Down with adventure

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Trails,travel &trisomy21 @llbean @salomon @deuter @womenwhohike Down syndrome advocate Inspiring families to connect through adventure

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Looking for the perfect day at one of our favorite National Parks? Avoid the crowds but catch the same beauty as Utah’s other national parks and visit Capitol Reef. You have to try the pie from the Gifford house and you have to try out any of their amazing hikes. Many of their hikes do require high clearance or 4WD to access but there are plenty of amazing hikes right off the main road. Hickman bridge is always my kid’s favorite! There are lots of quaint places to stay and eat in nearby Torrey, Utah. It’s only about a 3 hr drive from Salt Lake City and in the summer it’s usually a little cooler than other parks. Have you been to Capitol reef?? What was your favorite pie??🥧🥧🥧 #forevermighty #visitutah #visitutahambassador

Did you know? Perinatal depression is the number one complication of pregnancy! Having perinatal depression doesn’t make you a bad mom. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your baby. The hardest part for me was not telling anyone what I was really thinking or feeling and faking a smile. I felt alone. I felt hopeless. Those feelings changed slowly after she was born. It’s still hard everyday but I can feel happiness and joy being her mom and taking care of her. You aren’t alone. There are so many amazing therapists that specialize in maternal mental health and want to help you feel better. Please talk to someone! #maternalmentalhealthmatters

Motherhood is hard. Some of the hardest work I have ever down. Yes it is beautiful and fulfilling but there are days where it doesn’t feel that way. It doesn’t mean your don’t like being a mom. It’s just’s hard. This month is Maternal mental health month. Join me as we talk about all things maternal mental health. Moms matter. Moms are doing important and amazing work and they need more support for their mental health.

#ad Here are just some of the ways my family enjoys Carnation Breakfast Essentials®! 1. To help fuel some of our outdoor adventures, so we can spend more time on the trail. 2. Ruby loves to add them to her school lunch (and the boys and I love the ready-to-drink option as a part of our breakfast). 3. It can be used as an ingredient to add some essential nutrients to foods we already love - like overnight oats and smoothies! Basically, we just love @carnationbreakfastessentials! They store nicely in the fridge, so they are ready to go every morning as we are all rushing out the door. With 3 kids going to 3 different schools, mornings aren’t easy. Add getting myself to school and work as well, even more of a challenge. We are all about convenience at my house and I love that Carnation Breakfast Essentials® contains 21 vitamins and minerals, 10 grams of protein, and key nutrients that support immune health. This is one of my favorite morning #MomHacks, what are some of yours? #carnationbreakfastessntials #ThisMomTrustsCBE

She just wants to be included. Here is Ruby copying her siblings and cousins as they did a yoga photoshoot at sunset. She watched and did the yoga alongside them and it was tender to watch. I see it time and time again with most everything we do. She just wants to be included and part of life. So we include her. Yes sometimes it takes more time or we have to do something over again, but she loves to be a part of it. It means a lot when we see others include her and allow her to be a part of the fun. And don’t we all feel like that? We want to be included and part of something? I try to remember this. Inclusion does matter. It makes a difference and I’m so grateful for the beautiful people who recognize this as well. #inclusionmatters #downsyndromeawareness #downsyndromemom #disabilityinclusion #kidswhohike #kidswhoexplore #BeAnOutsider #llbean #outdoorkids #nmtrue #whitesandsnationalpark

#ad As a busy mom, I’m always trying to find ways to focus on my priorities! For example, lately I am trying to add more mindfulness in my life, which is a great way to improve mental health. One way I am trying to focus on being mindful is by paying attention to what my family is using to help fuel our bodies. We love being active and now we are focusing on the fuel! Carnation Breakfast Essentials® are a great way to help increase nutrients in what we consume.. I especially love that they come in this great ready to drink carton—perfect for a day out on the trail with my kids and on my way to school as I prepare myself for a full day of learning about mental health! Mindful and convenient! Learn more about the benefits of @carnationbreakfastessentials at the link in my bio! #carnationbreakfastessentials

#LLBeanAmbassador #BeAnOutsider Saying hello from one of our favorite national parks! We got to spend spring break in the southwest and we loved New Mexico. White Sands National Park is so fun for kids and adults. Sliding down the dunes is one of our favorite activities. I was surprised that Ruby just hiked up the hill and sat in the disc with no fear and slid down the hill. She loved it. We have missed being outdoors and this break was a chance to soak up the beauty and happiness we get from being outside. What National Park are you planning to visit next? Do you need some recommendations??

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