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The 40-Hour Work Year: Are You Working Too Much in Your Property Management Business?

Scott Fritz believes that if you are a property management business owner and you stay in that business, your company will be worth less than it would be if you train your company to work without you. He joins Alex on The Property Management Show this week to discuss the different between an entrepreneur and a business owner, and what you can do to work less but produce more

Social Media Marketing Can Help You Find More Landlords

When people are interested in doing business with a company, most of them will look for that company on social media. When you have a strong social media presence, your property management company can earn trust. When you put your company out on social media, you’re embracing an image that you’re real, with real people, and that you’re up-to-date with technology. 10 Industry Experts on How to Start a Property Management Company How to Pick the Best Property Management Name for Your Company 5 ways to Get more Property Management Leads Disruptive Property Management Industry Trends in 2017 – Modernize, Grow, or Become

How Long Will SEO for Your Property Management Website Take?

The amount of time and effort you’re spending on your digital marketing and your website development will influence your results and the amount of time in which you see those results. When you ask how long SEO takes, are you asking how long it takes to be ranked number one on Google, or are you asking how long it takes to increase the number of property owner leads you attract? Brittany moved to the Bay area after graduating from California State University Chico with a degree in Business Marketing. Brittany recently moved to the Bay area after graduating from California State University Chico with a degree in Business Marketing.

Futurescaping the Property Management Industry with Buildium

Chris knows how to grow a company, and he’s joining us to talk about the future of the property management industry, and how personal relationships and technology are learning to play nice with one another. In case you don’t know, Buildium is a property management platform for small businesses who are managing between 10 and 5,000 units. Buildium has their 16,000 customers, and then those 16,000 customers also have their own customers. When Buildium Bought All Property Management Acquiring All Property Management (APM) made sense to Buildium because it provided another service channel for current customers.

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