Steph Curnock

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Steph is Cruise Blogger living in the UK and is the person behind Cruise With Amber. She has particular interest in family cruising, expedition cruising and luxury cruising. Having grown up on the Welsh coast, the sea has always been her passion and she now enjoys exploring the world on cruise ships with her family.

In 2020 Cruise with Amber was listed as one of the top 75 Cruise Blogs. She has travelled around the world, backpacked across Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii and spent over 100 nights at sea.

She creates cruise-related content through her YouTube Channel along with useful and informative port guides, money-saving cruise tips, ship tours and cabin reviews which are published regularly on her website and blog.

Steph is also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She creates cruise content alongside her day job which allows her to travel internationally. She is also a CLIA Accredited Ambassador, CLIA #ChooseCruise 2020 member and Cruise Champion.

Location West Midlands United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom
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Really rare cruise selfie. #Cruiseblogger #PandOCruises #cruiseship #crucero #kreuze #kreuzfahrt #croisiere #crociera #marellacruises #shipphotography #instacruise #travelpic #cruisepic #royalcarribean #costacruises #princesscruises #celebritycruises #carnivalcruises #disneycruises #vikingcruises #aidacruises #msccruises #cunard #carnivalcruiseline #norwegiancruiseline #pocruises #hollandamerica #azamara #travelblogger #cruise

If only I could start everyday like this. Breakfast on the balcony was so good this morning. Have you ever had breakfast on the balcony?

Perfect backdrop for a sundowner. #Cruiseblogger #PandOCruises #cruiseship #crucero #carnivalcruises #oceanterminal #croisiere #crociera #shipphotography #southampton #britannia #sea #cruise #cruiseaddict #cruiseblog #cruiseblogger #cruisecollection #cruisecollective #cruisegram #cruiseholiday #cruiselife #cruiseline #cruiselover #cruises #cruiseship #cruiseships #cruisetime #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruising

When your sunset sail-away is like something from another world. 📸@cruisewithamber 🛳 @pandocruises Britannia

Counting down the days until I sea this view again. What type of cruise itinerary do you prefer - more port days? More sea days or a balance of both? It the itinerary the main reason you choose your cruise or is the ship the destination? Let me know which you prefer with the emojis below 😎I prefer more sea days 😍I prefer more port days 🤩I prefer a balance of both

Do you choose the same area of the ship when booking your cabin? I do. I tend to prefer aft balconies looking out over the ship’s wake – mainly because you have some spectacular views - such as this one taken at sailaway from Cartaghena aboard P&O cruises Britannia. I find that aft balconies looking out at the back of the ship can often be bigger and deeper than most other standard balconies on board. On a sea day you can sit on your balcony and be quite sheltered from the wind. On P&O ships, the aft is where you’ll also find the kids clubs, so it’s super convenient for us as parents to have quick access to these facilities - plus the aft lifts are usually much quieter than the mid-ship lifts. The aft may not be for everyone. You do feel a bit more movement than midship cabins and there is a longer walk to the forward and miship amenities. You might also feel some vibration in the early morning as the ship docks at port. But these things are vastly outweighed by the positives for me – which is why you’ll usually find me at the aft with a balcony overlooking the wake. Which is what I have on P&O cruises Iona in August. So follow along for more photos of what an aft balcony is like on this new ship and feel free to ask me any questions.

What’s the first thing you do when you get on board ship? Let me know with an emoji: 🛌 head to the cabin 🍹order a drink 🍔 head to the buffet 💆🏼‍♀️head to the spa 😎Pool time 🛳 explore the ship If you’re travelling with kids, then a top tip of mine is to pack swimming gear in your carry on bag. This allows you to head straight for the pool area so the kids can get changed and get straight on for a splash around, leaving you to grab a table, order a drink and spend a relaxing first day on board until muster. This is what we did on embarkation day when we sailed to the Norwegian Fjords in August 2019. Azura’s pools (pictured) looked so inviting and after a quick change the kids were straight in the pool. They had the pool to themselves for a whole hour before they decided they were hungry enough to take a break and fill up on some poolside pizza and fries. We then headed back to our cabin to get changed and ready for muster, then it was sailaway which we spent at Azura’s ‘secret deck’ which was super quiet and gave us awesome views of the transit through Southampton Water

Everyone loves a secret deck. Do you know of a secret deck on a ship you’ve sailed on? Even on the busiest of ships, you’re guaranteed to find a quiet spot to chill out. On each ship I’ve sailed, I’ve always managed to find ‘the secret deck’. It’s an extra bonus if it’s a sunny one, like this one on Britannia. (🤫🤐It’s at the aft on Deck 7 - but shhhh it’s just our secret)

I know a lot of cruisers fall into ‘team inside cabin’ or ‘team balcony’. If you are on a budget, opting for an inside cabin is great as it can allow you to cruise more often and you can still capture sunrises like this from the ship. But boy oh boy! Shots like this are so much easier with a balcony cabin. - Plus you can still be in your PJs and no one will give you strange looks 😆😂😎 Are you team ‘inside cabin’ or ‘team balcony’ - comment with an emoji to let me know below. 😍 = Team Inside Cabin 😎= Team Balcony Cabin 📸 @cruisewithamber - P&O cruises Britannia, 2018 . . . . . . . . . . #instadaily #sunshine #msccrociere #royalcaribbean #mscvirtuosa #disneycruise #photooftheday #beautiful #instagood #cruisephotography #cruise #shipphotography #sailor #travelblogger #travel #travelphotography #travel #cruiseship #odysseyoftheseas #carnivalmardigras #disneywish #iona #carnivalcruise #royalcaribbean #shipvideo #shiplife #pandocruises #msc #ships #travelvideo #british #celebritycruises

It’s Wake Wednesday. In my opinion, these are the best views to wake up to as well. Waking up at the wake is the essence on cruising as far as I’m concerned. No other holiday comes close to this. It’s also one of the reasons why I love aft balcony cabins so much. What do you think makes cruising so unique as a holiday? 📸 @cruisewithamber - P&O Cruises Britannia, 2018

When I’m on board, I try to take as many photos of the views out to sea as possible. They are useful memories to save and keep tucked away for rainy days. It’s not raining today, but now and again, I just need a splash of vitamin sea to start my day. I hope you have a great day. 📸 MSC Virtuosa, May 2021, @cruisewithamber

It’s Monday and these are the only Monday Blues I like. I wish you fair winds and following seas and plain sailing through the course of this week. Do you have any exciting plans lined up? Or are you just looking forward to the weekend? Who is embarking a cruise this week? Pop your comments below and I’ll give you a shout out on my stories. 📸 P&O Cruises Azura’s bow, August 2019 @cruisewithamber

Not long to go until I’m back on @pandocruises Britannia. My balcony won’t be as big as my last one back in July 2018, but Britannia is going to be as epic as usual. I can’t wait.

Do you want to know where to find me on a ship? At the aft. If there’s a bar there too- even better. Where will I usually find you on ship?

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