The Lost Boys

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Review: Rocketman 🚀 ✨

Rocketman isn’t out yet in America, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the music from the movie: This movie is no Bohemian Rhapsody when it comes to talking about the flaws of the protagonist. His mum gets a new boyfriend and he’s supportive of Reggie’s love of rock music and they get him some Elvis records and a gig at a pub. This movie doesn’t hide anything and there’s a sex scene with Elton John and John Reid to the song ”, he gets out of the car to make a phone call coming out to his mother, gets punched by John Reid, then snaps at Bernie Taupin and tells him that “People don’t pay to see Reginald Dwight, they pay to see Elton John.

Review: What I Can Get by Jack West

Jack West is a 14 year old musician from Rochester, New York who loves 90s grunge and classic rock. He’s been working hard on his upcoming album, produced by Barrett Jones (who has worked with Nirvana and The Foo Fighters), For The Record, which will be out August 2. All Diversity of Classic Rock content will remain free, but Patrons get some nice perks, like early access to blog posts, birthday cards, Skype calls with me, and exclusive behind the scenes posts. If you cannot afford to donate to The Diversity of Classic Rock, there are many free ways to support the blog: clicking that follow button on my website, turning off your AdBlock, following me on Facebook or Twitter, liking posts, sharing posts, leaving nice comments, or sending your music for review.

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