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The Best Passover Brisket Recipe (for any Jewish Holiday!)

It felt a little strange to deviate from my aunt’s famous dish, but I managed to fill the buffet table with a respectable, if not, entirely perfect, slab of soft, slow-cooked meat thanks to the goyim influence of Mr. Emeril Lagasse. I’ve been making this version inspired by Emeril’s beef brisket for my Seder table, and can truly say it is the best Passover brisket you will ever eat: moist, perfectly tangy, and sweet with a slight kick. Stuffing the meat with garlic cloves is my favorite part—they melt completely away by the end but make the sauce and meat that much more flavorful. Season both sides with salt and pepper and place the brisket in a large braiser, Dutch oven or rimmed baking dish (preferably metal) starting with the fat cap facing up and brown it in the oven, about 10 minutes per side.

Bitter Greens & Sausage Pasta Bake Recipe (Healthy, Easy)

Especially since many people with digestive issues have trouble with raw salads, I love finding new ways to honor these ingredients in cooked dishes like this sausage pasta bake. But for this version, I took it a step further to make it gluten-free, low-fodmap optional and mostly dairy-free (none of which were considerations in my early twenties!). But if you’re open to a small (low FODMAP) quantity of shredded cheese on top, that of course tips the hedonism scales a little more. I will say though that the flavor combination of slightly bitter, wilted greens and salty, umami rich deli meats (I shall throw bacon, prosciutto and salami in as options, too)—doesn’t get more classic.

Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Fish Pie Recipe (Dairy-Free + Gluten-Free)

I adapted this fish pie recipe from Jamie Oliver to be gluten-free, dairy-free and healthy with loads more veggies and fewer pans. And that was before I even discovered this dairy-free gluten-free fish pie! I can confirm that this is a practice that began with Jamie’s book, because to this day, there is a small faded paper tab on the recipe for Fantastic Fish Pie. Which is how he found himself a few weeks ago making Jamie Oliver’s fish pie recipe.

What Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal, Surgery or Extraction

Like a fool, I had a full week of meetings and interviews scheduled for my book, not realizing that I would look like a chipmunk and barely be able to open my mouth for 24 hours. Below I’ve put together some liquid foods that will fit the bill in the early days following wisdom teeth removal (or any tooth extraction) and some softer things that you can transition to as you heal. I’ve included recipes from my archives where applicable, but definitely modify according to the general advice above (omit anything crunchy or par-cooked veggies you’re not ready for) and still to the bare bones of the recipe: Oatmeal made with plant-based milk – cook it a little longer than you would normally and add some extra liquid Ramen or Vietnamese pho: so long as you avoid spice packets that are too hot, a gingery ramen or pho would be a great way to get some bone broth and simple soft carbs into your system.

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