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Organic period care delivered to your door + pads given to girls in need. Online + at Target stores nationwide.

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Reported: What You Need to Know About Miscarriage Before You Get Pregnant

Some women who have miscarriages very early in their pregnancy may never even know they were pregnant and would probably think they just got their period. Sometimes miscarriages require nothing but painkillers to treat any cramping and loved ones to comfort them, but other women (usually those who are further into their first trimester) may need to have the fetus surgically removed from their uterus (called dilation and curettage). While thoughts alone won’t prevent (or cause) a miscarriage, there is a lot of power in your mind and stressing yourself out over if it’s going to happen is not healthy. While it’s impossible for you or your doctor to tell the exact cause of a miscarriage, there are a few reasons, aside from chromosomal abnormality, that they occur:

Personal Essay: A Woman Scorned has Nothing on Menopausal Rage

In her book, Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women Over Fifty, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen delves into what it means to cross over into Crone. In chapter two of the book Audacious Aging, a collection edited by Stephanie Marohn, Dr. Bolen refers to the older woman as “a juicy old crone. And, no discussion on archetypes would be complete without mentioning Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and The Dangerous Old Woman series. The Value of Validation Could it be only that older women are tired of being dismissed?

Personal Essay: How Film Altered Sexual Consciousness

The more we watch film that delivers unrealistic expectations of our bodies and sex lives, the more we will feel like we don’t measure up. We might think watching films like an innocent act, but in some ways, we are innocent for thinking that we won’t be phased by them. It’s cold and distant, it’s contrived and fake, and it’s dangerous because it’s not real. The bodies we see are not like our bodies because real bodies come in all shapes, sizes, color, creed, and character—real bodies are diverse.

Getting Your Period at 8: Striking a balance between childhood and adulthood

The shame, however, definitively emerged when my teachers suggested I shouldn’t talk to my fellow classmates about having my period, and that I keep a spare pair of pants in the back of the room in case I “had an accident. I’m not sure if my peers lived their lives in blissful ignorance in regard to periods until seventh grade, but that’s the first time I remember receiving any factual information about menstruation. This reaction is not isolated to Trump; but rather, such thoughts about female hormonal-ness and fickleness have become staple emotions associated with menstruation, thus effectively negating a female’s displeasure or anger or frustration in any situation. The list is limitless, but the result is the same: When people assume a female is on her period simply because she displays any form of negative emotion, the emotion in question is deemed irrational and, thus, made invalid.

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