Claire Xu

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Hi! I’m Claire, a 20-something year old based in Cleveland, OH. My biggest passions in life include food, fitness, health (mental + physical), and my city! My goal is to inspire others to live their happiest life through sharing my story with food freedom, mental health, wellness, and self care.

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wedding photos are in!! 🥰 big shoutout to all our amazing wedding vendors 💗 photography: @dianagalay_photo venue: @ritzcarltoncleveland dress: @abridesdesign hair and makeup: florals: @sherisfloral cake: @wildflourbakeryoh bridesmaid dresses: @mumuweddings

reminder: healthy habits are meant to ADD to your life, not take away from it. they’re NOT about fixing yourself or changing something that you think is wrong with you. but rather, they’re about cultivating self-love and creating a more joyful and fulfilling life for yourself. you can’t hate yourself into loving yourself, but you can decide that you deserve a life that allows you to feel like the happiest, most comfortable, and most at peace version of yourself. this month, @insidetracker’s theme is that it’s time to action! for me, taking action to be healthier includes honoring what my body asks for, setting boundaries, keeping myself accountable, and using the @insidetracker app to help me choose new ways tend to my body’s needs (code CLAIREXU for 20% off). #ad i encourage you to take action decide that it’s time to challenge your fears and doubts. it’s time to be honest with yourself about what you need. it’s time to CHOOSE YOU. #insidetracker #startinside

i’m learning more and more that i don’t need to be working or grinding or checking something off my to-do list in order to be productive. honoring your body’s need for rest, spending time with loved ones, creating boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and producing joy are all productive too 🤎

food is fuel AND so much more. food is also joy, connection, memories, tradition, comfort, culture, and so many other important purposes. when we begin to unlearn the idea that foods are “good”, “bad, “clean”, or “junk”, we start to find so much more peace, freedom, and empowerment ❤️

happy new year! 🕊️✨ a reminder that you don’t need to rush into the new year, and you don’t need to put pressure on yourself to reach certain goals in 2023. a new year doesn’t have to mean a new you. nurture the current you, treat yourself with the kindness and respect you deserve, and be gentle with yourself. you are a gift to this world, and you are worthy and enough exactly as you are ❤️

an appreciation post for paris pastries and an apology letter to all the baked goods i avoided in the past 💌 dear baked goods, for a long time, i demonized you, feared you, and avoided you- you didn’t deserve that. it may have taken me a while to acknowledge, but it was never you that was the problem, but the diet culture messaging and ED voice inside my head that were. i’m sorry it took me so long to remove the labels i had placed on you and give you the chance you deserved, but i promise that i now appreciate every aspect of you from your buttery flakiness to your sweet dough and fillings and won’t ever demonize you again. you not only bring my tastebuds joy, but also allow me to experience other cultures and connect with my loved ones, and that’s something i hope to never take for granted again. my top 3 paris boulangerie recommendations: @the_french_bastards @dupainetdesidees @boulangerieutopie

insidetracker giveaway!! when it comes to bettering your health, there’s so much noise out there that’s not personalized and/or false that makes it really hard to know what actionable and sustainable steps you can take to truly better your health. @insidetracker is here to help set yourself up to live a healthier, longer life! i have loved my experience with @insidetracker and with the help of their app (swipe to take a look at a few insights from it), i’ve been able to understand my personal physical health needs better and implement suggestions personalized to my needs. some helpful things i learned about my body through @insidetracker are that i have low vitamin d levels and slightly elevated cholesterol, so to help improve those biomarkers, i was provided a list of recommendations and have chosen to focus on eating more soy foods, adding another serving of fruit to my days, and trying different types of dairy. i’m partnering up with @insidetracker to give one of you a FREE ULTIMATE TEST AND INNERAGE 2.0 ANALYSIS ($689 value) which includes a blood test for 43 biomarkers, gives you a personalized analysis of your results, provides recommendations that you can choose to incorporate into your lifestyle, and calculates your biological age. to enter the giveaway: - follow the link in my bio or stories and enter your information - follow @itsclairexu and @insidetracker - comment down below one goal you have for yourself giveaway ends at 11:59pm on december 31st, 2022. winner will be announced on my stories on january 3rd, 2023. #ad

6 years together, 6 days married, forever more days and years to go ✨

mr. & mrs. 🤍

it’s knee high boots and turtleneck season 🤎 @lulus #luluspartner #lovelulus

one week! 🥲🥺🤯💍🤍

Changing the Way We Talk About Food

It’s 2020, and I’m tired of hearing and seeing people talk about all the foods I don’t normally eat food like this, so I deserve to indulge in this sinful dessert”, you can say “ It’s your choice and none of my business, but why talk about it (especially in a way that demonizes it) when you never know how it may affect the people who are listening? – good/bad – addictive – earned – sinful – junk – fattening – clean Words to START using when describing food: – nourishing – satisfying – balanced – filling – tasty – fresh – appealing – satiating – comforting – rich – nutritious – enjoyable

Stop Being Scared Of Quarantine Weight Gain

If you are scared of gaining weight, it is not your fault- the majority of us have been had diet culture messages instilled in us from a young age, and we are constantly surrounded by these messages in our households, in the workplace, and all over social media. But, the fact that 20+ THOUSAND people have died in the US and many MILLIONS of Americans have lost their source of income, and there are STILL diet culture messages specifically geared towards this time breaks my heart. Messages saying that this is the ‘perfect time’ to set a weight loss routine, joking about gaining the ‘quarantine 15’, and guilting people for not utilizing this time to ‘get fit’ is NOT okay and definitely not health-promoting. For anyone who listens to and believes diet culture, these messages spread the idea that amidst a pandemic, the thing to really be afraid of is weight gain.

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