Donata White

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Donata is the founder of Coffee Date Media, a social media and content marketing agency based in North Carolina. CDM specializes in combining marketing techniques, expert messaging, and social media strategy with visual art to create impactful, eye-catching content that attracts and converts their clients' ideal customers.

As a trained journalist, attorney, and social media veteran, Donata is an expert on all things messaging and persuasion. She teaches business owners how to speak directly and persuasively to their ideal audience members and convince them to join their party as paying customers.

With two successful careers before age 30 and more than 10 years of social media experience under her belt, Donata is an expert in the mindset work, research, and commitment it takes to show up both in person and online as a high-level expert.

Donata and her husband are currently building their dream home on their 40-acre North Carolina farm.

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This time, the algorithm might actually be the problem 😂 At @coffeedatemedia, we have clients across all types of industries. When looking at their analytics and their competitors' numbers this week, we noticed that something very strange has been going on with Reels views! In fact, @donatawhite has a Reel from this week that is showing *more likes than views* 🤦‍♀️ Even the biggest accounts have been seeing 50% or less of their regular views this week. Check it out if you're curious! You may have noticed some other bugs going on in the app, like: - Reels text not posting correctly (it happened to THIS Reel the first time we posted it!) - Reels covers not saving correct crops in-feed - Posted Reels not showing up on your profile without refreshing multiple times All of that to say, it's not just you! Keep sharing valuable content in a variety of formats that serves your audience, and you'll be golden! What questions do you have about this? #reelsexpert #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaqueen #reelstips #reelsmarketing #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebizcoach #onlinebusinesscoach

USE your coaching container. But also understand what your coach is there to do, and what they're not. They ARE there to: - Collaborate on strategy (notice I didn't say "tell you exactly what to do" 👀) - Support you through mindset blocks - Be a neutral third party who can help you see situations differently - Remind you who the fuck you are - Be your biggest cheerleader Your Business Coach CANNOT: - Do the work for you - Download their brain into yours - Answer questions you haven't asked - Chase you down to use the resources they gave you - Predict exactly what will work for your business with 100% accuracy - Put you "in their energy" and make you a million dollars in 8 weeks (Seriously, if I could do this, you wouldn't be able to afford me. Lol) Don't believe the hype. DO believe that I'm here to support you every step of the way. 🩷 #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebizcoach #businesscoachforcoaches #onlinebusinesscoach

My biggest flex at my 10 year law school reunion was that I only work 20 hours per week (and that's because I LOVE my business). There's no better feeling than taking an entire morning off, then slamming the laptop shut for the day at 2pm because it's "Silly Time" (as @fac3downcassup says). Scaling your business doesn't just mean making it bigger. It also means building it to run without you. Let's make room in your life for whackadoodle time. #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen #businesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #onlinebizcoach

90% of success in business is staying in the game. And 90% of the purpose of "mindset work" is helping you do that. Your mind is a powerful tool--but not in the way most online coaches teach you. You don't need to be "high-vibe" or the poster child for toxic positivity to manifest abundance. You just need to decide--*truly* decide--that you're going to get what you want. That you don't care how long it takes because you're staying in the game either way. That there's no such thing as failure, only feedback. That because the success is already yours, the timeline doesn't matter. Real Mindset Queens are not out here vibing for clients. 😂 They're putting themselves in position to get what they want, take advantage of opportunities, and stay in the game as long as it takes. #businesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #mindsetqueen #businessmindset #mindsetwork #onlinebizcoach #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen

Investing in your business isn't optional. It's required. *What* you invest is up to you. You can invest time, money, or both. But investing nothing isn't an option when you want big results. If you want results more quickly, financial investment is required. Look for places where you can invest in systems, support, and accountability (Hint: 🙋‍♀️) If you don't have the money, you'll need to invest your time. Learn the systems and implement them yourself. What you cannot do is invest nothing and expect your business to grow. Time, money, or (preferably) both. Which will you choose? #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen #businesscoach #onlinebizcoach #onlinebusinesscoach

I've been a lawyer working 60+ hour weeks. And I've made even more as an entrepreneur working 20 hour weeks. So clearly, hard work doesn't generate money. (Yes, you do need to do *the* work. But the work you need to do isn't necessarily hard.) In my experience, here is what actually generates money in your business: 1. A damn good, scalable offer you can sell over and over again. 2. Systems that allow you to bring on talented team members who do things better than you can. 3. Being consistent. NOT Beast Mode 24/7/365, Not start and stop (I'm so guilty of this). But consistency over years. I've been here since 2012, and I'll be here for 11 more. Tangling up the idea of "hard work" with growing your business is keeping you stuck. Because if you're scared it's going to be "hard," you won't do the work. Luckily, the work isn't hard. But you do have to do it. And I'm here to support you, cheering for you every step of the way. #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebizcoach #onlinebusinesscoach

Sound familiar? So a Business Coach told you that business should always feel fun, exciting, wild, free, and not-at-all corporate. But corporations are built the way they are for a reason (and have been for 100+ years): Because it's the fastest, most reliable way to grow a sustainable business (as long as the offer is a good one, of course). I promise you, investors and shareholders aren't insisting on corporate practices because they love slow growth and boring meetings. :joy: So WHY are we trying to build a business like it's an amusement park and not *the thing that's going to provide for your family and give you financial freedom?!* Does that mean it will never be fun? Absolutely not! I love my business, adore my team, and am obsessed with my clients. But your guiding question in business should never be "What feels good to me in this moment?" Run your business like a business. And when you're ready, I'm here (with corporate-lawyer level experience) to help you win. #onlinebizcoach #onlinebusinesscoach #businesscoachforcoaches #businesscoachforwomen

What would happen if you stopped looking at setbacks as failure...and started receiving them as feedback? How would you interpret things differently in your business if you approached them with a curiosity of, "What can I learn here? What do these results mean about the actions I took and will take in the future?" Because the truth is, failure is a result. And you can't get a final result if you haven't stopped trying. So if you're going to keep trying, you can't fail. What feedback can you take from the situation instead? Maybe your lackluster launch results mean that you have to try some new strategies next time. Maybe it means you have to show up more on social media. Maybe it means you need to focus on audience growth before launching that product. Only you can look at your actions and their results and decide. So what would happen if it wasn't a failure, it was just feedback? #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebizcoach #businesscoachforcoaches

Your worst Internet nightmare happened to me. And it didn't kill me. Don't let other people's opinions crush your dream. Do it anyway. (Do I need to tell the full story of this?!) #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebusinesscoach #businesscoachforcoaches

Let this one sink in for a second: In 2017, I bought an Instagram course from someone prominent in the industry who had grown their account to 200K+. This month, that course creator hired my agency to run their social media. Me: 🤯💃😍🎉🥂🎊 This is the magic that happens when you COMMIT to: - Relentlessly growing in your craft, - Taking radical responsibility for your results and every single thing that goes on in your business, - Investing in yourself at the level of your goals, not the level of your current comfort, And STAYING IN IT no matter what. This would not. have. been. possible. without high-level coaching support. Becoming the expert's expert doesn't happen in <6 years by accident. It doesn't happen without commitment and investment. It's time. If you feel in your bones that your mentors should be your peers and you should be a leader, I want to work with you. DM me to get started.

Are you working hard or playing hard this weekend? One thing I'm working on in my business is working fewer, more effective hours. I noticed that my work has been "expanding to fill the time allotted." The solution? Allot less time for work. But that means I have to fill that time with something else. It will be fun rediscovering some hobbies and adding in some more self care to fill that time instead. I think it's really important that we continue to evaluate our businesses and lifestyles as we grow to ensure we remain aligned with our goals and values--and two of my biggest values are peace and family. What do you do in your free time from your business? P.S. Money Mindset May starts tomorrow! Save your seat for 30 days of free coaching at the link in my bio! #businesscoachforwomen #onlinebusinesscoach #businesscoachforcoaches

A Millionaire Money Mindset isn't all woo-woo and manifestation. It's a healthy, well-informed set of habits and beliefs about money. Successful entrepreneurs with a millionaire money mindset have these habits: 1. They value their time more than money. 2. They know their numbers. 3. They don't conflate their intrinsic human value with the number in their account. These habits lead to better business decisions and bigger, more profitable businesses. Want to cultivate a healthy money mindset? Join us for Money Mindset May, a FREE 30-day coaching experience! (Yes, you read that right.) Save your seat for 30 days of FREE coaching at the link in my bio! #moneymindsetcoach #moneymindset #businesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #businesscoachforcoaches

Fall Outlet Fashion Basics for 2020

But my new favorite outfit is pairing these joggers with a thin crewneck sweater (like the one below) and patterned slip-on sneakers. Wear it to work with a pencil skirt, to a party with faux-leather leggings, or to a brunch date with your favorite pair of jeans and boots. I pop it on in the morning under a jacket, wear it sans-outerwear as the temperature creeps up, and shove it in my bag when it’s time for short sleeves. The deep pockets and removable hood mean that this glam-looking rain jacket (if a rain jacket could be glam) is also super functional.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Guide

Free Amazon Day delivery (get all of your Amazon orders on the same day each week); Free 2-hour grocery delivery, fulfilled by your local Whole Foods; Key by Amazon in-garage or in-home delivery With all of these features and more, you’ll get your money’s worth out of your annual membership fee of $119 in no time (seriously, I’d pay more than that in shipping with how much we rely on Amazon for pet items, toiletries, gifts, and more). Amazon Prime Day is an annual sale exclusively for Amazon Prime members (so if you want the deals and aren’t a Prime member, definitely start your free trial!). Amazon doesn’t release a catalog of deals prior to Prime Day, so there’s no real way to know exactly what items are going to be on sale.

Transitional Shirtdress Look

While I’d love to be drowning in comfy knits right about now, this southern weather isn’t making that possible. The color and pattern scream fall, but the fabric and cut are perfect for warm weather. But this dress is such a versatile cut that I’ll be wearing it well into the cooler months! I’ll simply add a chunky cardigan, tights, and calf- or knee-length boots for chillier days.

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