Down with adventure

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Trails,travel &trisomy21 @llbean @salomon @deuter @womenwhohike Down syndrome advocate Inspiring families to connect through adventure

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Is it just me or does she look born to wear this helmet?? Born for the outdoors. Born to make a change. She looks like the most natural climber/rappeller (is that a word??) in the world! It amazes me how she just goes for it. She’s not worried about falling at all. Sometimes as I watch her, I catch glimpses of her greatness. I can see all that she will become. I wish we would all look at each other like that. That we would see each other’s potential and people around us are capable of. I bet we would treat each other differently. What are you born to do?? I’d love to know! . . #LLBeanAmbassador #BeAnOutsider #girlswhoclimb #rappelling #slotcanyon #sheadventures #kidswhoexplore #adventurekids #diversityinadventure #diversityandinclusion #changingthenarrative #outdoorkids #canyoneering #utahisrad #downsyndromelove #downsyndromerocks #outdoorgirls @allwaysadventure @abra_kanabra

The hiking prodigal daughter has returned!! When I asked Angelina if she wanted to join me on a hiking retreat I organized, I expected her to say “hard pass”. I was shocked when she immediately said “yes”!!! It’s no secret that she hasn’t always enjoyed our hiking adventures. I have a large collection of pics with her frowning on the trail because she was so grumpy sometimes. When she got married and moved out and I could not longer force her to hike with us😂😂, I thought I would never hike with her again. I’m so glad that she started to miss our trail time. I was so glad she came on my girls retreat and had fun and that we got to spend time together. I watched her totally rock at rappelling and honestly there was almost no complaining!!! 😂 I loved that it was just us without everyone else and that we had time to talk and bond and enjoy everything all around us. I’m so glad that she WANTS to spend time with me even if that means a hike is involved. Of course, just like the rest of my kids, I bribed her with treats on the trail and an ice cream sandwich always hits the spot. I love adventuring with her and I love that we can continue to strengthen our relationship in the outdoors. There is hope parents!!! Don’t give up taking those kids out there and making the outdoors a priority for your family. It totally pays off in the end and it’s fun adventuring with your adult children. . . #mhambsdr21 #mountainhouse #adventuringwithkids #motherdaughteradventures #motherdaughtertime #icecreamsandwich #southernutah #kanab #trailfood #hikingsnacks #realmotherhood #momswhohike #savortheadventure

Even though I love to escape south for the winter in Utah, the weather followed us and we had snow most of the time. But one of the things I love most about doing a trail more than once or visiting a National Park more than once is enjoying it in the different seasons. Although I had been to Bryce Canyon National park several times, I have never been when there is snow. And what a beauty it was to see the hoodoos covered in snow. I feel that it made the colors pop even more. It was gorgeous! And speaking of popping, the new colors at @hydroflask are definitely popping against this backdrop!!! This new blue-alpine-is my favorite!!! Go check out their new colors for the season!! . . #newhues #hydroflaskambassador #brycecanyonnationalpark #utahstrailcountry #brycecanyoncountry #utahisrad #travelutah #allinutah #momswhohike #utahhikes #hikeutah #specialneedsmom #hikingwithkids #outdoorkidsarehappykids #hydrationiskey

International Waffle Day you say???? Well over here we are certainly on board with that!!! @honeystinger waffles are our favorite snack on the trail. If there is anything I have learned, snacks always making a hike better and I can always bribe Ruby with snacks. Snacks win every time. So might as well get snacks that you love. So celebrate with a waffle today!!! . . #internationalwaffleday #honeystinger #thehive #hikingsnacks #trailsnacks #feedinglittles #waffleswaffleswaffles #kidswhohike #southernutah #abrakanabra #slotcanyons #itsadeuterday #plussizehiker #momswhohike #foodonthego #toddlermeals #feedyouradventure #fuelyouradventure #utahtravels

On the women’s retreat I organized for my friends, one of my friends was talking to my oldest daughter. This friend later relayed their conversation. She told me that my daughter commented that this is the happiest she has ever seen me. Let that sink in. I have been her mother for 20 years and the past year or so is the happiest she has ever seen me. What was I doing for the other 18 years??? I’m not beating myself up about it. I understand that with years comes knowledge and maturity and self-awareness. I know that we all take time to figure out who we are and what makes us happy. Certainly I have felt moments of happiness throughout my life and I have had many wonderful times with my children. But it’s only been recent that I have finally figured out who I am, what makes me happy, what gives me purpose, what fulfills me. Yesterday I turned 46 and I had an amazing time celebrating those 46 years. I’m not ashamed to be older. Society tells us that younger is better. But when I was younger I didn’t quite know who I was. Now that I do, it shines through. I wouldn’t trade that for anything! I’m glad that my children can see their mom happy and enjoying life. I’m glad they know I am happy living my purpose. I’m glad they can see that it is possible and that the outdoors played a huge role in it. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciated them all. Now tell me....what makes you happy?? What are you discovering about yourself that brings you happiness??? . . #birthdaycelebrations🎉 #rappelling #plussizeadventure #plussizetravel #southernutah #abrakanabra #purposefulliving #purposedriven #oneyearolder #46yearsyoung #outdoorwoman #outdooradventures #canyoneering #allwaysadventure #wildtribute #womenoutdoors #womenwhoexplore #adventuremamas

It was this month 6 years ago that I received a phone call from my doctor, telling me I was expecting a child with Down syndrome. I still remember how I felt when I heard those words. I remember that I had no idea what to expect. I felt that we would always be stuck at home. Little did I know that Ruby joining our family would completely change us. #HCVPartner Today is #WorldDownSyndromeDay, and I’ve partnered with Holiday Inn Club Vacations to share helpful tips for other families traveling with children with Down syndrome. Head over to the link in my bio to read our guest blog on their Checking In site! We have visited 28 National Parks, 29 National monuments and 12 states all since Ruby was born. We have loved traveling and taking a road trip whenever we can. We know that traveling with kids is hard and it’s even harder with a special needs child, but it is worth it!!! Our children have learned so much from traveling and seeing new landscapes, learning the history of so many states. I was so wrong when I thought we would never have fun as a family. Little did I know that having a child with Down syndrome would help us discover the world. 📸: @zionadventurephotog

When you just let your 5 year old dangle on a rope while walking off a cliff.....Maybe you think I am crazy for doing this. Maybe you think it’s awesome. No matter what you think, you can see the pure joy on her face while she is doing it. Ruby loves it. She loves climbing and rappelling and I love to see her enjoying the outdoors without any limits on her. Some adventure companies might not allow this. I am so grateful to @allwaysadventure who believes in Ruby’s abilities and believe in making an adventure that she can do successfully. I had no doubts she was safe. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as I could hear her babbling and making sounds all the way down and then to see this beautiful face. Almost 6 years ago I would have never thought this would be our life. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little one. . . #allwaysadventure #climbingwithkids #kidswhoexplore #adventurekids #downsyndrome #inclusionanddiversity #disabledclimber #kidswhoclimb #abrakanabra #southernutah #redrock #downsyndromelove #utahadventure #adventurefamilytravel #adventurefamily #kanabutah

We need to care. This was a hard lesson for me to learn. Before Ruby, I often thought about things going on in the world around me “it doesn’t affect me” or “I’m not a part of that group or population so I don’t want to get involved. “ Then Ruby came along and I was humbled. I learned real quick that life changes in an instant and sometimes we are forced to care. I’m sad to admit that I had to humbled. I had to be taught to care for other groups of people....people that were not like me but now that I had a child with Down syndrome, I became directly involved. My eyes were opened to the way we treat others. That words matter. That inclusion is important. That every person has value. You don’t know what cards life is going to deal you. I’m grateful this card was dealt to me. Wouldn’t change anything about it because it changed the way I viewed the world. I don’t have a child in a wheelchair but I will fight for others who need accessibility. I don’t have family members (that I know of) who are LGBTQIA but I know they deserve equal treatment and liberties. I am not Black or Asian but I will speak up against racism to these groups. I can’t even list all the many groups that experience injustices. The point is don’t wait until it impacts you directly to care. Don’t wait until you have a son tell you he is gay to start caring about gay rights. Don’t wait until your kid is in an accident that paralyzes them and they are in a wheelchair to start caring about people with disabilities. Don’t wait until you have Black or Asian or Latin grandchildren to start caring about how they are treated. Don’t wait until some catastrophe makes you lose your house and savings for you to care about the homeless. Don’t wait until your own health is gone to care about those suffering debilitating diseases. Don’t be like me who HAD to be humbled. CHOOSE to be humble and care about others because we are all humans. We are all living this experience on earth together. Please start to care.

It’s World Health Day and what a different day today was compared to 1 year ago. First,I wasn’t going to get the vaccine. I had my reasons for wanting to wait. But one day at work, I got an announcement that they had a few extra vaccines for anyone who wanted it. And I felt a prompting. I felt I should go. Something inside me spoke to me and I listened. (Remember it’s my word for the year???) I was nervous but listened to that prompting and I’m so glad I did. I know this decision is very personal and there are many that do believe in science but have their reasons why they are waiting. Vaccines are not without risks and each person should weigh these risks and make their best decision. For myself and my family, the decision to get the vaccine was right for us. I’m so grateful for the beautiful profession I get to be a part of, for the amazing men and women I get to work with and to see nurses all over the world united in taking care of others and saving lives. I’m so proud to be a nurse. . . #worldhealthday #vaccinationdone✔️ #ᴠᴀᴄᴄɪɴᴇssᴀᴠᴇʟɪᴠᴇs #covidvacccine #nursesofinstagram #nursesrock #nurselife #laboranddeliverynurse #nursesunite #proudtobeanurse #laboranddelivery #20years #nurseofinstagram #healthcareworkers

He lives!!! And because He lives we know that we can be together forever as families. Happy Easter. 📸 @zionadventurephotog . . #outdoorfamilies #adventurefamilies #familieswhotravel #adventurefamily #familiesareforever #togetherwearestronger #togetherforever #LLBeanAmbassador #BeAnOutsider #familieswhohike #familytravel #familyphotography #familyadventures #utahfamily #utahfamilies #utahgram #visitutah

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