Cynthia Leu

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I'm a lifestyle/fitness influencer known for competitive powerlifting, balancing a career at a top 5 tech company, being a dog mom, mental health awareness, and spreading positivity and self-love with a no-nonsense attitude. I've shared a lot of my personal journey and growth with the US military, eating disorder recovery, and coping with my various mental disorders/disabilities in an effort to empower others.

Location San Francisco, California
Country United States of America
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A Friday in Roma — started with a tour of the #Vatican with the fam and then the crowded tourist energy wasn’t my vibe, so I dipped for a solo day full of #wandering, #goodfood, #craftbeer, the #gym, #nightlife, and meeting new friends 🥰 ⠀ Getting real excited to plan a solo travel trip soon with all the vacation time I have 🥰 Where to next? 👀

Travel hack: only bring black clothing so that you can’t find anything in your suitcase because it all blends together in one giant black lump 🥰 ⠀ Slides 1-3 at the #pompeiiruins learning about how people’s skulls exploded when the volcanoes erupted (pretty metal tbh). 4-10 in the beautiful #AmalfiCoast — #Amalfi, #Positano, and #Ravello if you’re wondering about these amazzzzzzinnnggg assasaaa viewssssss. November is offseason, so it was nice not having crowds anywhere (with the downside of less shops being open and rainy weather 2/3 of the time) ⠀ #allblack #allblackeverything #blackootd #ootd #mood #italy #italia #vino

You know all the things you wish they’d spoil you with? Spoil yourself. ⠀ #selfcare #mothernature #mentalhealth #amalfi #amalficoast #powerliftingmadethisbody #andsomesiliconetoo

My hobbies include tricking people into thinking I’m classy. **only works when I don’t open my mouth tho. ⠀ #imanadult #allclass #allsass #italy #amalfi #ravello #ootd #vogue #wow #suchmodel

I’ve never had a problem sacrificing for love or my career. It took two engagements in a row and burning out multiple times to realize — OHHHHH, not having a problem IS the problem. ⠀ It’s natural to subconsciously repeat patterns you saw growing up if it feels “normal” to you (like are we really surprised by my decisions when my dad proposed to my mom after 2 weeks 😭🤣). If you learn that “love = sacrifice” and that productivity is more important than your health, it makes sense that you’ll unconsciously follow suit until you gain the awareness necessary to break patterns and CHOOSE how you want to live and love. ⠀ All relationships and careers require some level of compromise — I just didn’t know where (or how) to draw the line yet. I was busy pressuring myself to behave how I believed I “should” behave. It took my mental health deteriorating after moving out of California (both times) to realize that these patterns will inevitably continue until I learn how to prioritize myself above any career or relationship 🥺 ⠀ And let me tell ya: learning to love yourself comes with uncomfortable emotions when it’s not something that comes naturally to you. You’ll likely experience guilt because it feels selfish to put yourself first. And shame because you’ll feel “lazy” when you choose rest over work. So CHEERS to anyone else leaning into discomfort on this lil journey we call life. You’re on the right path. ⠀ There are no real “shoulds”. We’re just programmed to believe there are. YOU get to decide your life. Let’s live it fully 🥰💖 ⠀ #unlearn #unlearnandrelearn #neuroplasticity #selflove #chooseyourself#selfcare #perfectionist #realtalk #peoplepleasing #neurodiverse #neurodivergent

The calm before the storm (literally) ⠀ This trip couldn’t have come at a better time 🥹

The past couple days knocked the wind out of me. The open work culture at my company meant that coworkers were more than just colleagues — rather close friends that I’ve shared countless laughs and even tears with for over five years. Most of whom were laid off, losing not only their jobs but their community. Sending so much love to everyone who now has to “start over”. I’ve started over many times in my life and believe that when one door closes, another one opens. I have no doubt each of you will continue to make a positive impact on the world wherever you go. ⠀ I’m in a phase of starting over and rebuilding other pieces of my life despite still having my job. I’m choosing to focus on what’s within my control by settling in to my new life and creating a space I love 💖 I vow to stop using being “too busy” as an excuse to stop taking care of me. Lots of self-care and putting myself first this week as my life comes together. I hope y’all are taking care of you. ⠀ #selfcare #newbeginnings #interiordesign #growingpains #irontherapy #sunset #sunrise #ootd #photodump #comfortfood

Buckle up buddies. It’s the return of chaotic Cyn. Pretty sure I went through all 7 stages of grief in a day and I’m now in the cookie stage. I mean acceptance stage. But also, cookies. #nothingmatters #mightaswellenjoylife

Happy 14th #rebirthday to me!!! 14 years since I tried to unalive myself. Grateful to be here because WOOOOO WE HAVE PACKED A HELLUVA LOT OF LIFE IN THESE PAST 14 YEARS BAYBEEEE 🤣 ⠀ And I’m so proud of myself and the life I’ve built 🥹 If only lil teenage Cynthia could see herself now, waking up to sunrises over the ocean 😭 COME. ON. IS THIS REAL LIFE? I DID THAT. FOR ME 🥹 ⠀ Sometimes it takes my sister reminding me of how proud I should be to fully see it. It’s taken decades of work to find coping strategies that actually work for me. Dozens of doctors and psychologists to find the right meds and therapy. And we did it. And we’re doing it. And we’ll continue to do it. ⠀ I… also got slapped with a new diagnosis in March that changed my life (for the better). It shifted my perspective on mental health, loving myself, and how I want to live life 🥹 I’ll probably feel comfy sharing soon 💖 No clue what the future holds, and that’s beautiful 🥳 ⠀ #mentalhealth #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #invisibledisabilities #neurodiverse #ADHD #PTSD #itgetsbetter #selflove #selfcare #projectsemicolon #edrecovery #mentalhealthawareness

HAPPY #HALLOWEEN Y’ALL!! STAY SAFE OUT THERE! Harley Quinn + Joker forever 😘 ⠀ Barely slept this weekend + got my wallet stolen 🥰🥰🥰 AKA I finally had a Vegas experience worthy of Vegas 😅 It was my 3rd time going to Vegas since turning 21 and yeah… I’m good for another few years cause I AM TIRED 🤣 ⠀ #itsnotaphasemom #goodjob #vegas #wow #wwwy #whenwewereyoung #cosplay #harleyquinn #joker #puddin #harleyquinncosplay #costume

A lil weekend recap of my first full weekend after moving back to LA 🥰 You know the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”? Well damn — that’s how I felt when I lost year-round SoCal sunshine living in Connecticut for a year 😅 ⠀ I will never take sunny days in late-October or access to ALL THE THINGS to do for granted again 😅 Felt like I did more in one weekend in LA than a couple months in CT 🥺 ⠀ Half the vids at the @lamag food event were shot on my sunglasses huehuehue. Ate ALL THE FOOD. Stumbled upon some cool spots in Topanga. Caught sunsets on the coast Fri/Sat/Sun 😍 Good west coast brews 🍻 Yoga at my new apartment 🥹 I LOVE YOU CALIFORNIIAAAAAA ⠀ #sunbaby #mentalhealth #seasonaldepressionwho #wedontknowher #losangeles #foodie #lamag #girlswhoeat #craftbeer #socal #laliving #longbeach #lbc #longbeacheats

Just here to catch as many sunsets from the beach and sunrises from my bed as possible 🥰 Happy Friday’s Eve 🫠 hope your week has been less of a shitshow than mine ha haha ha 🥲 ⠀ #helloinstagram #welcometomycrib #sunset #sunrise #losangeles #longbeach #home #vibes #hashtag

I moved back to California this past weekend with @roadwaymoving’s help! This was my 3rd time moving in the past 12 months… So thank goodness they’ve been here for me all three times, because I’d probably lose it without their help 🥹 Especially with my new jobs happening at the same time 😅 ⠀ If you want to make your move less stressful, you can use code CYNTHIALEU10 to get 10% off local moves or 5% off long distance moves! #partner #roadwaymoving #imback #home #caligirl

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