Heather Wibbels - Cocktail Contessa

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Get your product in front of a bevvy of whiskey cocktail lovers and mixology geeks. Creating unique craft cocktails for individuals and brands as well as educating home mixology enthusiasts on cocktail basics and creative applications of flavor.

Location Louisville, KY
Country United States of America
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@copperandkings Apples to Apple dinner was out of this world. AND because we had a small group we got to do special tastings on the distillery floor and in the cellar. One was of a pechuga apple-ham they called Hamdy and one with duck they were calling Dandy. Plus tastings of their grape and apple brandy and three ciders from @vandermill cidery. Delicious and fun and expertly paired #copperandkings #vandermillcider

MY FAVORITE COASTERS SMELL LIKE BEER BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT: So everyone's going to be posting green drinks today, but I'm going a different route. I'm drinking what I think leprechauns would drink - something booze and sweet - something you might regret later, but was totally fun in the moment. So, a Guiness- Whisky Float. Yup. That's right. An adult float topped not with root beer but with chocolatey, coffee tasting stout beer that make you feel right at home in fields of clover. Or something like that. As kids my parents would come in in the middle of the night and turn over drawers, pull clothes all over the floor, turn pictures upside down, and general wreak havoc in the room - pretending that leprechauns had gotten into our things and left us tiny little treats and gifts. We never had a lot of money, but we always had fun on any holiday - whatever the excuse. It was only years later we found our family name should have been O'Brien instead of Wibbels. So I wanted to do something that was indulgent, fun and kid-like, but with whiskey and beer. So here's your Leprechaun Float (and not in a "we all float down here, Danny" kinda way) 2 oz Irish whiskey 3 oz Guinness or other Irish stout beer Chocolate ice cream More Guinness Tip - freeze the glass before hand, and mix the whiskey and stout together in the glass before adding the ice cream and topping with a little more stout as needed. #cocktailcontessa #bestcocktails #bourbonismycomfortfood #cheatingonbourbon #bourbonwomen #cocktailoftheday #irishwhiskey #stpaddys #cocktailvideo #cocktailgeek #cocktailsathome #cocktaillover #bartender #mixologist #advancedmixology #barconventbrooklyn #cocktailgeek

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