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Dress Well, Game Well | Bronx based Menswear Fashion Creator, Stylist & Streamer | Latinx | he/him | Mostly Pokémon! | All links: https://t.co/CoC9HApeT6

Location BRONX, NY United States
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 14, 2018
Social Audience 45K
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Tamales are a treat to be savored, so don't be afraid to dress up and make it a special occasion #Tamales #Foodie At @citytamale City Tamale is about five blocks west of the Hunts Point wholesale produce market. In Hunts Point, where City Tamale primarily serves local truck drivers and factory workers, they are a neatly wrapped alternative to doughnuts or bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. The restaurant opens at 5:30 am. Info from New York Times Interview By Marian Bull with Israel Veliz, owner of @citytamale Photos shot on my @canonusa EOS R6 stylefashion #suited #suitup #sartorial #manstyle #menstyleguide #mensfashionblogger #styletips #malefashion #menslifestyle #menstagram #gq #fashionman #gentleman #stylebook #gentlemanstyle #dandy #gqstyle #maleblogger #thebronx #bronx #intheboogiedown #southbronx

WHAT’S UP HUNTS POINT? Stopped by @citytamale in The Bronx to try out their TAMAL RANCHERO. The owner, Israel Veliz, says it’s his most popular dish! “…2014, when he dropped out of college to start making traditional Mexican versions in his Bronx apartment, in part because he wanted to help other New Yorkers appreciate this staple of his childhood in Puebla, Mexico, as much as he did. He also wanted to make really, really good tamales.” - New York Times Interview By Marian Bull I’ve created content here before when I was first starting my page, so I really appreciate Israel having me again. TAMAL RANCHERO: CHOICE OF TAMAL, 2 EGGS, MELTED CHEESE, SALSA VERDE, CREMA FRESCA, PICO DE GALLO, SLICED AVOCADOS LOCALLY SOURCED – HANDMADE – GLUTEN FREE Located in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx! It’s a small shop but you can definitely sit down and eat plus they do delivery! So check out their site and page at @citytamale Show up for small business! #thebronx #intheboogiedown #ELBRONX #culture #thesouthbronx #bx #thebx #bronxpride #bronxstrong #bronxpower #dandy #dapper #sprezzatura #details #mensfashion - travel bronx - visiting The Bronx - bronx tourist #thebronx #intheboogiedown #newyorkrestaurant New York restaurants - The Bronx restaurants - restaurants in the Bronx - tamales in New York City - tamales - local tamales

Dandy In The Bronx - stopped by @thebronxnative to chat with @amaurysgrullon (also fellow Hayesman @cardinalhayes) to chat about upcoming projects. He also convinced me to wear this thing called a “T-shirt.” Featuring EL BRONX T-shirt by @thebronxnative Suit and coat by @sayki1924 Chelsea Boots by @kennethcole White button up shirt with club collar by @hockerty.men Pocket square by @sebastiancruzcouture Style a T-shirt with a suit - casual suit style - #thebronx #intheboogiedown #menwhitstyle #sprezza #suitandtie #ビスポーク #dapperlife #dappergent #fashionmen #stylemen #menstyle #mensfashion #menwithclassandstyle #dailysuits #fashionformen #mnswr #classicmenstyle #スーツスタイル #sartorial #suitandtie #suitedup #dapper #meninsuits #sprezzatura #details #thebronx

How to Get The Poof / Pompadour / Quaxly Hairstyle Save this video for your next hair appointment. Feel free to share this video to whoever styles your hair next. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with this modern Quaxly-style poof pompadour! Watch this video for simple step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this classic look. Blow dryer, round brush, and product are all essential for getting the perfect poof. Thanks @nyhairboss at @forstylerhairsalon in NYC for styling me! The hair products featured here are @forstylerhairprofessional products. Use a matte hair pomade and hairspray to hold your hair in place. Transcript: Here's how to get my hairstyle. Poof, pompadour, Quaxly, whatever you call it, here's how to get it. Just show the person who's doing your hair this video. Skin tight to the sides with a fade. Keep it long in the top so you can get that poof action. Key items, blow dryer, round brush, product. And don't worry, it's not weird to show a picture or video of the hairstyle you want. It just makes life easier. Communication is key. Save this video for later for the next time you get a haircut and you want this hairstyle. Looking good. #hairstyle #poof #pompadour #quaxly #fade #blowdryer #roundbrush #product #showyourhair #menshaircut #menshaircuts

🌲👞 WHAT IS A SHOE TREE? 👞 🌲 Maintaining the Shape of Your Shoes with a Cedar Wood Shoe Tree is KEY Cedar shoe trees have three basic functions: 1. The original shape of the shoe is maintained 2. The unfinished cedar absorbs moisture 3. The aroma of cedar deodorizes shoes naturally Maintain the shape of your shoes the right way with a shoe tree! A cedar shoe trees absorb moisture while restoring the natural form of any shoe. If you want your shoes to last longer and keep them looking mint condition, cedar wood shoe trees are the way to go. I also use them on my sneakers. I can’t speak to plastic versions but I think the wood version makes the most sense. Items In Video: Shoe Trees found on Amazon Custom Suit, shirt and shoes by @hockerty.men Tie by @london_york_executive Sneakers by @adidas Transcript: What the heck is a shoe tree? Shoe trees help keep the original shape of the shoe. For example, this one has a spring function that helps fill the natural shape of the shoe. This exerts pressure in all directions to help maintain the shape. Also, this one’s made of cedar wood. This actually absorbs moisture from the shoe. The aroma of cedar wood deodorizes the shoe naturally. Beautiful. I also use these on my sneakers. Shoe trees keep your shoes wrinkle-free, extends the lifetime of your shoes, and makes sure it doesn’t smell bad, unless you’re into that. Do you have shoe trees in your closet? #shoesshoesshoes #mensstyletips #outfitreel #dapperlife #menswearguide

“Why this dude in a suit playing Pokémon not necessary dude” Streaming and making non fashion content while still “staying dandy” has brought some interesting characters to my content. I’ll be sharing the best ones😂 Thanks y’all for letting me expand and talk about what I like. Don’t let social media pigeon hole you. Yes, it is important to “niche down” but bring some personality when possible. Suit by @hockerty.men Glasses by @rayban Game boy with @pokemon Red

This suit was packed in luggage for 6 days and I didn’t iron or steam it after I pulled it out. I literally took it out and did this shoot. This suit is made to measure and features a 5cm cuff on the pants. I’m always weary of “wrinkle” free fabrics, especially in suits. But! @kashiyama1927_us ‘s EASY suit line surprised me. This line uses mostly synthetic fabrics that lend well to regular wear and washing where traditional wool would not hold up. The ultimate travel-ready suit, KASHIYAMA EASY suits are designed to be folded for compact storage. Microdot-punched lining ensures proper ventilation and zipped pockets in the blazer and trousers provide secure and practical storage. It actually worked. Not bad when you are in a hurry or want to pack a suit for a short trip. Could you see a “travel suit” in your wardrobe? Two piece beige wrinkle free suit by @kashiyama1927_us Turtleneck and beanie by goodthreads at @amazonfashion Black Boots by @kennethcole Metal Watch Band by @nomad

Dandy In The Bronx - one big reason I started this account? I didn’t see a lot of people looking like me doing this, especially from The Bronx. Everyone was from Manhattan, Brooklyn or carajo land 😂 Featuring a navy pinstripe suit with pants that have a long history. Brown shoes by @florsheimshoes Brown fedora by @goorinbros Photography by @talukdude

#ZellePartner The Guide to Tipping and Gifting during the Holidays! I had the pleasure of chatting with renowned etiquette expert, @ElaineSwann, on how to navigate the rules of money etiquette during the holidays and all year round! The most important rule, tip the people who make your life EASY. Think about Care Providers and who keep your household tidy. 👉🏽 Babysitter: One evening’s pay and a gift from your child 👉🏽 Nanny: One weeks pay plus a gift 👉🏽 Day care provider: $25-$70 per caretaker 👉🏽 Dog walker: $25-$50 or the cost of one session 👉🏽 Pet groomer: $15-$25 or the cost of one service 👉🏽 Nursing home employees: Flowers or baked goods for all employees to enjoy 👉🏽 Housecleaner: Up to the cost of one day’s work That includes Building Staff and Maintenance! And don’t forget your personal Care professionals like Hairstyle/barbers. 👉🏽 Hair stylist barber: Up to the cost of one service or a small gift 👉🏽 Beauty salon staff: Up to the cost of one salon visit. You can divide it amongst staff members who regularly work on your hair ✅ 48% of consumers prefer receiving money as a gift via digital payment instead of by cash or check, so feel free to use Zelle to send that gift! While using Zelle, don’t forget to take advantage of the memo feature, and put a personalized message! % Percentages matter: No matter the state of the economy, it’s important to tip for a service you’ve received. Always stick to percentages of the overall cost, so when prices go up or down, so does the amount you spend on tips. 🎁 Group gifts: For holidays and celebrations, try coordinating a group gift with family/friends to help subsidize the cost of an individual gift. One person can purchase the gift, and the others can pay them back using payment platforms like Zelle. Remember, Etiquette Is About Keeping People At Ease. Save this for later and find more tips in the @ZellePay bio. #HoliPaySeason

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