Cozy Rosati

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BE YOU. DO YOU. FOR YOU. ⚡️ • Thrifted Fashion • Plant Based • Tik Tok (88K) ✩ CEO @thriftedbycozy @cozysconsulting ✩ @celsiusofficial Partner

Member Since NOVEMBER 27, 2020
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This is your daily reminder to eat your veggies 🌱 and to go on an all day adventure to small surrounding cities to go to thrift shopping 🛍

Absolutely loving my new designer scents: YSL Libre and Good Girl by Carolina Herrera ✨ . is only $9.72 for your first month (30 day supply of your favorite or new designer fragrance. With free shipping and exchanges on over 800 fragrances, you have absolutely nothing to lose 💞 . What’s your favorite fragrance? Comment Below 👇🏽 . . 🎶 @richmusicrich

... it’s been raining in Texas every day for the past week, so I’m reminiscing on Sunny days with @akoyacompany 🌞

An exploring new cities kind of Sunday ✨ . . Have you ever felt, “If I did X then Y would happen.” I always felt that way about moving, but was always way too comfortable to do so. I felt strongly about needing this change, but was honestly so scared.... SO I made a game plan and did it. . Honestly, it was the best decision ever!!! I’m not sure if Austin will be my forever home (Too crowded 🥴)... but Texas in general is my place 🤩 Anyways, I’m glad that I made that scary leap because I’m seeing crazy growth within myself and within my business. MAKE THAT JUMP, BABY ✨

Gloomy weather, but still hanging by the pool kind of Friday ✨ . What are your plans for the weekend? Swipe to see my self care agenda⚡️

“I turned this thrifted scarf & necklace into a shirt” kind of aesthetic ✨

. . Okay, so as all of you know, I am totally obsessed with health and wellness, so it seemed perfect to partner with @biohmhealth in order to help with my personal gut issues 💖 . If you’re struggling as well, check out the link in my bio in order to see where your personal microbiome health stands ✨ #Sponsored

Wake up and HUSTLE 🔥 . . I received a lot of awesome responses on my lunch/dinner plan story post this week, so if I were to make a post on how to plan out your meals for the week, would you be interested? Not a meal plan guide, but more of a recipe/ cooking guide 🍴Comment below 👇🏽

Find us where the wild things are 🌿✨

@rungum has a new announcement 🥁🥁🥁... Our wintergreen energy gum can now be found at your local @walmart checklane 🛍🛒 . . To put it simply—we are a sugar-free energy drink compressed into a piece of chewing gum allowing you get a caffeine boost you want without the harsh and acidic liquids in your stomach. Just a few minutes is all it takes to feel more alert, focused, and energized. . The best part? Our energy gum has zero calories plus it’s Sugar-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan-Friendly, and Aspartame Free ⚡️ . . 📸 @lookitsirving

. . Quick picnic outfit upgrade ✨Jewelry at accessible prices, so every day, and every occasion, can feel a little romantic 🌹

Since moving to Texas, I’ve definitely been on the hunt for new Vegan Costco finds 🌿 . ... and now, I get to start off each morning with @unclemattsorganic X @costco new Ultimate Immune Bundle 🍊 . With 300% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, 50% RDA of Vitamin D, 25% RDA of zinc, antioxidants, and elderberry- it’s definitely the way to go ✨ ... oh, and did I mention that it’s so delicious 🤩 . The best part is that Matt’s Organic is a family- owned company that is committed to sustainability, healthy living, and having a clean label 🌱🏷

“My honest advice to anyone “wanting more” from life: MOVE AWAY FROM YOUR HOMETOWN. You’ll finally become your true self, you stop caring what people think, and there’s a million times more support” ~Unknown Author of Quote . Swipe for a lil surprise BTS video 🤣 . . 📸 @_bobbyaustin_

Ya girl has gained some unwanted weight this quarantine 🥴 So ... New city means new workout plan with @jillianmichaels 💪🏽 Completely customizable workouts: ANYWHERE. ANY TIME.

. . Spent the day exploring my new city, and I couldn’t be happier 🤩 . . 🍴@project_pollo @souppeddler

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