Cynthia Leu

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I'm a lifestyle/fitness influencer known for competitive powerlifting, balancing a career at a top 5 tech company, being a dog mom, mental health awareness, and spreading positivity and self-love with a no-nonsense attitude. I've shared a lot of my personal journey and growth with the US military, eating disorder recovery, and coping with my various mental disorders/disabilities in an effort to empower others.

Location San Francisco, California
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It’s been 9 months since @ingreedo got away from her abuser. Today he plead no contest to a felony charge of corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition. I’m so proud of Ingrid for standing up for herself and giving her victim’s impact statement in criminal court. We celebrated afterwards with some sushi (our fav 🥰) ⠀ As some of you know, I’m also a survivor of domestic violence. I have volunteered at battered women’s shelters and have helped some individuals take steps to leave their abuser. I’ve experienced and seen firsthand how difficult it is to get away, move on, or just try to pick up the pieces left of your life. ⠀ I wish I could say Ingrid’s fine (cause she isn’t yet) but she’s working hard in therapy to fix that. I haven’t posted about all the times I’ve witnessed Ingrid shaking and crying. Or about how her “vacation” in Wisconsin was actually me flying her out after her therapist recommended she take a leave of absence from work due to her PTSD symptoms. Or about how I came to stay with her in LA so she wouldn’t be alone — but that just shows how social media is NEVER a perfect reflection of how someone is doing in real life. This has been going on for 9 months and it has been difficult. ⠀ I didn’t want to put her business out there in the past, but now it’s important to mention after my IG pics were referenced to minimize what she’s going through (since we look happy in pics). So here’s a selfie I took at the courthouse today trying to distract Ingrid from the fact that she had to be in the same room as her abuser again. Happy pictures are just pictures — and they are often taken while engaging in coping strategies to TRY to feel okay and TRY to move on. ⠀ All in all, I am SO DAMN PROUD OF @INGREEDO. It takes courage to relive some of the most traumatic events of your life in front of strangers. You are SO STRONG and I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Still some more hurdles to jump, but I’m so glad I could be here during all this 💖 #leusisters

I didn’t get an early morning workout in today since I stayed up too late last night furniture shopping (got a couch and a dining table set on the way though woohoo!) Luckily, I was able to cram in a quick lunch session! Week two of working out since my little depression hiatus lmao. Hopped back on program today (stronger by the day by @megsquats @strongstrongfriends) and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it out to my sisters garage a few times a week until I settle in to the new place and figure out a gym option in Long Beach 🤞🏼 ⠀ Here’s a breakdown of the slides (some of these are great for those without access to gym equipment!) 3️⃣ @ingreedo and @weinerfox having a party 🤠 lol at my sister taking PTO from her main job to work on her side job today. It runs in the Leu family 🥴 4️⃣ Kettle bell box step ups 5️⃣ Front foot elevated split squats 6️⃣ B-stance RDL’s 7️⃣ Top single of 225lbs at RPE 7 😐 8️⃣ Working sets 205x4x2 9️⃣ Henlo dis my face and I’m so happy I’m comfortable without makeup these days 🥰

I moved to Long Beach! 🤩 Over the past few years (since I paid off all my debt in 2017) I’d rent an Airbnb by the ocean to escape whenever I got burnt out from life... Well, now that I work 100% remote and don’t have an office to commute to... WHY NOT JUST LIVE BY THE BEACH?! Cheers to new beginnings and leaning into the things that make ya happy! I’m super grateful that I’m close to my sister @ingreedo in LA and my friends in OC 👏🏼 ⠀ When this year started, I had no idea I’d be living in Long Beach, working 100% from home, or be in a long distance relationship — but 2020 seems to have changed everyone’s life trajectory and I’m just going with it 🥰 Excited to make this place my own and get some new furniture! The kitchen is the only presentable part so far 😂

Words can’t explain how I feel rn so 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 shall suffice 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 ⠀ Slides 1 & 2 were our AM to PM outfits yesterday. I wore @bycynthialeu dresses both day and night and @lukebme wore @barbellapparel shirts both day and night 😂

I struggle with codependency 🥴 I’ve only made the decision to TRULY prioritize myself twice in my life. The first time was in 2017 when I accepted the job at @facebook and moved from the OC to the SF Bay Area. This meant I moved out of my then boyfriend’s place to move 6 hours away. That decision led to the end of that relationship — but it was the best life decision I could have made for myself at that point in life. ⠀ The 2nd time, I made the decision to move alone to Long Beach after 2020 threw a ton of curveballs. It was important for me to be close to my sister for her mental health and her court case against her abuser. It was also important for Luke to be in Wisconsin with his family during these times. Staying with my sister didn’t allow for the personal space I needed to thrive. So it became apparent that I HAD to do this for myself and my happiness. It was scary as hell and I knew I was potentially adding risk to my relationship. ⠀ But it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It even stoked the fire in our relationship 🥰 I didn’t realize how much my mental state was affecting my ability to show up in life. I see it now and I’m sad I didn’t do more to prioritize myself until these past few weeks. ⠀ I’m so grateful for a partner who just genuinely wants to see me happy 🥺 I love you. I can’t wait to see you 🥰 FOUR MORE DAYS!! 😍

3rd time ever shooting a handgun! I’m real comfortable with rifles, but still feel like a fish out of water with handguns 😅 Pretty happy with how today turned out! Swipe to see THE VERY FIRST GUN SHOT @INGREEDO HAS EVER SHOT!!! CENTER MASS BABY! She’s a natural. ⠀ Then we are some chicken cause we like chicken. Okay bye hope y’all had a nice weekend 🥰

AM to PM outfits today 💃🏻 Just over here setting myself up for success by optimizing what I spend my energy on. Here’s what I’m proud of this week 🥰 ⠀ 1️⃣ I’m building a space I love being in! I was scared to live alone at first since I’ve always had roommates or lived with a significant other. Turns out, I LOVE IT AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED 😭😂 2️⃣ I signed up for a gym! My membership includes unlimited strength classes and open gyms. I’ll be doing 1-hour long coached classes 3x a week. This makes my time commitment (including the drive) just 1.5 hours 😍 When I’m powerlifting, it usually takes 3 hours out of my day 😅 which I can’t afford this time of year. I’m hoping this will keep me accountable even when work is crazy. (It also forces me to sign off at a reasonable time to get to class 🥰 DOUBLE WHAMMY) 3️⃣ I get weekly @realhomechef boxes delivered. They include everything I need to cook quick, nutritious meals 3x a week without having to grocery shop or worry about recipes! Minimizing the time I need to think about things I consider “not a priority” = HUGE. (I’m a paying customer and this isn’t sponsored! But you can use my code CYNTHIAL008 for $35 off your first box and it also saves me $35 on my next box! 🤗) 4️⃣ I’m taking @weinerfox to doggy daycare a 1-2x a week for socialization + working on his separation anxiety. His anxiety has gotten horrible this year now that he’s used to having me around 24/7 working from home. Hope he does okay at his temperament test tomorrow... inb4 he has a freakout and gets expelled LMAO 🥴 5️⃣ I have the capacity to be social again 🥺 I was so exhausted struggling with my mental health most of this year that I didn’t want to talk to anyone and drifted from my friends. Now that I have the alone time I need to be healthy, I have more energy and am actually capable of putting myself out there again 🥰 ⠀ If you read this far, waddup you a true homie 😂 Left outfit: all @bycynthialeu (knotty button crop top & so stretchy high waisted pants) Right outfit: all @vullsport (mask, sports bra, scrunch shorts)

I got my first tattoo when I was 14 in Taiwan 🙃 This ripped bow tattoo was the 3rd tattoo I got at 18. I call the “phoenix” coming out of the bow “Bob The Blob” 🤠 I brought a sketch I drew into a local shop I could afford at that point in my life 😂 While it’s not the most well done tattoo, I still love it so much 🥰 ⠀ Each tattoo on my body signifies a different chapter in my life. I typically get tattoos after accomplishing or getting past particularly difficult chapters (with the exception of my first one at 14 where I just wanted to be “cool” 😭). I got this bow soon after I became a Marine and I was studying at @ucdavis when I was starting to realize that I was in control of who I want to be (not my parents 🥴). The bow represents what my model/fashion designer mom always hoped I would be — dainty, feminine, and pretty — and the rip signifies me breaking free of that in rebirth. A bit cheesy, but oh so relevant to 18 year old Cynthia trying to find herself. ⠀ It’s so funny to see everything come full circle and realize now that I can be dainty, feminine, and pretty — WHILE ALSO being tough, “masculine”, and strong. Tattoos aren’t for everyone. I get it. But to some people, they mean a whole lot. I love documenting memories with pictures (obviously lol) and different pieces of art on my body are just another way for me to realize how far I’ve come in life 🥰

Just vibin’ this weekend after a few stressful weeks/weekends in a row 🥰 Posting these from today and going — but I can’t wait to share more about the new digs 🥰 ⠀ Hope y’all have a weekend full of self-care too! (wearing @bycynthialeu cross my heart romper)

Both pics taken this week 🤗 I love being able to part my hair in different places for different vibes 🤪 ⠀ It’s my 2nd day staying in my new apartment and I’m loving Long Beach so much 🥺 Spending all my free time putting furniture together (ya girl finally bought a toolkit 😂) but I love how the place is coming together 🥰 This year made me realize how important it is for me to have my own space as an introvert 😅 I’ve been crazy busy but still feel recharged at the same time because it’s just meeeee in all this spaaaaace 🤩 HMU if you live close to DTLB cause I’m looking for girl friends nearby that are down to grab food or do socially distanced thangzzzzz ⠀ Dress @bycynthialeu coming soon 😉

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