Ester Desir

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Inspiring families to create unforgettable memories 🇬🇹 Latina | Stylish Foodie | Homeschool ✈️ Family Travel | Home

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the outfit VS the photos Is it Friday yet? . . . . Outfit & Shoes: @torrid 🛍 Link in bio

The comment section was lit 😂. Obviously, gets his height from his dad just like his sisters. #tall #trendingaudio #trendingreels

Year 4 of homeschooling, here we come! The countdown has officially begun. We’re unboxing this year’s curriculum and prepping before the new year starts. This year, we added Spanish and Bible lessons to our curriculum. @bjupresshomeschool makes it easy for parents to start or continue their homeschooling journey. We usually start later, but this year decided to start a little earlier, and the kids are happy about it. Has everyone begun prepping for the school year? #bjupresshomeschoolpartner #bjupresshomeschool #homeschool #homeschoolplanning #homeschoolcurriculum #trendingaudio #trendingreel

Friday's here, and you look SO good! Did you know the key to the perfect OOTD is feeling good + looking good? And you’re already halfway there because the weekend makes everyone feel good 😎 Now wear that Outfit you’ve wanted to put on and enjoy your day! What are your weekend plans? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for another vacation. 🛍 Shop this OOTD: Dress: @amazonfashion Shoes & Purse: @shoedazzle Follow my shop @desirlovestyle on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content! #liketkit #LTKSeasonal #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert @shop.ltk

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My kids are tall and I’ve accepted I’ll be the short one in the family 😂 Can anyone else relate?

#ad Are your kids' friend's coming over? I got you! Make lunch time fun with a sandwich charcuterie board because, you know what, it's the most delicious way for everyone to enjoy what they love. Plus, it makes for an easy setup, and you can go back to watching your show in no time. The key is the delicious flavor of @bistrofavorites 100% natural, hand-seasoned sliced meats. It comes ready for you to place any way you want on the board, along with the kid's favorite condiments, cheeses, bread, and veggies! Grab two packs Land O' Frost® Bistro Favorites™ Black Forest Uncured Ham from @Krogerco, and you're well on your way. Link in Bio #BistroFavoritesAtKroger #bistrofavorites

💡 here’s your sign to take a nap today. You deserve it!

✨ A few of my favorite @amazon finds ✨ 👗 This dress is comfortable, flattering, and perfect for hot summer days. It comes in various colors. 🪞 I have wanted this Full-length mirror forever! And now I finally have it and don’t regret it. If you want a tall and wide floor mirror, this is it! Comes in different colors and sizes. This is a 71 x 32 in black. 👚 If you’re like me and buy new pj's for vacation, you’ll love this set. I wear it all the time. 🛍 Tap the link in the bio to shop #primeday #amazonfinds #amazondeals @shop.ltk

Changing things up at home is my favorite thing to do! The easiest way to update your space is by adding a new rug. @loloirugs has become my go-to even more on Prime Day! Get the best offer of the year – even better than a holiday! 🛍 Link in bio I love my Sea Rust rug from the Skye Collection! What kind of patterns do you like? #theloloilook #loloirugspartner

It’s giving main character vibes… guess who will be turning 4 soon? 😭 I can’t deal

Pre K, here we come! As we gear up for Grayson’s first year, we started using @byjuslearningna Magic Workbook kits featuring Disney. It combines digital experience and hand on workbooks, so your child learns while having fun. Every time Grayson sees a smiley face or hears “great job!” for completing tasks, he’s so proud, and so am I. He’s practicing counting, hand and eye coordination for writing, and learning to listen for instructions. If your family loves Disney, then you’ll enjoy all the characters and storylines in this edition. 🏰 Guess what?! BYJU is giving away tickets to DISNEYLAND!!! Head to the link in my bio to enter or @byjuslearningna to learn more. The contest ends July 12, 2022, so run 🏃🏽‍♀️ #byjuskeeplearningkeepgrowing #sponsored

Why Family Travel is a Must

The memories play vividly in mind as I write this because it is those seldom moments that mean the world to me; that brings so much joy to my heart and puts a smile on my face. Whether it is a staycation or we travel out of the state; creating a lifetime of meaningful moments is my heart’s desire. I want my kids to know we enjoy and love to spend time together, exploring the world around us. It is so easy to get lost behind a screen these days or in work duties; face to face conversations, a warm embrace, uninterrupted time together will make any doubt or fear disappear.

Cholestasis: How it put my unborn son at risk.

I was immediately placed on antibiotics to help decrease the bile and scheduled for a c-section at 37 weeks. At 36 weeks, I went in for my final doctor’s visit two days before my scheduled c-section. She had reviewed my blood work results from weeks ago and stated that my bile levels were 25 when they should have below ten, and to make matters worse, my liver levels were at 150+ when an average person is 30. I went from a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks to preventative c-section at 37 weeks to now an emergency c-section to make sure my son would live.

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