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Hello, I'm Jenn Mitchell, a Boston Area Mom covering Family, Travel, Healthy Living, Fitness and Fun! I have a loyal following of over 100k followers. I'm a social media manager for a number of companies and brand ambassador for Naturepedic organic mattresses. My team of influencers can reach a wide and varied audience. My network also included a large number of people of color to assure your campaign show inclusivity, which is extra important these days.

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I’ve been wanting to try more plant based eating, but I’m lazy about finding recipes, shopping for the groceries, and cooking. With Veestro meals, I get 10 delicious meals delivered to my door every 2 weeks. Since my family doesn’t like eating plant based, they’re all mine YUMMMMM!! While I did get a set of meals for free a while ago, this is not a promotional post. I am simply IN LOVE with @veestrofood meals. Have you ever tried them? Do you eat plant based meals?

Apple picking is a big thing in New England. Have you ever been? Do you have a favorite apple? I’m a huge Honey Crisp fan, but this time we picked Macintosh apples. Are there any fall activities you do year after year? 🍁 🍎 🍁 🍏 #montobermom

I love the way Kelly @the_car_mom shares a realistic view of her life when she reviews cars. Here’s her take on Volkswagen ID 4 Electric Car. I totally want one of these. “A day in my life? Daycare drop off, A 27 mile commute to work, a Costco run, a lunch meeting, a 27 mile commute back, daycare pick up and then finally back home. Sound familiar to anyone? What if I told you I did it all in an electric vehicle? Driving this @vw ID4 for the week has really opened my eyes and shown me how versatile EVs can be for families. “ Want your electric vehicle questions answered? See the video linked in my bio. Photo: @the_car_mom #VWid4 #shedriveselectric #ad @agirlsguide2cars

I’m starting a new feature on the feed sharing helpful information about living healthier and happier. I hope you enjoy it. Today’s focus is #emotionaleating I’m certainly guilty of it from time to time. Keeping these #helpfultips in mind may help you control those cravings for #comfortfoods Comment if there’s a particular topic you’d like me to cover. #hunnyalwayswins

I’m finally admitting that’s it’s time to break out the fall decor. I do love mums this time of year. How about you? #octcolorchanges

What’s your favorite international city? #throwbackpic God I miss international travel 🧳 Paris is one of my favorite cities. We are finally getting on a plane to Florida later this fall, but getting back overseas is the goal for next summer. I’d love to go to Spain or Portugal next.

Doesn’t lemonade in the summer just make you smile? I like to make it fresh without too much sugar so it’s tart and refreshing. Can’t you almost taste it? #ad Unfortunately, my enjoyment turns to pain if I have a canker sore.  Have you ever had mouth pain like a toothache, gum pain or canker sore like me? It’s just the worst if you have to miss out on the foods and drinks you love most. Well swipe left to see my secret solution. OK, it’s not a big secret, but it is amazing! Look no further than Anbesol®’s fast relief, oral pain relieving gel. The gel is so convenient for application, and it’s easy to keep on hand in my medicine cabinet! So, make your favorite summer drinks for the last few days of summer and let’s cheers! Use as directed. #FromOwToWow #AnbesolPartner @anbesolpainrelief #sponsored #summerstillherre

Even at 50, I struggle with imposter syndrome. (AD) At times I wonder if I deserve to be successful. I am amazingly proud of my role as a mother, but I sometimes doubt the quality of my professional work. Working in social media is challenging to explain to others. People say, "you get paid for that?" Comments like these put seeds of doubt in my mind. Am I good enough to work for myself? Do I charge too much for my work? I see some of my male friends charge far more than I do. Even with lower social media reach than me, I've watched them get fantastic assignments. Why should I doubt that I can do this too? It's ingrained in so many women to say yes. I say yes to jobs below my value because I don't know when the next one will be available. I've said yes to jobs that some of my male friends have passed on to me because an assignment is below their rates. Women, especially women of color, are entirely undervalued in the workplace and paid less than their male counterparts, particularly white men. I've definitely been there. When I was in the corporate world, I always worked under male management, and I ALWAYS made them look good. I took on the tasks they didn't want to do. I improved the business without any help from them. I know I'm not alone in this type of situation. When I am frazzled by deadlines, my daughter may hear me say things like, "why did I say yes to all of these projects at once." Or "They are not paying me enough for this." What kind of message am I sending to her. I'm proud work with @disruptaging to help change the narrative about women in the workplace through all ages and stages of life. Follow the #disruptaging hashtag to read other stories that will hopefully inspire you to work toward changing outdated stereotypes. Today, I know my worth, and I am not afraid to ask for it. Celebrate your own value today and pass it on!

I haven’t posted my sweet pup in a while so here she is. You’re welcome. 😀 Do you have a dog? If not, any pets? #rescuedogsrock #adoptadog #mixedbreeddog #puppyfaces #dogstagram #cutestdogs #sweetdogs #furryfriend #furbabylove #dogowner #petoftoday #adorabledog #puppyplay #brightbutcloudyy

Better health and wellness is something that I think we’re all looking for. After all, we feel so much better when we’re healthy, don’t we? It’s no secret that I’m on a constant journey to better health and wellness. One of the ways I continue that journey is by always looking for products that can help me feel my best. When I find ones I really like, I always want to share them with my followers. I’ve been meaning to try Apple Cider Vinegar for ages. I have heard so many good things about its health benefits. @bragg is the world’s leading producer of Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s been going it since 1912, so Bragg knows a thing or two. A daily dose of this vinegar is loaded with organic acids, enzymes, and strands of “The Mother” prebiotic. All work together to help control appetite and maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. You can use the code: BABBLE10 at to try Apple Cider Vinegar for yours get 10% off your order. 🔗 in profile. #fallwellnessBBxx #bragg #applecidervinegar

I can’t believe my daughter is growing up so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was a toddler? AD After a crazy 2020 with virtual school, she’s excited to be heading back to school and dance classes. She practices about 12 hours a week so it’s important that she stay strong and healthy. I just love watching her dance! She’s always been hesitant to take vitamins or supplements in pill form. I’m not a big fan of bitter pills or powders either, which is why I’m so glad I found LifeableVitamins. They are not only good for you, but they also taste amazing! My daughter never hesitates to take them. Maintaining good family health with immunity support is especially important to me as she heads back to school. I’m also making a commitment to improve my health through my diet and daily exercise. It’s been a while since I’ve laced up my shoes for a run, but I’m determined to get back out there. Lifeable Vitamin B12 (Adults) is just one of the supplements that helps me feel like I am doing a little something extra to try to stay strong. @lifeablehealth has a wide assortment of some of the newest supplements available to you in gummy form. I’m talking as delicious as candy. YUM!! Guess what? There’s also free shipping no matter the size of your order on Try them for yourself and your family today. #lifeable #immunesupport #healthylife

My father just rented a house in East Atlantic Beach New York. I don’t want to leave. It’s so pretty here. Swipe to see the ocean. #lifesbetteratthebeach #beachdayz #bytheseaside #oceanviews #walkonthebeach #toesinthesand #porchdecor #pillowprint #wickerfurniture #watchingthewaves #oceanwaves #atlanticocean🌊 #coastaldecor #coastalhome #sundayyteatime

As a women of a “certain age,” products that improve the look and feel of my skin a extremely important to me. AD I’ve been a long time user of @vichyusa, but I’m new to the Mineral 89 Probiotic face serum. After just a few weeks, I started to see improvement in my the radiance and texture of my skin. After a few more weeks, the fine lines on my face are definitely less noticeable. The product is formulated with mineral-rich Vichy volcanic water, vitreoscilla ferment and niacinamide. These ingredients help fight the signs of aging and accelerate skin barrier repair. Anything that protects my skin gets a huge thumbs up 👍 from me. See the link in my profile to find out more about my new favorite product. #vichylover #vichyusa #niacinamide #serum #Mineral89 #fallwellnessBBxx #backtomunday

If you could buy any car, what would it be? I’m thinking the @volkswagen ID 4 will be our next car. We’ve wanted to go electric for a while. How about you? Do you have a dream car?

Nothing is worse than a canker sore that makes eating my favorite foods a painful experience. I’m all about fresh fruit like peaches, plums and melon this time of year, and I want to make the most of it before summer comes to an end. Biting into a juicy peach is ruined when I have a canker sore.  #AD So what’s a girl to do? I turn to Anbesol®’s fast relief, oral pain relieving gel. It turns my Ow to Wow so I can still enjoy the foods I love. I always have some in my medicine cabinet. It also worked wonders for my kid’s gum pain when they had braces. Anbesol comes in a convenient gel, like I keep in my home, and also a liquid, so it’s applicable for many uses! . Whether you have a canker sore like me, a toothache, denture pain or gum pain, Anbesol can help provide immediate relief from oral pain. It’s also easy to find at many of the places you shop like your local drug or grocery store. Use as directed. #FromOwToWow #AnbesolPartner @anbesolpainrelief #sponsored #turningleavestime

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