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World Travel Family. A travel blog created by our family, for you. Global travel, recent destinations include : Tibet, Everest Base Camp, Bali, Romania, London and Queensland Australia. Helping you travel more, travel better, travel further. Life should be an adventure!

Location Craiglie Queensland
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Australian Food (Popular Australian Food?)

Many popular Australian dishes are synonymous with Australia, verging on the unique, yet they tend towards Australian variations on international dishes. Other dishes that are most certainly popular Australian food can be found in many other countries, yet their popularity in Australia is greater than elsewhere. we’ve presented common popular Australian food, the foods my husband ate during his childhood in Australia, and prepared later as an Aussie chef. Moreton Bay Bugs, freshwater crayfish, Davidson plums, finger limes, and quandongs, are found in popular Australian restaurant food, representing Australia’s native plants and animals.

World Travel Family 12/03/2021

You’ll find reference to tin mining in local museums and even in the Lost World water park. This isn’t just a water park, it’s a fun park with dry fun rides, an animal park, and activities such as rock climbing and zip lining. It’s not going to win any health or environmental awards, but it’s a famous Malaysian speciality and the coffee is mild and light in taste. Old Town White Coffee is the most famous coffee house, but you’ll find numerous white coffee outlets around Ipoh.

World Travel Family

We’ve been able to find a better range of properties than through the hotel booking sites, purely because there seem to be a lot of properties on the platform and fewer hotels. This doesn’t mean it’s cheap, nor that it’s our favourite way to book accommodation in Australia. Hotels usually offer room cleaning, I’ve never seen an Airbnb(unless it was actually a hotel) that included cleaning during your stay. To compare hotels side-by-side, is much easier on one of the big, reliable booking sites, like

Travel With Kids. 10 Things Kids Hate About Travel

I think it’s time to ask them, honestly, what they hated about travel and travelling for 6 full years as a digital nomad family. Today I thought we’d revisit those days of child’s eye view travel, let’s find out what the kids really thought about growing up on the road. Bad wi-fi is worse than no wi-fi and we would never, ever, book a hotel without in-room wi-fi. Countries with terrible wi-fi have included India, Sri Lanka, Nepal (although it’s got much better recently)

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