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Mom Family Content Creator 💫 Inspiring the world #travel 📸 Capturing life & making memories

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It finally happened! I went shopping for myself without hesitation. And I must say this shopping spree was so liberating! #styledinsd Usually, I have a million and one “reason” why I shouldn't or why I can't buy unique fashion pieces for myself to leave the house in. Crazy, right? As the leggings for life SAHM that I am, it made the excuses much easier not to buy all the outfits and accessories I wanted. I'm not doing that anymore. My closet is getting a makeover with all the new clothes and shoes I got. Speaking of shoes, how cute are these strappy platform wedges from @shoedazzle ? Wait until I show you my weekender bag from them!! Suppose you are like me and holding back on treating yourself to a new outfit, shoes, or accessories. This is your sign to go ahead and buy it! Tag me when you post it because I’m telling you, you will feel brand new. 💃🏻 What’s one fashion item you’ve been wanting to buy? 🛍 You can find these shoes and more by clicking the link in my bio.

Why Family Travel is a Must

The memories play vividly in mind as I write this because it is those seldom moments that mean the world to me; that brings so much joy to my heart and puts a smile on my face. Whether it is a staycation or we travel out of the state; creating a lifetime of meaningful moments is my heart’s desire. I want my kids to know we enjoy and love to spend time together, exploring the world around us. It is so easy to get lost behind a screen these days or in work duties; face to face conversations, a warm embrace, uninterrupted time together will make any doubt or fear disappear.

And just like that, school is coming to an end for many of you. We, however, are homeschooling year around this school year. Don't worry, summer vacation will be in full effect for us and I’m so looking forward to it. TBH homeschooling year around wasn’t what I initially planned for but with so many changes this year it was the perfect solution for our family. My girls have adapted so well to @bjupresshomeschool curriculum and enjoy it so much! It is impeccably organized for both parent and child. I’ll never get tired of saying it. Homeschooling is blessing! You can change any part of your routine or curriculum at any time of the year. It’s whatever works for your family that’s all that matters and I love that! I would love to celebrate your child’s wins this year. What was a big win for your kids or you this past school year? #bjupresshomeschoolpartner #homeschoolcurriculum #bjupresshomeschool #homeschoolmama

Cholestasis: How it put my unborn son at risk.

I was immediately placed on antibiotics to help decrease the bile and scheduled for a c-section at 37 weeks. At 36 weeks, I went in for my final doctor’s visit two days before my scheduled c-section. She had reviewed my blood work results from weeks ago and stated that my bile levels were 25 when they should have below ten, and to make matters worse, my liver levels were at 150+ when an average person is 30. I went from a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks to preventative c-section at 37 weeks to now an emergency c-section to make sure my son would live.

We are reminiscing about our stay at @thegroveresort. When it comes to family resorts, we love condominium-style suites, with all the must-have amenities on property. The waterpark with a lazy river was a win in our book. The girls enjoyed sliding into the lazy river. During our downtime, we enjoyed the arcade and delicious food from the Valencia Restaurant. There are so many areas like the sandpit, the paddle boats, and the fishing area you can enjoy as a family. There is also a spa you can escape to. Every common area is beautifully designed. I can go on and on. If you missed our stories, be sure to head over to our story highlights and take a look. Summer has just begun! The Grove Resort and Waterpark is the perfect place for your family and friends to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Click the link in my bio and check out the array of offers at #thegroveresort . What’s your favorite part about a family resort? #familyresort #familyvacations #orlandofl #travelfamily #waterparks

3 Photography Tips for Shoe Collabs

I don’t know about you, but taking pictures can be the most stressful task, even more, when it’s for a brand you love. Every brand is looking for the right influencer, that will bring awareness to their shoe line. If you happen to take pictures when the sun is the brightest, you can do the following: Use a lens to minimize the brightness. It provides your followers with local places to visit and helps your page stand out from the usual pictures in front of the house or garage door.

This is your sign to pamper yourself like you never have before. What are some of your favorite ways to show yourself some love? I love massages, getting a pedicure/ manicure and of course, getting my hair done. How about some quiet time?

Experience Safari Nights at the Palm Beach Zoo.

As we drew closer to the splash pad, we could see the DJ, and he was playing all of the kids’ favorite dance songs. Thanks to his big sister, he got to experience water in a new way. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to stop and experience the world around us in a new way. If you haven’t visited the Palm Beach Zoo or attended Safari Nights, I highly recommend it.

My little one has places to see and explore this summer. Some of these adventures start right here at home. Climbing, jumping, and sliding keep my boys' heart full! I was so excited to hear @cocovillage added a new collection of action toys. This Montessori Rocker is a perfect fit in the playroom. He can climb over and under it as well as rock on it when you flip it over. Let your imagination run, and there’s so much more you can do with it. Do you enjoy Montessori action toys? If so, tell me your favorite one below 😊 And as always, you can get 10% off when you use my code: DESIR10 at (link in bio) #getcocozy #cocovillagepartner #montessoriactivity

If you look closely, you’ll see my son escaping to the neighbor's yard. Too late, he’s gone 😂. 🎶 He’s a runner; he’s a track star 🎶. Content creation at its finest when you’re a homeschool mom of three. But give it up to my 11-year-old photographer capturing my only shot from today’s shoot. Let me fix my hair while you check out these smocked wide-leg pants with a nice slit. And don’t forget these black wedges that I have on for the first time since I got them last year. If you read my stories last week, I shared how I broke my foot at Disney a few years back and now have a screw in my foot. These days I can find the cutest and most comfortable shoes at @shoedazzle. The VIP membership is so worth it! What's your favorite fashion piece? #liketkit #LTKshoecrush #LTKunder50 #LTKcurves

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