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FREE Back to School Distance Learning banner

We have chosen ‘distance learning’ school mode for both our kids since this is the best setup for our family right now. The excitement this school year might is not the same as the previous ones; for the first time we did not bother much with school shopping besides the essentials. Despite all the crazy happening around, we are all trying our best to make this 1st week of school a smooth one because when we just open our eyes we will see so many reasons to smile. With that… let me present my babies with the new school setup and a FREE back to school: distance learning banner for 2020 – 2021 school year.

What’s inside our GO BAG?

What is inside a Go Bag? Travel and identification documents are the top most items that I make sure is updated and always inside our bag since we are living overseas. Make it a habit to scan important documents, then save it in a virtual drive and send copies to your relatives First Aid Kit – masks, bandAid, antiseptic wipes and important medication. Whistles with a neck cord for each member of that family will help in situation to call attention. Store bag in a central location where it is easy for any member of the family to grab.

How To Make Ice Cream at Home

Just 3 ingredients to make ICE CREAM at home! It is so easy to make that Chloe took charge in preparing the recipe and she even prepared a video to show you how. This can be a very fun DIY project for the family to do at home and because we need to satisfy a sweet frozen craving. The base recipe is versatile that you can basically add different flavorings!

Brownies with Dark Chocolate Chunks and Walnuts

I prefer to use Dutch processed cocoa powder when available. * CHECK brownies after 20 minutes of baking, if the middle is still runny and wet, bake for 5 minutes more. Continue baking until you see the middle part is set but still give a bit of movement when pan is moved. I baked our brownies in our electric oven for exactly 27 minutes.

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