia. 🏝 📍Here I was at the "Spiaggia del Polpo" at Maddalena. Enchanted paradise. I will post content of the Maddalena trip for a few more weeks and then I promise you that we will move on to the autumn mood 😅🍂🍁 #lamaddalena #sardegna #sardinia #spiaggiadelpolpo

My study! 🥰🏠 Is still in work in progress, but a lot has already been done. Advice on how to furnish it? 🖥📸

I personally love seeing this type of content 🥰 The before and after, of the renovations, fascinate me a lot 😮. Finally I started to pubblish new contents on my house too 🏠. Do you like how I designed the new bathroom and laundry? 🚿🧺🧼

🙂 HAPPINESS HAPPENS 😁 (⚠️ Educational / Informative post) August is the "Happiness Happens" Month enstablished to celebrate what makes you happy 🙆‍♀️ ❗️6 FACTS you didnt knowabout HAPPINESS: • happiness is contagious • happy people are healther • happiness is not a destination • you can learn how to be happy • happiness doesnt mean creativity • happiness isnt everything 😃 HOW TO CELEBRATE / WHAT TO DO: • help others • surround yourself with green • go outside, have a walk, enjoy the sunlight • move your body • eat fruit and vegetables • sing out loud ❓️What makes you happy?

Dear August, please dont go.

🏆"A WINNER IS A DREAMER WHO NEVER GIVES UP"🙌 Nelson Mandela (⚠️ educational / informative post) Today is the "NEVER GIVE UP DAY". I love it because it helps to cultivate a mindset of never giving up, and support others who are still working hard to reach their goals ⭐️🫂 A lot of pople are struggling in silence and fighting battles no one knows about. My advice for surviving tough times is to adopting The Never-Give-Up Attitude 💪 WHAT TO DO: - take a pause, not quit 🚫 - motivate yourself 🤟 - focus on the bright side 🤍 - be honest with yourself 💯 Whether you’re facing a blobal or personal crisis—or a mix of both— building a mindset of determination can help you cope with stress, overcome adversity, and enjoy the better days to come. 🙂💆‍♀️ HOW TO CELEBRATE: - motivate people around you 🗣👥️️ - listen some motivational podcast ✨️🎧 (Eg. "The School of Greatness" on Spotify) - download some great apps (eg. "Daily quote - positive quotes") 📲🤗

Summer is a state of mind 🤍

Something about summertime in Italy 🫶 ⊹ shop the look: @tally_weijl ⊹ discount code: TALLYEF

🙃 WE HAVE 12,000 TO 60,000 THOUGHTS PER DAY. 80% ARE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. 🙃 (⚠️ educational and informational post in collaboration with @aurahaircare ) It's important that you are able to motivate yourself to stay positive!💪 MINE 3 TIPS to stay immediately positive: 1️⃣ Focus on the long-term instead of the short-term. 2️⃣ Learn to love your alone time. 3️⃣ Reduce materialism and ideals. (PS: my favourite is n°2 pont. I usually like to take a bath, listen to music, clean and organized my home and my spaces, getting ready, washing and taking care of my hair with @aurahaircare personalized products which became a ritual) Now tell me: are you stressed? How do you managed it? I'm here to listen and to help 🤲💚 #aurahaircare

🍴EVEY PLASTIC FORK YOU'VE EVER USED STILL EXISTS 🙅🏼‍♀️ (⚠️ post for educational and informational purposes) Did you know that July is know as the "Plastic Free" Month? And yes, the month is still not over so, everyone can still apply to the @plasticfreejuly challenge ♻️🥤 What it is? This is a movement to stop plastic waste. Ok cool: how to join? Simply sign in on their website and the daily challenges will began! You'll receive tips, eco solutions and daily choices to be put into practice 💚🤲 For Plastic Free July I personally created a list of general sustainable ideas to share with you. Let's jump into it! ⤵️ 5 EASY ECO TIPS YOU CAN DO IT NOW: 1• 💧 Download @drinktap "Tap" app. Wherever you are, it shows you free water station to refill your water bottle. You'll never have to buy plastic bottles again. 2• 🎈 Planning a party? Choose reusable or biodegradable decorations. Balloons takes hundreds of years to degrade. 3• 🎶  Reduse footprint when listening to music in background by switching from YouTube to Spotify. If you listen a song many times: download it instead of streaming it every time. 4• 🥬  Fight food waste by downloading @toogoodtogo.it App (it finds restaurants near you selling food at reduced price instead of throwing away). Also try @olio.app (it allow you to share food and non with your neighbouring to avoid waste). 5• 🌧  Install a rainwater tank in your garden or even in your balcony. It collect water when it rains and you can resue it for your plants.

Quanti di voi usano il proprio balcone come ripostiglio?😂 E si ritorvano una marea di cose random ammassate l'una sopra l'altra, che neanche si riesce piú a metterci piede? 🤣 Vi vedo, so che si siete... 😑 Beh, peró pensiamoci: che bruttini sono i balconi cosí? Quest'anno ho traslocato e ritrutturato la mia nuova casa. Tutta l'esperienza nel complesso é stata come intraprendere un viaggio, di cui forse un giorno vi parleró. Ad ogni modo, ho capito che nonostante tutto, anche un semplice balcone puó regalare gioia e felicitá. Proprio cone arredare il salone, il bagno o la camera da letto. Il balcone é parte integrante della casa, é estenzione di essa. Non va trascurato. {Pro tip 📍 - ✅ salva il post per ricordarti l'idea: abbiamo deciso di applicare la stessa pavimentazione presente in tutta la casa anche sul balcone. Questo trucchetto da subito la sensazione di uno spazio integrato e in comunione con gli altri ambienti 😉} Insomma, ero pronta ad arredare il mio balconcino ed é qui che é entrato in gioco @sinsay_it , ecommerce italiano sul quale ho preso il tappeto, le lanterne, le candele, il vaso nero e la piantina che vedete in foto. (Si, anche le ciabattine e le nails le ho prese su Sinsay). Che dite vi piace il risultato? Bastano pochi elementi ma carini e ricercati. Non serve neanche spendere chissá quanto. Ora devo trovare un divanetto, un tavolino e... non vi dico altro, no spoiler 🤫 Forza, andate su Sinsay e via tutti a ripulire, a dare nuova vita alle nostre case. Non avete scuse, vi vedo! 👀😹 Codice sconto: EFCARROT https://www.sinsay.com/it/it/?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=influencer&utm_campaign=efcarrot #sinsay #sinsayitaly

Comfy outfit lover since ever 🫶🍭 ⊹ shop the look: @tally_weijl ⊹ discount code: TALLYEF

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