Claire Xu

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Hi! I’m Claire, a 20-something year old based in Cleveland, OH. My biggest passions in life include food, fitness, health (mental + physical), and my city! My goal is to inspire others to live their happiest life through sharing my story with food freedom, mental health, wellness, and self care.

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this account to me is a place for me to both create content that hopefully helps inspire one of you out there in some way AND to use as a fun outlet for me to just share things in my life, and both of these types of content are things i enjoy creating! lately though, trying to create content catered towards others has been incredibly draining for me, and i feel like it’s taken a lot of joy out of instagram for me. something i really want to gift myself more is unconditional permission because i don’t need permission from anyone but myself to do the things that bring me peace and joy. maybe it sounds selfish, but at the end of the day, my life is about me, the person living it, and how i choose to spend my time and energy, and i need to prioritize my own unique life experience first in order to show up in the world in the truest way i can. this is me simply saying that i’m just gonna be posting whatever i want to - whether that’s my outfit, my food, my thoughts, my workout, my city, pictures i just like, nature, my daily activities, or whatever else - a heck of a lot more and deciding to have FUN with instagram again. i hope you like it, but if you don’t, that’s okay too- feel free to mute or unfollow whenever you want! i won’t take it personally, and i have lots of love and gratitude for you all ♥️

Changing the Way We Talk About Food

It’s 2020, and I’m tired of hearing and seeing people talk about all the foods I don’t normally eat food like this, so I deserve to indulge in this sinful dessert”, you can say “ It’s your choice and none of my business, but why talk about it (especially in a way that demonizes it) when you never know how it may affect the people who are listening? – good/bad – addictive – earned – sinful – junk – fattening – clean Words to START using when describing food: – nourishing – satisfying – balanced – filling – tasty – fresh – appealing – satiating – comforting – rich – nutritious – enjoyable

there is no better time to fight the food guilt and face your fear foods than NOW. it’s crazy to me now to think about how much shame and lack of control i used to feel around food. i thought trying to control my food more was the answer when it was about letting go of the control all along. now, i realize finding peace with food was never even about the food. it’s the meaningful conversations over dinner, the *choice* to add in health-promoting behaviors without pursuing weight loss, the precious memories during the holidays that aren’t tainted with anxiousness around food, the spontaneous ice cream dates with friends, and the ability to be PRESENT in life. food freedom is great, but the LIFE FREEDOM that comes with it is so much greater.

4 Ingredient Homemade Perfect Bar Recipe

I made a copycat version of my favorite store-bought bar at home, and my life is changed. These taste pretty freakin’ close to actual Perfect Bars – chewy, dense, just sweet enough, and oh so nut buttery- but much cheaper and made with only 4 ingredients! * 1 1/3 cup natural nut butter of your choice (I like to do a mixture of types) * 1/2 cup of protein powder of your choice (I would recommend an unflavored or vanilla one)

knowing someone’s instagram is NOT the same as knowing someone, watching someone’s instagram stories or reading their captions is NOT the same as human interaction, and consuming social media contact is NOT the same as human connection. instagram is great in so many ways, but don’t forget that instagram will never be a substitute for reality, and focusing on real life and real human connections is where it’s at. it’s been quite a week, and as much as stress, anxiousness, and exhaustion can make the temptation to scroll even stronger, i hope you take this as a reminder to spend less time on this app and more time checking in with the people in your life and telling your friends/family/loved ones how much they mean to you. especially in 2020, we never know how much of a difference it can really make ♥️ my pre-work routine usually includes a facetime with blake as i make my breakfast, and he makes his coffee. actually hearing each other’s voices, seeing each other’s faces, and having each other to talk to about whatever’s going on are things i am so grateful for. today, i made these oats during our facetime, and oats are always such a nourishing and high-vibe breakfast for me. in my bowl —> stovetop cacao maca oats made by bringing 2/3 cup oats with 1 cup cashew milk and 1/3 cup water to a boil, mixing in 1 tsp @shopkarenberrios maca, 1 tbsp @shopkarenberrios cacao, and 1 tsp maple syrup, and topping with cut up frozen cherries, mini dark chocolate chips, and @abbysbetter pumpkin spice pecan butter

Stop Being Scared Of Quarantine Weight Gain

If you are scared of gaining weight, it is not your fault- the majority of us have been had diet culture messages instilled in us from a young age, and we are constantly surrounded by these messages in our households, in the workplace, and all over social media. But, the fact that 20+ THOUSAND people have died in the US and many MILLIONS of Americans have lost their source of income, and there are STILL diet culture messages specifically geared towards this time breaks my heart. Messages saying that this is the ‘perfect time’ to set a weight loss routine, joking about gaining the ‘quarantine 15’, and guilting people for not utilizing this time to ‘get fit’ is NOT okay and definitely not health-promoting. For anyone who listens to and believes diet culture, these messages spread the idea that amidst a pandemic, the thing to really be afraid of is weight gain.

“eat a big breakfast” “don’t eat breakfast” “focus on your career” “prioritize your loved ones” “wearing makeup is more professional” “wearing makeup makes you fake” “cut out certain food groups” “eating ‘healthier alternatives’ is giving into diet culture” “accept your natural body” “she is #bodygoals” “routines are crucial” “go with the flow” “be real” “don’t show your vulnerabilities” life is hard already, and the constant conflicting messages we receive seemingly all the time can make it feel even harder and more complicated than it already is because no matter what you’re doing or not doing, it always feels like there’s someone shaming you and telling you to do things differently. basically, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, but this is YOUR life, so you might as well do the things you actually want to do✌🏽

Celebrate Your Body, Don’t Punish It

I always knew that I should workout from a place of love, but it honestly didn’t fully click in my head until pretty recently. For my entire life, being active was solely a way to “be better” whether that was through competing in sports, to look a certain way, or to just be “fitter”, which PSA: do not make you better. It wasn’t until a few months ago, after I had gone through many phases of complete exercise burnout, that I decided to let go of ALL expectations I set for myself in the gym and on how my body looked that my mindset changed. EVERY week, I listen to and honor how much and what kind of movement my body wants and always give myself grace because at the end of the day, working out is a celebration, a privilege, and something to be incredibly grateful for.

current intentions include more flowing than forcing and more being than doing 🍂 even typing this out, i feel the urge to talk about something deep and in-depth because it's what i often think i "should" be doing on here. i know though that if i did that right now, i'd be forcing it, so instead, i'm simply posting this photo of my breakfast from this morning with this short and sweet caption because i don't need to “live up to” external (or internal) standards in order to be worthy and enough. pancake deats —> @birchbenders pumpkin spice paleo pancake mix w/ cashew milk topped w/ @abbysbetter pumpkin spice pecan butter & chocolate chips

i was gonna put some cute positive caption here about the weekend and these beautiful baked goods, but honestly, i’m feeling hella anxious today, and posting a caption that wasn’t matching my current state didn’t feel right. it’s my last day in philly, and a big part of me reaaally doesn’t want to leave the apartment (or the bed) because of my anxious thoughts right now. but, i’m choosing to challenge those thoughts and planning on going outside later today because i know that continuing to wallow in my despair all day would not serve me. something i learned when i was recovering from my EDs was that just because i can’t control my thoughts doesn’t mean i have to let my thoughts control me, and remembering this continues to help me when i get really overwhelmed or have moments of insecurity. happy saturday and world mental health day 🤍 wishing you a weekend filled with yummy food and doing what’s best for YOU whatever that may be! pictured are the pumpkin spice scone, chocolate tahini cake (my favorite), pb pretzel fudge bar, and oatmeal cream pie (blake’s favorite) from @crustveganbakery! even though we were full and planned on spacing out eating these over the course of a day, they were so good that we polished them off over the course of 2 hours instead 🤷🏻‍♀️

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