Christy Birmingham-Reyes

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Christy is an avid blogger who focuses on empowering women and healthy living. She has written for IBM, Angie’s List, and other leading organizations. At When Women Inspire, she blogs about health, lifestyle, inspiration, business, women’s issues, education, and more. She also writes static website pages for businesses around the globe too.

Location Victoria, BC
Country Canada
Member Since JUNE 20, 2018
Social Audience 41K
  • Moz DA 32

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This member has not connected a professional Instagram account.

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What are cancer screening types and ages to start?

Take care of your health by going to the doctor regularly too for check-ups and screenings to ensure your body is in tip-top shape without any anomalies or potential problems. Regular breast cancer screenings should begin at 40 and continue through end-of-life, however it is good practice to get into the habit of regularly performing at-home breast exams on yourself starting earlier. This handy chart shows the recommended ages for getting tested: Cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for American women, but that is no longer the case due to screenings that can identify it early enough for treatment. Stool Tests: Stool tests check for abnormalities in collected samples of stool after lab testing.

5 small ways to be more eco-friendly at home

If you are fed up with living a wasteful lifestyle and are looking to live a more eco-friendly one, the chances are you are a little lost and maybe overwhelmed with how to tackle it. Ideally, start by focusing on the smaller changes before you start to tackle the more difficult steps. Start a compost pile or bin to be more eco-friendly at home Instead, when it’s time to get a new one, consider buying one that uses energy in a smarter way.

Workouts benefit your mind too! Here's how

That is because physical exercise isn’t just beneficial in the physical realm, but mentally stimulating too. Working out and sculpting the body is something that has mannerisms of self-pride, self-love, and self-respect. Your mind is healthy, so your body is healthy, your body is healthy so your mind is healthy. It’s something that many people in the psychological world would attribute to the thinking pattern of the mind-body connection.

How to improve dental health after years of neglect

Below, let’s take a look at some ways to boost oral health and build better habits to prevent more issues from happening down the line. For example, you could try dental implant restorations if you’ve lost a tooth or if a dentist suggests removing the tooth to stop the pain that you’re experiencing right now. Cosmetic procedures are a long-term investment in your dental health and smile. Thus, they’re definitely worth considering as a way to fix years of dental health neglect.

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