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World Travel Family. A travel blog created by our family, for you. Global travel, recent destinations include : Tibet, Everest Base Camp, Bali, Romania, London and Queensland Australia. Helping you travel more, travel better, travel further. Life should be an adventure!

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What To Do All Day At Home With Kids ( Of Any Age!)

These teen boys need to move their bodies and the home gym was the best investment ever for those ” stuck at home” days. If you don’t want to splash out on a bunch of home gym equipment, a pull up / chin up bar that fits into a doorway is a great investment. If you’re stuck home for a long time break out the big guns like Monopoly. or Trivial Pursuit. Don’t ever say you can’t wait ’till they’re back in school.

Best Online Education Sites for Kids

In a world with so many kids off school because of quarantine and school closures, it’s time for we homeschoolers, world schoolers, and unschoolers to share what we know and what we’ve been using for years. But they’ve been great for our kids at some point in their education through Kindergarden, Junior ( elementary) middle school and high school. You can start at the beginning of history and work straight through to modern times or simply search for the topics or eras you’re looking example of a John Greene History video is above, click play to see what I mean. We hope you found our list of free and paid online learning programs, videos and resources useful.

Experiences of Travelling in Asia During the Coronavirus Scare

We were due to arrive in Bali during New Year and planned to move on to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia once the seasonal flight price hike had played out. Pharmacies in Bali were busy, often with worried Chinese tourists stocking up on masks, sanitiser, vitamin C, anything that could help. After Chinese New Year crowds started thinning out as China’s travel bans kicked in and more and more people cancelled their holidays. Working in hospitals for 20 years you get used to scrubbing your hands a certain way and I’ve tried to get my husband and kids more enthusiastic about vigorous hand washing.

Getting From Colombo to Galle, Sri Lanka – Which Way is Best?

Fort Train Station and the Colombo bus stations aren’t exactly nearby. We’ve taken the bus to Colombo airport from nearby but it wasn’t very convenient, the stop is a fair way away. The express buses which, as the name suggests, follow the expressway to the south has new buses that are more comfortable and have A/C. Bastian Mawatha Bus station is centrally located just down from Fort railway station in central Colombo. My first time here we arrived close to midnight and weren’t stopping in Colombo so headed straight from the airport to Galle via the coastal road (the new expressway wasn’t built).