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Daily Dream 360° is a Canadian travel and lifestyle website featuring travel destination guides, fashion and beauty tips and a selection of lifestyle articles, reviews and posts on everything our readers need to live a balanced dream life.

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Dream it. Just a reminder: DREAMS ARE NOT CANCELED! When this madness started I set the intention to come out the other end ahead vs behind. I didn’t want to look back on this time and feel I made no progress or missed out on opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make the plans and put them into action today! You might just find you reach your goal by the time we come out of this! What’s your dream? #dreamliving360 #dreams #autumnleaves

Sharon's Notes: Realities of My Life

I’m not living an Instagram filtered life with perfect weight loss results, a thriving business and unlimited dreams. I have been chasing a healthy life, a perfect body and a better me my whole life. I decided to maintain my commitment to my health goals and live the story I wanted to tell—the story of a strong girl who reached for the stars in business, health and life. , I don’t have Peloton branded equipment, but I do have a yoga mat, some hand weights and a condo gym filled with equipment.

Live it. Do you over analyze photos of yourself? I do and turns out I’m not alone. This past weekend at the cottage this subject came up and I wonder how many of you are not posting photos of yourself or worse not getting photos taken? 📸 In April, when I realized I would not be travelling for a while I discovered I had been hiding behind landscape shots for a long time. So I challenged myself to post one selfie every two photos. Now I’m trying to take more selfies and post them as often as I can. There is a reason for this beyond vanity. In my ongoing weight loss there is one thing that keeps coming up - I don’t see the change. I feel the change, I know my clothes are bigger and there are old jeans I couldn’t wear that I’m wearing again but in photos and the reflection in the mirror... I don’t see it. Other people see it and tell me I look great but then I stare in the mirror and wonder why I don’t see it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m going to keep focusing on what’s important right now, my health. I decided it isn’t about the scale this time it is about a healthy mind and body. So I’m going to keep taking these photos and push myself to continue to accept my body as it is now. I hope I inspire you to take a photo of yourself and post it. Up for the challenge? #dreamliving360 #bodypositive #bodydismorphia

A Guide to Amazon Prime Day and Deals You Don't Want to Miss

I’ve put together a guide of what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day, put together some tips on how you can prepare for it and even highlighted a few of their best deals. If you have never taken advantage of the many sales and deals offered on Amazon’s Prime Day, then this year is a great year to start. Jump to the Deals for Prime Day 2020 Here. What to Expect on Prime Day Prime members can expect deals, lots of sales on all sorts of products in just about every category.

Live it. Gyms are closed but I’m still making things work. Switching between yoga and outdoor walking workouts on my Peloton app. I’m also pushing through some cardio HITT workouts but wish they had some beginner level classes. How are you staying active these days? #dreamliving360 #healthylife #homeworkouts #onepeloton #mysugarmat

Yoga Essentials Best Yoga Equipment for Practicing Yoga at Home

It doesn’t take much to start practicing yoga at home, and if you’ve decided to skip the yoga studio, you can create a beautiful space in your home. , how soft and spongy you want the mat to be, how firm and supportive will depend on your mat’s material. I have a Yoga towel that I use to cover my mat in hot yoga sessions, and at home, I use it as a yoga blanket in a few poses where I need a little extra support. If you are going to use this space, often consider adding a basket to store your mat and accessories or if you have the wall space, think a Yoga organizer unit that can keep your essential yoga gear.

Live it. That’s a wrap on the weekend and it looks like the end to #autumn. Trees were pretty much at their peak or past it this weekend and that means the colder temperatures are on the way. #dreamliving360 #autumnvibes #sunset

Sharon's Notes: The End of Summer and More 2020 Drama

The fears and anxiety of day to day life are just part of life, and the important thing is to keep a level head and keep going. There are things in business that we know we can do well, and I believe every business owner has those things they don’t like doing, or don’t feel good at doing. Since I am a bit of a control freak, I like to test the recipes before I share them, as many recipes online are incomplete or don’t work. I’m going to share some more tips for those working on your business growth or plan to get into business yourself.

Live it. I feel so grateful when I get to come up here and visit my family. I have this little bubble of people that keep me from going insane by myself at home. Out here there are acres of trees to walk through, a calm river and some of the most fun family game nights you can imagine. I keep thinking I should film them and share on YouTube. 🍁 I thought I’d share a few photos ➡️ from my weekend I hope it inspires you some in this crazy time. How is your weekend going? #dreamliving360 #autumnvibes #trees

Dream it. My few escapes to the cottage have provided me with some much needed Dream time. A change of scenery, no TV spitting out doom and gloom. Just quiet sounds of nature as it goes through it’s epic change in autumn. 🍂 The trees out here are all past their peak but it is still remarkably beautiful. There are plenty of leaves crunching beneath my feet. Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoy a little moment of peace this weekend wherever you are! #dreamliving360 #autumnvibes #comewander

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