Christy D Birmingham

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Christy is an avid blogger who focuses on empowering women and healthy living. She has written for IBM, Angie’s List, and other leading organizations. At When Women Inspire, she blogs about health, lifestyle, inspiration, business, women’s issues, education, and more. She also writes static website pages for businesses around the globe too.

Location Victoria, BC
Country Canada
Member Since JUNE 20, 2018
Social Audience 41K
  • Moz DA 33

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10 tips for giving better gifts

For instance, buying someone a new vacuum cleaner to replace their semi-broken one is a thoughtful and useful gift – and yet many of us would never buy such a gift. Another great gift idea could be to merge a loved one’s interests into one gift. If someone has recently had a baby, you could consider buying a gift for the baby, such as clothes or a gift for the mother such as some bath bombs. If you really want to keep that surprise element, you could always buy a decoy gift, pretend that you didn’t get them the gift they asked for, and then unveil the real gift at the last moment.

Set new goals in autumn to help you next year

But fall is actually a great time to consider making some lifestyle changes. Store these garments out of sight, whether it’s in vacuum storage under the bed, up in the attic, or in a storage locker until you want to wear them again next year. From there, you can decide what clothes you might want to re-sell on Depop or eBay, what you can donate, and what is torn or worn to the point that it is no longer salvageable. With the holiday season on the way, it could well be time to make set some savings objectives ahead of time.

Thanksgiving traditions to share with your family

Alongside the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert, you might start new traditions this year to make the occasion extra special. If you’re looking for one or two more traditions to add to the mix – a little like the extra ingredients you’ll Sure, you might insist on your family sitting down to dinner in their best outfits, but what about adding a little bit of creativity to the holiday? From sweet corn spoonbread to cranberry ice cream, check out these delicious food ideas, and consider adding them for your dinner table.

Active recovery days: 5 ideas for rest day activities

While supplemental health insurance can help you deal with the financial costs relating to health challenges, it’s best for you to be proactive with your health, not reactive. The benefits of exercise, as well as taking a rest day Working out and exercising can not only provide you with a healthier lifestyle and physical benefits, but it can also help with your mental health. While resting the muscles is better than going right back to a hard workout, some light active recovery can be great for your body and recovery. This activity is especially good for active recovery days as it helps your lower body stay flexible and get more blood circulating to your legs.

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