Down with adventure

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Trails,travel &trisomy21 @llbean @salomon @deuter @womenwhohike Down syndrome advocate Inspiring families to connect through adventure

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#LLBeanAmbassador Who is ready for a little holiday self-care?? Do you love advent calendars like I do? I am obsessed! Little boxes or pockets with surprises-what’s not to love?? Well how about a little self care for yourself this holiday season?? Let’s take some time to take care of ourselves during the holidays and try to reduce the stress that we experience. Everyday I’ll be sharing a self care idea. I hope you will take some time for yourself, to pause and enjoy some calm. #BeAnOutsider 📸: @kendallterra_

#LLBeanAmbassador How do I feel about entering a new stage of life? I’m so excited to be gaining the title of “Lita”. Lita is short for Abuelita which is grandmother in Spanish. My mom is Abuelita, so I get to be Lita. What I’m most excited about is giving my daughter the support every new mom needs. I’m excited to share my love of the outdoors with someone new. I’m excited for all the squishiness!!! Recently went on a “baby moon” with my daughter and we had a wonderful time and the highlight was playing in the snow! What are you looking forward to this winter??? #BeAnOutsider

One of my favorite state parks! Antelope island State Park. #sponsored @visitutah Some of the rocks on this island are older than rocks in the Grand Canyon! It’s an amazing place to explore. You can hike, snowshoe and even rent e-bikes and explore the island. This is definitely going on my list!! You can see bison without the crowds of other national parks and the views of the mountains, lakes and sunset and not to be missed!!! Have you visited Antelope Island? #visitutah #foreverymighty

#sponsored Did you know that getting better sleep can help your mental health? About 1 in 5 adults struggles with sleep. Sleep hygiene is a way to incorporate behaviors to help you sleep better. 1. A comfortable pillow and bed are a must! @Purple believes that success starts with good sleep. My new @Purple Harmony pillow has improved my sleep comfort and is a great addition to my own sleep hygiene routine. The dreamy honeycomb patterned Grid creates support for your head and worked well for me as a side sleeper. 2. Sleep in a really dark room. Eye masks can help if your room isn’t dark enough. 3. Take a few minutes for some deep breathing before you get in bed. It can help calm your nervous system. 4. A diffuser with essential oils, especially lavender, can create a calm atmosphere. 5. Get off the electronics before bed. I know we all love to be on our phones before bed but try it! See how it can make a difference. Which of these tips are you going to try?? Why is good sleep important to you? #successhappensovernight @purple

A piece of advice for moms. The end product is only half as important as the time used to create it. Perfect costumes? No way. Caterpillar legs falling off, couldn’t find red hats, didn’t have staples, hot glueing everything together. But it’s the creation of putting the costumes together that makes the magic. The kids remembering me flip out in years past, last minute sewing costumes, but also remembering working together on deciding our characters and figuring out how to make the costumes and listening to the kids remember all of our costumes over the years. It’s all about the memories. It doesn’t mean you should make Halloween costumes every year or have to be a Pinterest mom. It’s means that the special memories are made while you are just trying to get things done. It doesn’t matter if the end product is perfect. It’s the process that has the beauty. Just be messy and get in there. (And if you are wondering, the caterpillar has BLUE face paint on and also wasn’t super happy participating but he did it anyway). #halloween2022 #specialneedsfamily #disneyhalloween #aliceinwonderlandtheme #downsyndromeawareness

That Zion glow!!! Best thing about southern Utah is the amazing sunsets and glow that the morning and evening sun brings. Best thing about having a child with Down syndrome is the change in my perspective on everything-parenting, my purpose, fulfillment, how I treat others, the importance of inclusivity and how to love without conditions. I’m a different person. 10/10 recommend this experience! #LLBeanAmbassador #BeAnOutsider #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #downsyndromeawareness #trisomy21 #t21rocks #zionnationalpark #southernutah

Why haven’t I been posting everyday for Down syndrome Awareness month? Well first, life is extremely busy over here. But mostly, I started this account to share our adventures with Down syndrome and share that we do what typical families do. Down syndrome has not prevented us from having fun or enjoying time together as a family. Down syndrome awareness is really everyday for us but we don’t think about it everyday. Ruby is my daughter. She is a 7 year old with energy, making friends, obsessed with Bluey, wrestling with her brothers and enjoying a bike ride in Zion. We don’t think about the Down syndrome every single day. It’s like we know she has red hair but I don’t think about that fact every moment of everyday. It’s just a part of her. It’s a beautiful part of her. It’s a special part of her. We still love this month. We are reminded how Down syndrome changed our lives and made our lives better. We will celebrate it everyday. #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #downsyndromeawareness #radpowerbikes #kidswhobike #ebikeadventures #ebikezion #zionbiking #visitutah #zionnps #specialneedsfamily #riderad

Who wants to join me in Costa Rica next year??? I’m really excited to announce that I am hosting a retreat to Costa Rica! I’ve teamed up with @tourherotravel and they have made all the arrangements for lodging and activities and I’m providing the mindfulness and meditation! I would love to have you join me! You can check out the link in my bio and I will post it in stories for this week. Let me know if you have any questions!!! #costaricaretreat #costaricaretreats #womensretreat #momsgetaway #outdoorwomen #outdoorretreat #adventureretreat #adventureretreatcostarica

CONNECTION The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.- Brene Brown These retreats are designed to connect with other women, to connect with ourselves and to connect with the outdoors. This is my purpose. I love bringing women together in the outdoors and allowing them to be themselves, feel accepted, and feel proud of who they are. ⛰Kanaraville Falls 🧘‍♀️Yoga with @utahrose 🦶Foot zoning 📘Self-care and self-compassion workshops by me 🚴‍♀️ E-bike ride through Zion National Park with @zion_ebike_rentals 👜 Swagbags by @llbean 👚Shirts by @centsofstyle

Where on earth have I been??? Well I took a social media break-not on purpose but because life is getting complicated over here. School, work, school, school, and school are making life hard😂😂. But I was able to carve some time out and get outdoors I know it sounds hokey but I really find clarity, rest and purpose when I’m enjoying the outdoors. It’s hard to carve time now. I understand we are all busy and life is overwhelming. Make time for your priorities. Make time for what matters. And this month I chose to make less time for social media and more time for studies and my family. Thanks for sticking around. What were your priorities this past month?? #LLBeanAmbassador #BeAnOutsider

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