Sheri Griffiths

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Sheri Griffiths and her family are California based content creators focused on providing practical tips and advice to new and seasoned cruisers. CruiseTipsTV’s audience enjoys following Sheri and her family as they travel the world by ship, visiting destinations like Japan, Mexico, Alaska, and the Caribbean. Sheri has experienced 32 cruises on 6 cruise lines, and was named one of Porthole Cruise Magazine’s 10 Travel Influencers Changing How We Vacation. CruiseTipsTV partners with, Porthole Cruise Magazine, and travel brands like eBags and Travelon.

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🐪 Camels, tequila and tacos, OH MY! Catch today's BRAND new vlog from our Royal Princess stop in Cabo San Lucas! Link in profile and stories! 🐪 #comebacknew

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10 Days of Gratitude, Day 6...ok so I got behind this week friends, but we’re back! I wish I could recall which podcast introduced me to the idea to create a “low cost self care list.” Basically, it’s an alternative to refer to when you want to do something unhealthy, like sit on the couch, or grab a cocktail (or both), but know you’d be better off making another choice. And if we’re being honest, the holidays were an indulgent time! My body needs a break from the “good life”. So today, I’m thankful for my trusty self care list. Some of this stuff costs nothing, some I budget for. . Here are just a few of mine: 🌺Writing in my planner or journal. Taking 1-2 minutes and jotting down crazy ideas, dreams, misses and hits feels SO good. I used to hate the word “journal”, but now, I look at it as a way to record my highs and lows throughout the year. I love looking BACK at it each December to take a glimpse at life, because it’s so easy to miss those little details. . 🌺Exercise! A quick walk outside after work, no matter the weather with my son is something that I love to do, and truly miss during these dark daylight savings months. We chat, he throws rocks and pulls branches off trees, and I just BREATHE. I also love my monthly membership to @shinedancefitness online and my Saturday morning Pilates class. . 🌺A daily bath with epsom salts from Costco. Aaah, enough said. This doesn’t cost much, and is probably my my most looked forward to splurge. . 🌺A bit more splurgey, but still great- the inexpensive massage place on the corner. Normally, a monthly massage would NOT be part of my budget, but at $25 for a 40 minute massage, I can skip a latte and some avocado toast to make this “splurge” a priority now and then. . 🌺I also cherish my early morning coffee on the couch and my quiet commute. Seeing the sunrise and staring my day in silence sets me up to tackle whatever lies ahead! . What are YOUR self care rituals? Any new ones for 2020?

It’s here! Our Royal Princess start-to-finish embarkation day experience is LIVE! Dance, dine and toast with us to the start of a wonderful week in the Mexican Riviera. #sponsored Link in bio 🎬

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Exciting news! Our embarkation day vlog from #RoyalPrincess Premieres tomorrow (Tuesday January 7). Time TBA soon.

10 Days of Gratitude: Day 5 I’m thankful for the moments spent in the kitchen with Junior. If you follow our Instagram stories, you know that my son and I spent a fair amount of time cooking & baking together this past year. When he was little, inviting him to cook with me meant a HUGE mess and a lot deep breaths. His skills and cooperation are improving (he’s a great prep cook/chopper, and he knows how to crack eggs, and operate the Kitchenaid mixer). Cooking with kids isn’t always easy (he is 100% BOY and likes to destroy the kitchen in the process- swipe left), but I wouldn’t trade this time for anything!

10 Days of gratitude- Day 4: I’m deeply thankful for Sunday mornings...the only day of the week where crawling back into bed is sometimes an option, and where I (usually) don’t feel “scheduled”. What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday morning?

10 Days of Gratitude, Day 3: In 2018 and 2019, I was honored to be featured by Porthole Cruise Magazine as one of their Top 10 Cruise Influencers. I first got to meet @cruisecontrolbp and the team when we filmed an episode together at #seatradecruiseglobal. The team at Porthole Cruise are wonderful, hard working & talented people who I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know over the past few years. To see the full article, and the other amazing creators on the list, click the link in my profile. What were you recognized for in 2019? Share with us!

10 Days of Gratitude, Day 2: I’m Thankful for this afternoon that lingered on at Nachi Cocom in Cozumel. So often, in our chaotic lives, it feels the time just flies by. This day was different. Time moved slowly, we weren’t rushed, and I was so thankful to be IN the moment. What moments were you most thankful for last year?