Cynthia Leu

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I'm a lifestyle/fitness influencer known for competitive powerlifting, balancing a career at a top 5 tech company, being a dog mom, mental health awareness, and spreading positivity and self-love with a no-nonsense attitude. I've shared a lot of my personal journey and growth with the US military, eating disorder recovery, and coping with my various mental disorders/disabilities in an effort to empower others.

Location San Francisco, California
Country United States of America
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Yesterday I learned that if I workout with my hair half down, I can straighten it with my sweat. Cool. Anyways, bananas 👁️👅👁️

Some call it lazy. I call it maximizing efficiency 🤌🏼 Why would I take off my shoes unless I have to? 😤 Pls tell me I’m not alone lmao ⠀ #adhdwomen #ihateshopping #neurodivergent #pantsoffdanceoff

I went bouldering outdoors for the first time!!! It’s absolutely terrifying!!! Hehe and I LOVE IT 🌚 I’m glad I stuck with it even after fracturing my foot the 2nd time I tried climbing in a gym. Still scared of falling but it’s only getting better 🥹 ⠀ #bouldering #climbing #rockclimbing #justgoup #joshuatree #joshuatreenationalpark #jtree #boulderinglife

Winter, but make it Southern California. ⠀ Featuring beef noodle soup in the bathtub. Because, Asian.

“I think I’m gonna dye my hair a dark burgundy since I’m starting to interview and it’ll look more professional than purple.”⠀ ⠀ *accidentally dyes hair bright red* ⠀ Oh. Oh well. I like it. Picasso 🤌🏼 ⠀ 2024 = the return of corporate Cyn 🧐 #redhair #diyhair #hairspo #sunsetvibes

Mindset shifts can help with motivation. Caught myself today and shifted my mindset from: “This is the heaviest 275 lbs has felt in years ☹️” to “This is the heaviest 275 lbs has felt years, and I know I can make it feel light again! 😤” ⠀ One mindset comes from a place of lack and focusing on the past. The other mindset comes from a place of abundance, gives me a plan for the present, and creates excitement about the future 💖 ⠀ I fell off from lifting for about 3 months when I went on a little journey on Costa Rica and my chronic pain flared up 🥲 I believe I can manage my pain while safely introducing some barbell movements back into my routine though. Let’s see how it goes 🫶🏽 ⠀ (PS: #bStanceRDL’s with your back foot up are where it’s at for glute activation 🔥 new favorite). ⠀ #gotd #girlswholift #sumodeadlift #deadlifts #rdls #gluteday #legday #fitfam #backatit #2024

Happy birthday to my favorite human on this earth @ingreedo 🥹 Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you as my big sis — the most loyal, passionate, and giving person I know. I am so lucky. I love you, 姐姐

Just another friendly reminder that bodies that look like the left on Instagram also look like bodies on the right in real life. Fitness went on the back burner the last few months of 2023. I wasn’t very healthy with my habits, both inside and outside the gym, losing muscle mass despite gaining weight. But life ebbs and flows (and I been ebbing lmao) and I’m ready to get myself back on track. ⠀ While tracking what my body looks like hasn’t been my goal/priority for a decade, I know that I’ll be seeing changes in my physique as I focus on healthier habits this year. Here’s the beginning 💖 ⠀ #relaxedvsflexed #flexedvsrelaxed #10secondtransformation #girlswholift #mentalhealth #fitfam #fitspo #girlswithmuscle #letsgo #transformationtuesday

Steve Jobs + The Little Mermaid + Team Rocket =

Last pool day of the year 💖 Getting more comfy with no longer having abs 🫶🏽 How’d y’all do on your 2023 New Year’s resolutions? Cause I absolutely killlleddd mine 😤 ⠀ My resolution was to not get engaged again this year 🌚 and I’m giving myself extra credit for staying single all year 🫡 You see, I was in relationships all throughout my 20’s 🚩 sometimes not taking the time to truly heal in between 🚩🚩 I was unconsciously trying to rush into getting married so I could settle down and have kids 🚩🚩🚩 I believed I was running out of time, thinking there was a blueprint I needed to follow. ⠀ Then I threw the whole blueprint away to learn what I truly want outside of the pressure of societal norms. It sucked. Made some mistakes and repeated some patterns along the way. Made hard decisions. Grew. ⠀ Learned to listen to my gut, set boundaries, protect my energy, and not lower my standards — no longer allowing my empathy to be used against me. Bringing this energy into 2024 💖✨ ⠀ #selflove #healing #yearofhealing #selfhealers #mentalhealth #doingthework #kindle #poolday

Catfish season with the fam. We look cute for 3 hours when we go out to eat, and then change into comfy clothes and rot on the couch for the rest of our time together lmao. Haven’t seen the gym in a week either 🌚 y’all still team no days off during the holidays, or do you chill? 👀 ⠀ Instagram deleted the pic of foxy, which is unacceptable 😤 so I reposted 🤠 shop the entire outfit on my LTK 🫶🏽 #ltk #ltkfashion #ootd #corsetbelt #sweaterdress #sweaterdresses #la

Marry Chris or something

Mirrors and emotional support plants.

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