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Get your product in front of a bevvy of whiskey cocktail lovers and mixology geeks. Creating unique craft cocktails for individuals and brands as well as educating home mixology enthusiasts on cocktail basics and creative applications of flavor.

Location Louisville, KY
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 09, 2020
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A BITTER GHOST: MEZCAL + CYNAR + APPLE - Last riff on an old fashioned for Old Fashioned Week -this one with a split base of smoky mezcal, bitter cynar and sweet apple molasses with a touch of reposado to smooth things out. 🔥 I wanted something smoky and bitter to close out the week and this cocktail starts off aggressive and sweetens as it dilutes over ice. If you love bitter cocktails, you must mix this up! 🔥 I had an idea that the apple molasses from last week (reduced apple cider) would play well with cynar with its vegetal notes and I was right. Add in the smoke from the mezcal and you've got a striking cocktail perfect to sip as the sun goes down.  🔥 I'm calling it A Bitter Ghost because of bitter and smoke flavors. Add in a freshly charred cinnamon stick and you have a bitter fall evening cocktail. Perfect as we get closer to the time change in a week or two. 🔥 So mix this lovely up if you're an amaro or bitter fan. You can always sub out whiskey for the reposado tequila, but you won't have the flavor tie in with the Cynar's vegetal notes. Still an excellent smoky cocktail, though. Bitter Ghost - Mezcal Cynar Old Fashioned 1 oz reposado tequila (I used @espanita_tequila ) 1/2 oz mezcal 1/2 oz @cynarusa 1/4 oz apple molasses** 2 droppers gingerbread bitters **reduce 8 cups of fresh apple cider over medium heat until reduced to 1 cup. . . . . #applecocktail #mezcal #mexcalcocktail #oldfashioned #oldfashionedweek #finallyfriday #happyhour #drinkstagram #cocktailcontessa #bestcocktails #drinkresponsibly #amarococktails #amaro #disgestivo #cocktailart #flame #flamingcocktail #homebartender #mixlologist #mixologistlife #bartender #bartenderlife #whereisthewhiskey #applemolasses #fallcocktail #cocktailrecipe #easycocktail #spiritedcocktail

IRISH WHISKEY + PEAR + FIG = AWESOMENESS. I'm firmly season-centric with this pear and fig smash/sour with @mcconnellsirishwhisky Irish whisky. I've had some pears and left over figs, and that made me think of a lovely pear/fig compote. Of course everything is better in cocktail form, so I got out the Irish Whisky to play with these fall flavors. . First, about McConnells. You all know I love whiskey, but mostly dabble in American whiskies. A lot of Irish whiskies seem too tame to me. But this McConnell's has a finish and taste that really reminds me of bourbon. According to the label it's aged in bourbon barrels, so perhaps that's where it's getting those more aggressive notes. . But it's definitely one I'll be sipping neat and working with for cocktails.  . On the nose you can definitely tell it's an Irish whisky. But I get a lot of dried apple and pear notes in the aromas, with that faint grain/barley note common in Scotch and Irish whisky. This particular whisky has a blend of single malt and grain whiskey and perhaps it's the grain whisky that's giving the taste that extra kick. Flavor wise, the mouthfeel is on the sides and back of the mouth, leading to a great, malty finish. There's a back note of smoke in the finish, and it's a love neat sipper for me. . This cocktail muddles figs and ripe pears with some Besamim spiced liqueur, full of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice. Add some lemon, simple, Irish whisky and dash of bitters and you've got a great cocktail. . If you don't have the Basamin from @sukkahhillspirits, a little all spice dram will do. . A'PEAR'antly Oblivious 2 slices fresh pear, chopped @usapears 2 small fresh figs 1/4 oz Besamim spiced liqueur 1/2 lemon, juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 2 oz @mcconnellsirishwhisky 1 egg white Shake for 30-60 seconds, double strain into a chilled coupe. #irishwhisky #whiskeylife #whiskeylover #homebartender #whiskeysour #foam #pears #usapears #lemon #sour #cocktailfun #imbibe #tasteeverything #whiskytasting #cocktaillover #drinkstagram #imbibe #feedfeed #cocktailcontessa #figs #figcocktail #its5oclocksomwhere #cocktailrecipe #drinksgasm #bartender #bartenderlife. #artofdrinks

RAMOS MOCK FIZZ: Reposted from @kentuckybourbontrail Consider the show STOPPED! The @cocktail_contessa has dreamed up this mile high mocktail and we’re here for it. This one has all of the pageantry with none of the alcohol. Bust out those shakers and get ready to blow your own mind! Go to the link in her bio for the full history of the Ramos Gin Fizz and tips on how to make the perfect “mock-off” version. #mocktober2020 • “This beautiful, fancy Ramos Gin Fizz mocktail needs to be on your to-do list for Sober October. Being sober shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavors and appearance of a well-constructed beverage. The Ramos Gin Fizz is known for its high head of foam rising up above the rim of the glass, and in this version, we omit the gin and add some blueberry simple as the syrup to get a gorgeous purple color. This no proof version of the traditional cocktail tastes like a cross between a creamy blueberry milkshake and a slightly tart raspberry mousse. The citrus cuts down on the sweetness from the simple syrup, and the cinnamon infusion of the blueberry syrup adds a layer of spice to the overall creaminess. It is heaven in every sip. My only complaint is that it’s gone too soon.” • Blueberry Ramos Mock Fizz (Full instructions in link in bio) 2 oz tangerine herbal tea 1 oz heavy cream 1 oz lime juice 1 oz blueberry cinnamon simple syrup** 1 egg white 3 dashes ginger bitters @hellabittersandsoda 2-3 oz ginger beer @regattacraftmixers Garnish: mint sprig • . ** Blueberry Cinnamon Simple Syrup 2 cups blueberries 1.5 cups sugar ½ cup water 4 cinnamon sticks . . . . #soberoctober #mocktail #lowproof #noproof #ramosginfizz #blueberry #lemon #tangerine #whippingcream #lime #kentuckybourbontrail #gingerbeer #cocktailart #homebartender #drinkresponsibly #fancydrink #cocktailrecipe #mocktailrecipe #cocktailcontessa #bestcocktails #feedfeed

PB&J OLD FASHIONED - Reliving your favorite childhood lunch through cocktails. . . What a perfect way to spend your Tuesday. It's still #oldfashioned week so I'm sticking to my roots and giving you another fun old fashioned to play with. . Have you tried peanut butter whiskey yet? What did you think? I didn't think I would be a fan, but peanut butter whiskey has sweet and savory applications, and it's fun to see where you can take it.  . I've actually been wondering lately if Australia has vegemite liqueur. Anyone know? . The full recipe is on the blog (link in bio as always) , but I've kept this one simple. So simple, in fact, it's a breeze to batch for the week or company. Instructions over on the website in the article. . The key to the flavor is creating a simple syrup using concord grape juice, not using the jelly. It makes a huge impact on the mouthfeel and appearance of the cocktail. No tiny balls of jelly at the bottom of your mixing glass or cocktail. . Pb&J Old Fashioned (Full recipe via link in bio) -bourbon, 90-100 proof -peanut butter whiskey -concord grape simple -aromatic bitters -strawberry sassafras bitters . . . . . #pbj #peanutbutterandjelly #peanutbuttercocktail #concordgrapejelly #flavoredwhiskey #bourbonlover #bourbonlife #its5oclocksomewhere #punchdrink #cocktailfun #homebartender #easycocktails #cocktailrecipe #oldfashioned #oldfashionedweek @elijahcraig #mixologyfun #cocktailcontessa #bourbonwomen #bestcocktails #myfavoritedrink #drinkstagram #cocktaillife #pbjcocktail #bourbonlife #imbibe

Smores Old Fashioned for @bourbonwomen : October Cocktail. . . Is it fall without an evening full of fires and s’mores? Not for me, so I wanted to recreate the flavors of the s’more with a whiskey kick and came up with this easy old fashioned. If you’d rather not make your own marshmallow simple syrup like I did, several coffee syrup makers have toasted marshmallow syrups to use for cocktails and coffees. Full directions in link in bio S'mores Old Fashioned 1.75 oz bourbon  ¼ oz crème de cocoa or chocolate whiskey ½ oz toasted marshmallow syrup (homemade or store-bought)** 16 drops Bittermen’s Xocolotl Mole chocolate bitters  1 barspoon peated whiskey or mezcal Garnish: torched marshmallow or s’more, or be extra and make a melted chocolate and graham cracker crust rim Combine bourbon, chocolate whiskey, toasted marshmallow syrup and bitters in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass with one large cube. Garnish with a torched marshmallow or a full-on s’more. ** Both Torani and Monin make toasted marshmallow syrup to be used for coffee, cocktails, hot chocolate, desserts, etc.  Toasted Marshmallow Syrup recipe: Combine 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a saucepan. Add 12 toasted marshmallows (toasted only, not completely charred). Heat until the marshmallows are melted, and all the sugar is dissolved. It will still look foamy and creamy from the marshmallows but should be fully liquid. Let cool fully. Strain through a metal sieve to catch the charred bits and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. You may need to strain off the foam at the top of the syrup, it will make your cocktail cloudy. Or you could just serve it in a mug.  #cocktailcontessa #bourbonwomen #fallcocktail #bourboncocktail #smorescocktail  #marshmallow #bourbonwhiskey #chocolatecocktail #imbibegram #drinkup #bestcocktails #fires #toastedmarshmallow #whiskeylover

COOKIE INFUSION FTW - SHORTBREAD INFUSED BOURBON + EARL GREY = INSANE COCKTAIL.So, you know how I've been playing with infusions lately, and you saw the Afternoon Tea Toddy with the Shortbread infused bourbon? 🍪 It's #OldFashionedWeek - I'm hitting the shortbread flavor with an Earl Grey simple syrup (all that lovely bergamot), some Earl Grey Bitters and Lavender bitters. 🍵 Good Lord, it was a good cocktail.  🍪 Garnished with a cookie, each sip was a food pairing.  🍵 The shortbread infusion lost about 25% of its volume in the straining, but it leaves the bourbon with this extreme creaminess. The butter in the whisky just gives it this beautiful mouthfeel. Paired with the dryness from the Earl Grey tea simple syrup and bitters it is just a delight.  🍪 Can I admit that I enjoyed it so much I didn't get to typing up the recipe and link to it until much later that evening? 🍵 While you can make this without the lavender bitters, they really add a level of floral notes that intertwine with the bergamot and round out the flavor profile in a balanced way. 🍪 'Earl'y to Rise Old Fashioned (full recipe in link in bio) -shortbread cookie-infused old fashioned @elijahcraig -Earl Grey simple syrup -Earl Grey bitters @1821bitters -Lavender bitters @scrappysbitters Garnish: lemon or orange peel and a shortbread cookie @walkersshortbread . . . . #cocktailcontessa #feedfeed #bestcocktails #oldfashionedcocktail #whiskeycocktail #bourboncocktail #happyhour #drinksfordays #whiskeyinfusion #boozeinfusion #whiskeylover #bourbonlife #bourbonwomen #imbibe #chilledmagazine #thebourbonreview #kentuckybourbontrail #louisvillelove #teacocktail #earlgrey #lavender #garnishfun #cookie #shortbreadcookie #cookiesandcocktails #funwithdrinks @elijahcraig #cookiecocktail

FIRST DAY OF OLD FASHIONED WEEK: APPLE OLD FASHIONED. I never get tired of fall flavors, and that apple molasses from last week evokes all kinds of fall memories and associations. What's your favorite spirit with apples? I'll let you guess mine. 🍎 That's right, whiskey! How ever did you guess? 🍎 I'm back with an Apple Old Fashioned - made with 100 proof bourbon, maple syrup, that amazing apple molasses and the perfect combination of bitters.If you didn't see the previous post with the Caramel Apple Old Fashioned, the apple molasses is fresh apple cider reduced down to 1/8th its volume. Concentrated apple cider. In a cocktail it imparts the essence of apple, both tart and sweet.  🍎 Coincidentally it's amazing on ice cream and any baked goods. That's why I had to make a second batch for this cocktail.  🍎 Some days I wish apples were as popular as PSL, but that's OK, I'll stick to apples for my fall fascination.  🍎 The full recipe, and a link to that amazing apple molasses is available via in the link in my bio. I also walk you through considerations in choosing a base spirit to go with it. 🍎 If you like apples, you MUST make apple molasses. Seriously.  🍎 Apple Old Fashioned (full recipe via link in bio) -bourbon (but ryes and Canadian whiskies would be fabulous, too) @willettdistillery Johnny Drum -maple syrup aged in a bourbon barrel @watsonsbarrelagedsyrup -apple molasses -@oldforester Bohemian bitters -@woodfordreserve Sorghum and Sassafras bitters -Garnish: apple and cinnamon . . . . . #kybourbontrail #bourbonwomen #bourbonlover #cocktailcontessa #feedfeed #bestcocktails #applecider #applecocktail #fridayfunday #happyhour #drinkmorebourbon #maplecocktail #maplesyrup #bitters #garanishgame #foodphotography #cocktailporn #cinnamonstick #whiskeylover #cidercocktail #imbibe #feedfeed #oldfashionedweek #oldfashionedcocktail

RUM TIKI OLD FASHIONED ON THE WAY- How do you riff off the old fashioned? I want to hear how you've mixed up old fashioneds with tweaks and variations to make a kick ass cocktail. Tell me more! . #Oldfashionedweek starts tomorrow in Louisville, but I'm starting today because a) whiskey b) cocktails. I'm kicking it off with a non-traditional old fashioned. I'm using an lovely aged rum as the base and a touch of that fall simple syrup I made up last week (link in bio), some coconut rum and some spiced bitters. . It's heavenly to drink, especially as the days are shorter and I'm already missing summer and tropical drinks. The thing is, Tiki drinks revel in fall flavors and using ginger, spices, rum and cinnamon flavors evokes fall to me. . For the full recipe, head to the link in my bio, because this is a tiki keeper. . Rum Tiki Old Fashioned (full recipe in link in bio) -aged rum @ronviejo -fall triple simple syrup -coconut rum -@oldforester smoked cinnamon bitters -@bittermens Tiki bitters . . . . . #rum #rumcocktail #coconutrum #ginger #honey #triplesyrup #simplesyrup #cocktailcontessa #tiki #tikicocktail #oldfashionecocktail #feedfeed #imbibe #drinkpunch #bestcocktails #cocktailfun #its5oclocksomewhere #happyhour #tikilove #rumlover #drinks #honebartender #drinkoftheday #homemixology #barculture #signature drink #artofdrinks #cocktailporn #cocktailgram

BLUEBERRY SHERRY C. COMING AT YOU: For the sherry competition on @Vinepair I made a riff on the sherry cobbler with sherry, blueberry, coffee and rum – highlighting the individual flavor notes coming off the Oloroso. . With the NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Don Nuno Oloroso Sherry, the dried fruit and rich nuttiness made me think of rum and tiki drinks. But it had a ripe fruitiness to it that tasted like dried berries. . For this cocktail, I wanted berries, rum, and something rich and dark in flavor. This cocktail starts sweet, but with each sip, the coffee stays with you, the cognac and rum adding a deeper finish to the sherry. Meanwhile, the sherry stays nutty, and builds on the fruitiness of the blueberry syrup. . The Oloroso stays tart and dry, even over crushed ice, and it balances well with the blueberry and the coffee flavors. . I love this cocktail because with each taste and smell you can focus on a different component, the sherry, the blueberry, the coffee, or the rum. But then you can also feel how they blend together into this rich, fruity, nutty, mocha blend that takes the individual flavors I taste in the sherry and amplifies them. . The best cocktails are more than a sum of their parts, and the flavors inherent in the sherry expand and play as the ice melts, slowly edging to the sweeter side with the berry notes coming more to the forefront. So, you have the name – More than the Sum. MORE THAN THE SUM – a blueberry coffee cobbler 12 blueberries 1 orange wheel ½ oz blueberry-cinnamon simple syrup** 2.5 oz Oloroso Sherry (Lustau - Jerez Don Nuno Oloroso Sherry Bodega La Campana in Jerez de la Frontera ½ oz coffee cognac ½ oz aged rum Garnish: blueberries, orange wheel, mint Muddle berries, orange wheel and blueberry syrup in the bottom of a mixing tin. Add sherry, coffee cognac, and aged rum. Fill with ice, shake until icy. Strain into a sherry glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with blueberries, orange wheel and mint. **Blueberry-cinnamon syrup: 2 cups blueberries, ½ cup water, 1.5 cups sugar, 4 cracked cinnamon sticks. Cook over medium-low heat until berries burst.Remove from heat, let cool to room temp strain and refrigerate #sherryamc

COOKIE INFUSIONS = COMFORT COCKTAI: I posit we all have comfort drinks as well as comfort food we return to in times of stress. For me the hot toddy is one I fall back to once the weather cools and the days start to get shorter.  🍵 A few weeks back I put together a bourbon infusion with shortbread cookies. I hadn't used it yet as it was still letting it sit. It's getting better day by day. It's now this creamy, buttery bourbon infusion that smells and tastes amazing. 🍵 So I'll start with a toddy first, and because I've got the shortbread infused in the bourbon, I wanted to go with an afternoon tea theme. For this toddy I use a base of hot tea - Earl Grey in this case - and sweeten with a little maple sugar. Rather than add bitters, I dropped a lemon slice with a bit of clove in the top of the cocktail to add that touch of natural bitterness you get from lemon oil and clove.  🍋 Afternoon Tea Toddy 1.5 oz shortbread cookie infused bourbon 6 oz hot tea (I used Earl Grey) 1/2 lemon, juiced 2 barspoons maple sugar (can sub honey) Garnish: lemon slice with clove . . . . . . #bourbon #hottoddy #toddy #afternoontea #lemoncocktail #bourboncocktail #whiskeycocktail #morningcocktail #warmdrink #warmcocktail #fallcocktail #wintercocktail #cocktailcontessa #feedfeed #bourbonlife #whiskeylover #maplesugar #shortbreadcookie #bourboninfusion #infusedboubon #infusedwhiskey #clove #its5oclocksomewhere #happyhour #imbibe #moodycocktails #garnishgame #cocktailart

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