Daron Jenkins

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#Podcast #Producer #Host of "Drop the Mic" and "The Download", #sketchcomedy #writer, #comedian #gooddude

Daron Jenkins is an innovative entrepreneur and creative storyteller. He founded two startups and consulted on a number of others.

He currently produces three podcasts (The Download Podcast, 12million, and Drop the Mic).

Daron has also been a super-connector and influencer within the NY film and startup community, having produced many events and partnered on many others. In addition to VR/360 Night, he founded the Love Actually International Short Film Showcase, NYC Film & Finance Conference, and NY Media Night.

Location New York, NY
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 04, 2020
Social Audience 3K
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Join us on the first of many looks at the legend that is James Bond. On this episode, Singer/Songwriter/Producer JT Curtis (IG: @jtcurtismusic) joins the show. So settle in and pour yourself a medium dry martini, lemon peel, shaken, not stirred as we discuss the one that started them all, "Dr. No". Listen here: https://anchor.fm/download-007

Get ready as we kickoff a spinoff #podcast show centered around #007 James Bond and all the amazing #music featured in each #film! #jamesbond #soundtrack

When 007 enters Dr. No's dining room he stops to take a second look at a painting. The painting is Goya's picture of the Duke of Wellington, which was stolen in real life week or two before filming began. #007 #jamesbond #funfact

On this episode, we press play on this hilariously dark film "Little Shop of Horrors" with guest Tuck Siver (AR Innovator at Blinxel) #comedy #funny #soundtrack #podcastersofinstagram

No script? No problem. Murray was invited to portray a giddy, Nicholson-esque masochist opposite Martin’s sadistic character in Little Shop of Horrors. The former SNL cast member took the gig, but asked if he could go off-script. “Look,” Oz told him, “as long as you’re the masochist and Steve’s the sadist, I don’t care.” Murray proceeded to ad-lib his way through the scene, using different lines in every take. #billmurray #comedy #funnyquotes #film

A Fresh baked #dropthemicpodcast is out! Had a ball talking with @lanstress about her wonderful and timely film #thesuspectmovie @thesubjectfilm starring @biggsjason Listen here: https://bit.ly/dtmlanie

Its lonely at the top...#nyc #subway #covid #newyorkcity

My first time in Manhattan at night. Spooky. #nyc #empirestatebuilding #newyorkcity #manhattan


Made some fresh carrot juice to go with sunflower seeds as a snack #healthy #food #yummy #juice

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