Chantel Rodriguez

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Chantel Rodriguez is a Latina wellness entrepreneur, educator, and creative mind behind Choose Love Blog. Her mission is centered on helping others thrive in health, wealth, and mindset. Chantel currently offers educational resources to her audience as well as creative, content creation partnerships to health and wellness brands.

In addition to her blog, Chantel is also the host of The Wellness Beast podcast and is the owner of the color therapy eyewear company Zen30.

Location Orlando, Florida United States
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 07, 2020
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🦌 #wildlipwednesday 🦌. . Let me see who’s been rocking with WLW for a hot minute 😍 Do you remember this look from last year?!. . So I had every intention of creating something new this week (and last) but Q4 has got your girl BUSY. If you’re a creative individual then you know art just can’t be forced. I have to be in a certain kind of mood to create and everyday for the pst few weeks I’ve just been too tired to paint 😩. . The last thing I’m going to do is sit here and be a hypocrite telling all of you guys to rest while I’m up here burnt out. That’s what we NOT GON’ DO. I’m practicing what I’m preaching, listening to my mind/body and taking it easyyyyyy. 😎✌🏼hope you’re doing the same when you need to. . PS: I have an IGTV video tutorial of this look if you need a halloween idea this year!

DIY Halloween Snacks (with a healthy twist!)

To help make these treats extra special, our friends at Party City have kindly #sponsored this post, so be sure to click the shoppable links included below to snag your DIY supplies. For this year’s DIY Halloween treats, we decided to create Cake Bite Bats and Mini Graveyard Parfaits! To create your Mini Graveyard Parfaits, start by adding a few of your chocolate cookies (remove the frosting) into a food processor and blend. Thank you to Party City for making Halloween activities a wonderful and affordable tradition in our home every year.

I got paid more than the offered rate for a partnership today. You know why? Cause I asked. . How many times do you settle for things because you feel like the answer will automatically be no? This was me for a long time! I was nervous to demand for more things, money or whatever else I wanted becase of a false narrative I was telling myself and believing. . When you assume the worst or expect the bare minimum, that’s what you’ll always get. Limiting belief systems are a hard thing to break & It’s taken me 30 years to finally crack my own. . so today I say go for it. The rate you want. The job position you want. The opportunity you want. GO FOR IT. JUST ASK. - even if you don’t get it now, sleep better knowing you shot high and put it into the universe that you’re coming for it and it’s inevitably yours 💪🏼✨

Caribbean Plant-Based dishes featuring Dietitian Kim Rose

The Collective is a diverse group of content creators and entrepreneurs committed to being change agents for equity, diversity, and anti-racism in the food and wellness industry. Read more about our mission and initiatives here This week, each of the members paired up to host our #SharethePlate campaign on Instagram where we discussed various health topics, diversity, equity, recipes, and more. I personally had the privilege of being partnered with Kim Rose – a registered dietitian, diabetes expert, and Nutrition Lifestyles Podcast co-host. With this in mind, we thought it would be great to showcase a traditional dish from our islands (Jamaica and Puerto Rico) with a vegan twist.

WHO AGREES?! 🧐 when I ask you what your diet is like I’m not just talking about what you eat. . what people are you surrounding yourself with?. . what mental health breaks are you taking?. . what books are you reading?. . how much media/technology are you consuming?. . what’s your balance between work and rest? . While food is obviously a huge factor in our wellbeing, our health is much more complex than just what’s on our plate... . If you’re interested in hearing more about the ways we can improve our mindset and wellbeing, at 3:30 EST today I’ll be speaking on a panel focused on entrepreneurship and mental health. The event is FREE thanks to the @foodwellnessequity digital summit and if you can’t make the time frame, be sure to RSVP via the link in their bio anyway to get the recording sent to you afterward 🙏🏼☺️ @realfoodwholelife @yesbabyilikeitraw & @beachstonecounseling will also be sharing their insights on the topic too!

Mental exercises to help you conquer your life

Much like the muscles in your legs or biceps, your brain’s mental capabilities can be strengthened too. For me this would mean I feel weaker, I feel unable to keep up with my son during long physical games and I feel unhappy with my overall physical endurance. According to Medical News Today, “Muscle size increases when a person continually challenges the muscles to deal with higher levels of resistance or weight. In order to be successful at new things it requires mental effort and this is exactly the kind of thing we’re looking for.

Florida Fall weather is officially here guys!! 🍁🍂These cooler temps are for sure my favorite and I’m also not mad about all the seasonal menu items rolling out too! How about you?! 🎃🍎🥧. . If you’re looking for Fall flavored sweets, check out @thegreenerycreamery at @henrysdepot in Orlando North! Today, the family and I tried their new #vegan apple pie milkshake, charcoal cone pumpkin loaf ice cream and their pumpkin glazed loaf 😍 (swipe to see 👉🏼). I’m definitely impressed with the @doorlandonorth #plantbased food scene 👌🏼. . #DoOrlandoNorth #WeAreON💚 #Ad

Ways to stay balanced when you’re feeling off

When life starts to feel like it’s out of control, the most important thing we can do is protect our inner peace. If the body is in a state of balance and peace, the mind will sure to follow. In another study published in the Sleep Health journal, people who are exposed to sunlight first thing in the morning sleep better at night, feel less stressed and are less depressed than those who don’t. Another study published by Harvard found that “Sleep and mood are closely connected; poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being.

Is time a part of the reason you have a difficult time eating healthier? When I first started transitioning into a more wellness based lifestyle I know that was the case for me. If this sounds like you, definitely check out @dailyharvest 🌿 They make eating healthy super convenient with ready to make organic foods like smoothies, flatbreads, snack bites and more. Swipe to see how easy it was to make the blueberry #hemp smoothie I’m drinking here 👉🏼 and I also have a code [CHOOSELOVE] to save you $ off your first box if you’re interested 🥰🌿👊🏼. . Have you tried this brand yet?

I WAS FEATURED IN @parents MAGAZINE AS A LATINA MOM TO FOLLOW!!! 🤩🙏🏼🇵🇷. I’m so incredibly honored to be included in this list among some other amazing mommas representing para la cultura 💪🏼Thank you so much to @grimydiapers for this beautiful write up and for helping to shine light on #hispanicheritagemonth ✨❤️ swipe to read 👉🏼

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