Claire Xu

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Hi! I’m Claire, a 20-something year old based in Cleveland, OH. My biggest passions in life include food, fitness, health (mental + physical), and my city! My goal is to inspire others to live their happiest life through sharing my story with food freedom, mental health, wellness, and self care.

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i eat fruits and vegetables so that i can fight sickness and support my cells and organs. i nourish my body with enough food so that i can feel fueled and energized to live a full life. i workout so that i can have a strong heart, feel empowered, and be able to lift heavy bags of groceries, my dog, and future kids and grandkids. i strive to be healthier so that i can live a longer and happier life for both myself and the people around me. this gratitude season, @insidetracker’s theme is to live healthier longer- for yourself and the ones you love, and i think it’s a great message in an industry filled with so much noise that reminds us that healthy actions are meant to be additive to our’s and our loved ones’ lives. through tomorrow, 11/28, @insidetracker is offering $200 off their ultimate plan with code CLAIREBF! #ad

i am grateful for my recovery, my journey, and my ability to pursue health without having any focus on weight, but rather with the intention to love myself better, feel my best, be able to do things that help me live a healthier, longer, and fuller life for both myself and my loved ones- which is @insidetracker’s theme for the month! i recently joined @insidetracker, which is a service that runs a number of blood tests and provides suggestions to live a healthier longer life (code CLAIREBF for $200!! off the ultimate plan through 11/28) #ad. i had 43 biomarkers checked in my initial blood draw, and while most of my biomarkers were in their “target range”, i learned that i have slightly elevated cholesterol and really low vitamin D levels. @insidetracker’s app provided me with actionable sustainable suggestions for ways to improve my biomarkers. i picked 3-5 to focus on over the next few months including eating more soy products for fiber, consuming a variety dairy because a lot of dairy products are fortified with vitamin D, and adding a serving of fruit to my day for fiber. i have loved adding in these suggestions because they’re simple and sustainable for me! a few reminders: health is meant to add to your life, not take away from it you can’t hate your body into a body that you love skinny ≠ healthy or happy if you are miserable on your journey to a healthier you, that isn’t healthy- even if you hit your goals you can want to better your health without focusing on weight loss

gentle reminder that your identity and worth lie way outside of what you eat and how you look 💌 the number on the scale, the number inside your pants, the number of followers you have, and the numbers on your activity tracker don’t say anything about who you are, but the number of strangers you make smile, the number of people and pets you’ve loved, the number of places around the world you have the privilege to experience, the number of memories shared with loved ones, and the number of people whose lives you’ve made a difference in do happy monday - be kind to yourself and to others this week! 🫶🏽

PSA: if you’re constantly stressing about “being healthy” and feeling shame and guilt about what you put into your body, that isn’t healthy!! 🔈 i’m a firm believer that there is no wrong way to take your cup of morning coffee. with milk. with cream and sugar. black. there’s no wrong answer! i personally love me an iced soy milk latte w/ flavored syrup 🫶🏽 what’s your go-to coffee order right now?

office outfits for the week! monday: @josephfashion blazer rented from @renttherunway, which i now have a promo code for- CLAIRERTR for 40% off your first two months of membership!! (i recently joined @renttherunway *not sponsored & i pay for my own membership* and have been loving it!), @lulus pants, @calvinklein heels tuesday: @anntaylor dress, @ninewest heels wednesday: @bananarepublic turtleneck, @veronicabeard blazer rented off @renttherunway, @lulus pants, @stevemadden boots thursday: @laundrybyshelli blouse, @lulus pants, @calvinklein heels friday: @tommyhilfiger blouse, @jcrew cardigan, @lulus pants, @naturalizer flats #workfashion #workwear #corporatefashion #corporateoffice #officeoutfit #officeoutfits #workoutfit #rtrambassador #rtrambassadorchallenge #renttherunway #outfitinspo #workoutfits #ootd #workootd #outfitsoftheweek #outfitoftheday

comin’ at ya with some meal inspo and a few important reminders at the end — oats: microwave oatmeal with maple syrup and egg whites added in for the last 30 seconds of cooking (adds protein and makes it a nice fluffy texture!), apples sautéed in avocado oil and cinnamon, vanilla greek yogurt, @abbysbetter almond butter veggie fried rice: trader joe’s frozen japanese style friend rice (their best frozen fried rice imo) cooked as instructed with some extra sesame oil, sauteed broccoli, sautéed tofu chicken & veggie bowl: bed of greens, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted delicata squash, air-fried chicken drumsticks, garlic dip one-pot turkey rice orzo: trader joe’s boxed rice orzo pilaf mix cooked as instructed, ground turkey and mushrooms added and mixed in halfway through cooking, spinach mixed in until wilted at the end, shaved grana padano on top pasta: fall zucchette pasta, tomato basil marinara, spinach, turkey meatballs, shaved grana padano reminders: guilt is not an ingredient nourishment needs no prerequisites we could all eat the same and move the same, and we would all still have completely different bodies a bigger life > a smaller body you don’t need to justify your food choices to anyone you have a purpose in life, and it isn’t to obsess over what you eat and control the size of your body

we all have days where we’re just in a funk, but a few of the tools in my toolbox include: - getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine - treating myself - reading for fun - preparing foods i love treating myself to @dunkin has never been more exciting and rewarding with the new @dunkin rewards app. this month, some of the offers available to activate are a free medium coffee and a free breakfast sandwich, muffin, bagel bites, or munchkins with the purchase of a medium or large drink! #ad

this is your reminder that you are worthy of accepting and appreciating yourself and your body right NOW 🫶🏽 at the end of your life, no one will be thinking about how much you weighed or what your jean size was. what will have mattered are the memories you made, the people that you loved, the legacy that you built, and the life that you lived. disclaimer: this audio definitely speaks to me, but i know it isn’t inclusive of everyone’s experiences. none of the things talked about in it are defined by an age, and not everyone deals with the same insecurities or struggles. you can be 20 and be riddled with joint pain, and you can be 80 and be struggling with your body image and relationship to food. your struggles don’t define you, and it is never too early or too late to try again and choose something new.

work outfits for every day of the week 🖤 not my typical content, but i’m trying to have more fun and be more carefree on here! i’ve been getting into work fashion lately, so here’s some office fits from recently! monday: turtleneck bodysuit is @leliscollection, blazer is @hm, pants are @lulus, shoes are @calvinklein tuesday: dress is @jasonwu rented from @renttherunway, shoes are @ninewest wednesday: suit is @bananarepublic, bodysuit is @lulus, heeled boots are @stevemadden thursday: blouse is @hm, tied knit vest is @bananarepublicfactory, pants are @lulus, heels are @ninewest friday: top is @pleione_fashion from @nordstromrack, pants are @lulus, heels are @calvinklein #workfashion #officeoutfit #officewear #officefashion #officeoutfits #outfitoftheday #ootdfashion #workoutfit #workwear #businesscasual #corporatefashion #renttherunway #lovelulus

25 🎂 i have a lot of feelings about 24. it was hard. harder than expected. but, it was one of those years where i know i’ll always be able to look back on and see how much growth happened and how all the hardships were for a reason. i’m so grateful for how much transformation has happened this past year and am ready for another year around the sun filled with ups, downs, laughs, tears, connection, solitude, immense joy, deep sadness, and everything in between. i love you all so much, and thank you for the bday wishes! <3 swipe for some words that are resonating ✨

pov: caring more about authenticity instead of popularity, creating for joy instead of for algorithms, protecting my peace instead of people pleasing, intentional phone-free time instead of mindless scrolling, the people in my life instead of people i only know on the internet, and how my life feels instead of how my life looks ✨

i’ve officially lived in philly for 9 months 🤯, and i can finally confidently say that i feel like i’m in the right place. what better way to embrace this city than celebrating the return of Eagles 🏈 season with @dunkin’s fall drinks?! #ad moving to philly was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. it’s the first time i’ve ever lived in a city outside of my hometown, and to be honest, the big move completely rocked me. but, sometimes you need to be broken down to be broken open, and embracing change and the hardships that come with it is one of best things you can do for yourself. since moving to philly, i’ve learned so much about myself and my career, strengthened my relationship with my fiancé, became a dog mom, and had so much fun exploring this city that i currently call home! Eagles football is big here, and @dunkin’s fall drinks which include the nutty pumpkin coffee (available iced or hot), the iced chai latte, which for in-app Perks members can be leveled up with pumpkin cream cold foam, and the blood orange Dunkin’ refresher are the perfect way to fuel up and cheer on the Eagles! if you needed a sign to make the move, challenge your fears, leave the situation, speak up for yourself, speak up for others, wear that outfit, or do whatever else feels hard and scary, consider this it.

Changing the Way We Talk About Food

It’s 2020, and I’m tired of hearing and seeing people talk about all the foods I don’t normally eat food like this, so I deserve to indulge in this sinful dessert”, you can say “ It’s your choice and none of my business, but why talk about it (especially in a way that demonizes it) when you never know how it may affect the people who are listening? – good/bad – addictive – earned – sinful – junk – fattening – clean Words to START using when describing food: – nourishing – satisfying – balanced – filling – tasty – fresh – appealing – satiating – comforting – rich – nutritious – enjoyable

4 Ingredient Homemade Perfect Bar Recipe

I made a copycat version of my favorite store-bought bar at home, and my life is changed. These taste pretty freakin’ close to actual Perfect Bars – chewy, dense, just sweet enough, and oh so nut buttery- but much cheaper and made with only 4 ingredients! * 1 1/3 cup natural nut butter of your choice (I like to do a mixture of types) * 1/2 cup of protein powder of your choice (I would recommend an unflavored or vanilla one)

Stop Being Scared Of Quarantine Weight Gain

If you are scared of gaining weight, it is not your fault- the majority of us have been had diet culture messages instilled in us from a young age, and we are constantly surrounded by these messages in our households, in the workplace, and all over social media. But, the fact that 20+ THOUSAND people have died in the US and many MILLIONS of Americans have lost their source of income, and there are STILL diet culture messages specifically geared towards this time breaks my heart. Messages saying that this is the ‘perfect time’ to set a weight loss routine, joking about gaining the ‘quarantine 15’, and guilting people for not utilizing this time to ‘get fit’ is NOT okay and definitely not health-promoting. For anyone who listens to and believes diet culture, these messages spread the idea that amidst a pandemic, the thing to really be afraid of is weight gain.

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