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CLEVER is the influencer marketing agency. This is not advertising. This is Real. At Scale.

Member Since MARCH 25, 2020
Social Audience 28K Last Month
  • Moz DA 45

This member has not connected a professional Instagram account.

  • Books and Literature
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pop Culture
Meet CLEVER Influencer — Adanna Dill

This month’s featured influencer is Adanna Dill of Rattles & Heels, your one-stop-shop blog for motherhood inspiration! Every post on Adanna’s blog is geared towards inspiring and encouraging moms from all walks of life. I take on campaigns that resonate with my lifestyle and it’s important to me to always give my audience content that’s valuable. Then I batch tasks, so I shoot all images at the same time, write on one day, batch edit, as well as schedule time to plan all of my social media shares for the week.

Meet CLEVER influencer — Kileen Valenzuela

My mainstream readers come to my blog for fashion so I try to have at least 3 style posts up each week (Tuesdays I also host a fashion link-up with my blogger friend Sandy a la Mode which is so much fun! ). I try to mix in at least 3 beauty posts a month as well as 2-3 parenting posts a month as well since I know there is also a growing segment of my readership that are new parents looking for tips on how I manage that aspect of my life as well. I try to avoid having back-to-back sponsored posts (although it has happened a couple times) and always try to find my own personal point-of-view on sponsored content. I also know that fashion-related content works best for my audience earlier in the week while family / lifestyle posts work well towards the end of the week.

Meet CLEVER influencer — Jessica Fay

This month’s featured blogger is Jessica Fay of Lipstick Heels I tend to not look at many fashion blogs to help keep my blog true to me and my own personal style. My favorite blogs tend to always be home decor blogs as well as health and fitness blogs. How do you put your own unique and personal twist on sponsored posts?

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