Clara Harrison

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Food, NBA, Parenting, Adoption and Foster Care, R&B/Soul, Arts, Fashion & Beauty, Trending, Animals ,Fitness & Wellness ,Health ,Home, Humor, and Lifestyle.

Location Pelzer, SC
Member Since JULY 30, 2018
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Foreclosure: What Does That Mean For You?

Additionally, did you receive a notification advising you of what you can do to repay the overdue amount of the loan, as well as additional interest fees, late charges, and any other fees associated with the defaulted loan? Because the laws vary from state to state, you will need to check with your state to learn what the mortgage company can do. Look at your mortgage agreement to be sure that your mortgage payment was calculated according to the agreement and if the company calculated the payment according to the federal laws related to mortgage loans. If unfortunately, the mortgage company has complied with both state and federal laws and the company proceeds with legal actions, you will get written notification of the legal action that was filed with the court and you will receive a summons (notification) of a court hearing.

I Didn’t Want A White Dad

They were asked if they wanted a new family that had a cat or a dog, or a family that went to church, or a family that lived in a big city. As I read the file, I saw that Charles and Brittany were in the same foster home, unfortunately, a therapeutic foster home, because they were having difficulty managing their feelings and were acting out. After reflecting on what I had learned, I realized that all during the years of working with the children and doing Lifebook work, I never asked either of them if they wanted a white mother or a black mother or a white father or a black father or a parent of another race or culture. Christopher attends biological family events, but his true family is the family that refused to give up on him and shows him the love that his first foster mother had done when he was five years old.

About Homeschooling Your Child

For various reasons, they believe their child’s educational, emotional, and social needs can best be met in a different educational environment. Homeschooling allows parents to become involved with the education of their children using untraditional educational opportunities for learning. In a home school setting, the physically challenged child’s educational needs may best be met in an educational environment that accommodates the physically need and challenges the child academically. In several comparative studies, research data found that homeschool children performed better on tests, were, in fact, receiving appropriate socialization, test higher on college entrance exams, and that there were no known negative effects of homeschooling.

Fleas Be Gone!!

Duke basically lives inside, but the is outside almost all-day running and playing with anything the can find in the yard. Simparica is a chewable tablet that works for 30 days and is very effective in killing flea eggs. Duke loves peanut butter, so we covered the tablet in peanut butter to make sure he ate it completely. It was difficult to believe that he had fleas since for over 30 years none of our other pets had ever had any and Duke has always been behind an invisible fence.

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