Claire Xu

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Hi! I’m Claire, a 20-something year old based in Cleveland, OH. My biggest passions in life include food, fitness, health (mental + physical), and my city! My goal is to inspire others to live their happiest life through sharing my story with food freedom, mental health, wellness, and self care.

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the newest member of our family: myles 🧡 aka dough boy, my my, polar bear…further nicknames still developing you are so loved already !

been overthinking how to return back to posting on here, so here’s a classic photo dump from our trip to sf / napa ! picking just 10 photos to include here was incredible hard 🥹 endlessly grateful for the ability to take pto, travel, have food freedom, experience new places and things, and spend quality time w/ blake especially before he starts residency in the next few weeks ! when you look back on your memories, i promise you won’t regret eating that pastry and saying yes to memories, but you might regret letting fear/anxiety drive you and missing out on experiences ❤️

hoping to finish the year gently, joyfully, peacefully, and in style by wearing @onequince ❤️ friendly reminder that you can finish the year however you feel is best for YOU. whether you choose to push yourself or take it easy, you are enough, and you are doing enough 🫶🏽 code INFG-ITSCLAIREXU10 gets new customers 10% off at @onequince ! #quincepartner

start of the week meal inspo + a few reminders for anyone who needs to hear them 🫶🏽 just got back home from an incredible trip to spain and as much as i loooved eating out and getting to try so much local food, it always feels good to come back home and be in my kitchen again mix of regular and chickpea pasta with ground turkey, spinach, tomato basil sauce, and cheese quesadilla with ground beef, green peppers, cheese, and a crema made with cream cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce tj’s frozen bbq chicken teriyaki, sauteed broccoli, and jasmine rice blueberry bagel, scrambled eggs, sauteed spinach, chicken sausage, and a cold brew latte on the side frozen cheese pizza with added spinach and mushrooms for extra flavor and nutrition

mid-week meal inspo & reminders on food ! air-fried, chicken thighs, crispy truffle smashed potatoes (boiled for 20 min, smashed, drizzled with truffle oil & sprinkled with truffle salt, baked at 400 for 40 min), roasted brussels sprouts, trader joe’s sour cream spinach dip feta eggs (heated pan drizzled with oil and sprinkled with feta, cracked eggs, cooked until feta is crispy and eggs are cooked as desired), sauteed spinach, toast apple halved and cored, topped with mixture of 1/2 c oats, 1 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp melted butter, & cinnamon, air-fried at 350 for 15 min, topped with whipped cream (would also be great with ice cream or yogurt) trader joe’s frozen mandarin orange chicken (cooked as instructed on package), stir-fried broccoli, rice @enjoybrami lupini bean pasta, tomato basil marinara sauce, spinach, turkey meatballs

you’ve probably heard people say that one meal isn’t going to change your body- but this is your reminder that a changing body is perfectly okay too 🫶🏽

reason no. 3207 to heal your relationship with food: to enjoy snacks, specifically the @pipcornheirloomsnacks sea salt mini popcorn, on football sundays stress-free #heirloommakesitbetter #pipcornpartner

a weekend for the soul filled with moments that never would have been possible without recovery☕️🍂🥯🫶🏽🍨

‘tis the season to let go 🍂🍁🍃 letting go has always been really tough for me, but this season, i’m focused on embracing all the change happening in my life (because it’s happening whether i want it to or not), prioritizing my peace and wellbeing (because we show up better for others when we show up for ourselves first), and letting go of all the things no longer serving me (to make space for new things that will!) 🫶🏽 swipe for a reminder inspired by this time of year and a cleveland photo dump —>

Changing the Way We Talk About Food

It’s 2020, and I’m tired of hearing and seeing people talk about all the foods I don’t normally eat food like this, so I deserve to indulge in this sinful dessert”, you can say “ It’s your choice and none of my business, but why talk about it (especially in a way that demonizes it) when you never know how it may affect the people who are listening? – good/bad – addictive – earned – sinful – junk – fattening – clean Words to START using when describing food: – nourishing – satisfying – balanced – filling – tasty – fresh – appealing – satiating – comforting – rich – nutritious – enjoyable

4 Ingredient Homemade Perfect Bar Recipe

I made a copycat version of my favorite store-bought bar at home, and my life is changed. These taste pretty freakin’ close to actual Perfect Bars – chewy, dense, just sweet enough, and oh so nut buttery- but much cheaper and made with only 4 ingredients! * 1 1/3 cup natural nut butter of your choice (I like to do a mixture of types) * 1/2 cup of protein powder of your choice (I would recommend an unflavored or vanilla one)

Stop Being Scared Of Quarantine Weight Gain

If you are scared of gaining weight, it is not your fault- the majority of us have been had diet culture messages instilled in us from a young age, and we are constantly surrounded by these messages in our households, in the workplace, and all over social media. But, the fact that 20+ THOUSAND people have died in the US and many MILLIONS of Americans have lost their source of income, and there are STILL diet culture messages specifically geared towards this time breaks my heart. Messages saying that this is the ‘perfect time’ to set a weight loss routine, joking about gaining the ‘quarantine 15’, and guilting people for not utilizing this time to ‘get fit’ is NOT okay and definitely not health-promoting. For anyone who listens to and believes diet culture, these messages spread the idea that amidst a pandemic, the thing to really be afraid of is weight gain.

Celebrate Your Body, Don’t Punish It

I always knew that I should workout from a place of love, but it honestly didn’t fully click in my head until pretty recently. For my entire life, being active was solely a way to “be better” whether that was through competing in sports, to look a certain way, or to just be “fitter”, which PSA: do not make you better. It wasn’t until a few months ago, after I had gone through many phases of complete exercise burnout, that I decided to let go of ALL expectations I set for myself in the gym and on how my body looked that my mindset changed. EVERY week, I listen to and honor how much and what kind of movement my body wants and always give myself grace because at the end of the day, working out is a celebration, a privilege, and something to be incredibly grateful for.

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