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Lola Méndez is a travel writer and full-time globetrotter sharing her adventures on Miss Filatelista. She travels to develop her own worldview and has explored over 50 countries. Passionate about sustainable travel she seeks out ethical experiences that benefit local communities.

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How to Spend a Day in Valladolid, Mexico

Most days I set out to visit ancient Mayan sites and haciendas, but I was able to visit a few of the area’s Pueblos Magicos including the second-largest city in the Yucatán State, Valladolid. There’s so much to do here including swimming in cenotes, shopping at local markets and in high-end local boutiques, admiring the architecture, and enjoying the gastronomy. I didn’t have enough time to visit Valladolid’s cenotes as I was only in town for a day trip and wanted to drive back to Mérida before dark. Most cenotes require bathers to shower before entering and only allow guests to use reef-friendly sunscreen in order to help preserve the cenote’s fragile ecosystem.

How to be a Responsible Traveler at Machu Picchu

This makes Cusco the best place to not only acclimate safely but also to support local businesses such as the numerous restaurants that fill the town center that offer only the best Peruvian delights. After reaching Cusco, the next destination is the town in the valley below Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes. There are numerous ways to get to Aguas Calientes, from taking a train to hiking the Inca trail, both originating from Cusco. A short stroll through the town will take you through its extensive artisanal marketplace, historical town center, and eventually crossing the river through Aguas Calientes to get to a small park overlooking the stream below.

Why Word Choice Matters When Discussing the Climate Crisis

This is why word choice matters when discussing the climate crisis. Late last year Collins Dictionary declared climate strike the 2019 word of the year after finding the use of the word had increased by over 100% on websites, newspapers, magazines, and social media. The new word is often used as a derogative term by climate crisis deniers. In Portuguese, justiça climática demands that countries in the Global North must take responsibility to solve the climate crisis as countries in the Global South

How to Be a Responsible Traveler in Komodo Island

The park rangers won’t let you get close to the dragons but they also don’t allow any weapons on the island. The initial visit to the park is at Komodo Island but Rinca, Padar, and other small islands are also part of the National Park. We’re guided by a ranger who is native to the island and says there are 3,000 Komodo Dragons within the park with the largest population in Komodo Island with 1,300 lizards. It’s a bit hard to conceptualize how such deadly dragons share an island that is also home to a pastel pink beach.

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