Emma Catherine Wood

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💓Sun Kissed and Cozy Candle's Ambassador 💘12 / 20 / 18 <3 SA’22 💕Let’s talk about body image in my new blog post!⬇️

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Broken Pieces of a Puzzle Excerpt

So unless I say that I’m nothing, then I am enough. So what if someone says I’m fat? Only I can say how I’m feeling, what I need, and how I’m going to do things. If someone says that I’m not worth it, who are they to make that judgment?

Body Image

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, the important thing to remember is that you are beautiful no matter what. I remember one day specifically that I was out with my family for ice cream. I remember getting one scoop of chocolate ice cream with a bit of whipped cream and a cherry on top. For a bit of time, two and a half years ago, I began starving myself for as long as I possibly could at a time.

Interview with Author Caroline George

I had the opportunity to interview Caroline George, author of The Vestige and The Prime Way Trilogy, via email to ask some questions about her writing journey and some publishing information! I tell stories when I author books, post on social media, share my personal journey with others, and help people pursue their dreams. What I learned: People won’t always understand someone else’s passion and life vision, but their lack of insight doesn’t devalue that passion and vision, only makes it specific to a certain individual. , when people learn I’m an author, they either assume I’m rich and famous like JK Rowling, or they think I’m a starving artist.

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