Chelsea and Kylee Shamy

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πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ π•¨π•šπ•§π•–π•€ π•π•šπ•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ 𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕓𝕖𝕀π•₯ π•π•šπ•§π•–π•€ πŸ’• fitness ✘ food ✘ travel ✘ lifestyle ✘ lotsa love πŸ’« blog - πŸ’Œ

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Wasting a beautiful day? π“π‘πšπ­β€™π¬ 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π›π’π«ππ¬πŸ¦β€‰   Bird watching happens to be one of my honey’s favorite hobbies πŸ’— and I’m starting to understand the hype!     Did you know that bird-watching isn’t just a hobby, it’s a mood booster too? Studies show that being close to bird song can enhance mental well-being and decrease stress. SAY LESS.     But what ya put in your bird feeder matters.     🌱 Conventional bird seed may be harming our feathered friends with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. That’s why we’re sticking with Flying Colors’ premium organic bird seed and never going back. Why?    βœ… No harmful chemicals – better for the birds!  βœ… Sustainable farming methods – better for the environment!  βœ… More nutritious – better for the birds’ health!  βœ… Fresher seeds – packed with vitamins and minerals!    Wanna join us and give your birds the best? Check out @hiflyingcolors πŸ€β€‰   If you could have any species of bird at your bird feeder, which would it be?    #birdsofinstagram #birdwatching #birdlovers #wildlife #birdstagram #birdwatchers #wholesomelesbiancouples #wlwcouple #samesexcouple #lgbtq #birding #backyardbirding #urbanbirding #organicbirdseed #naturelovers #lesbianlife #couplegoals #outdoorhobbies #wifeandwife #mrsandmrs #lovewins #gifted

From the lights that drape over our backyard to the vinyl wall in our bedroom, my favorite part about our house is how we’ve made it a cozy, warm home injected with so many things that tell the story of us πŸ€πŸ β€‰   🎢 music is something we bonded over early on. we both grew up listening to goood music like soul, classic rock, and doo-wap. I’ll never forget the first time we hung out and hannah pulled out the Beatle’s white album - I was immediately at home. now, we have our own copy displayed on our vinyl wall along with other classics that mean so much to us.     πŸ“š we have matching bookshelves where we’ve color coded our collection and display things that bring us joy. Like the infamous picture of our first kiss, the @bymariandrew art my mom gifted me, the postcard from when we got engaged, and my crystal collection I got from @twofemmegems.     πŸͺ΅ the mantle in our living room that was custom made out of the old wood from when we renovated our quaint 1930’s bungalow.     🧲 the magnets on our fridge are a mix of magnets we collect from the places we travel together and older magnets that used to be on my parent’s fridge when I was growing up. I so vividly remember the exact placement of these on my parent’s fridge and am able to reflect on what was then and carry those memories with me into what is now.     πŸ’ this sweet corner of our kitchen displaying the framed photo of our first proposal our besties got us as an engagement gift with the trail maps from both of our proposals, paired with our fave @natgeo hiking book.     What’s something in your living space that holds significance and feels like home?

truth bomb: something crazy happens when you become your most healed, high vibrational self. your experience with the world around you changes and it’s UNCOMFORTABLE πŸ’£β€‰   let me explain →    this is going to sound woo woo hippy dippy, but here’s the thing, when you peel away the layers of subconscious action, thoughts, and feelings based on society, push your ego aside, and start living at your highest vibration, things look differentβœ¨β€‰   you start to prioritize energy-giving experiences, people, and want to in turn, give that back to the world.     when you’re not experiencing that, it feels as though you’re out of alignment. your energy gets sucked out of you and you feel the impact deeplyπŸŒ€β€‰   we’ve realized this is something we experience pretty recently. and we’re grateful for it because we feel so in tune with who we are and our purpose.     but it is a tough balance between living in our own little energy-giving bubble while also encountering energy-sucking situations because that’s what life is sometimes. it feels kinda wild trying to articulate this because we’ve just realized this was a thing.     does this resonate with you or are we the only ones in this boat? πŸ’—

I love you down to your bones πŸ€β€‰   When I think about the soundtrack of our relationship, Chelsea Cutler has been a constant.     From our falling in love days, to figuring it out, to the valleys, to now planning our wedding, these songs have been playing in the background.     Throwing it back to our first time seeing @chelseacutler a couple of years ago.     SO stoked to scream all of her latest songs and make more memories πŸ˜Œβ€‰   Who is a musician that’s a big part of your soundtrack?

The feels when our wedding countdown hits the hundreds πŸ₯ΉπŸ€ͺπŸ’—β€‰   As of today, we’re 199 days out from β€œI do”     If y’all missed it, we’re planning a chill, vibey beach house wedding that will be very us.     We’ve been having so much fun incorporating sentimental meaning into everything we’ve been planning πŸ«ΆπŸ»β€‰   We’re so excited for our vision to come together but even more excited to celebrate our love and commitment to one another with the people who mean the most to us in one of our favorite places πŸŒžβ€‰   What’s a wedding planning tip you have for us?

Things I love about us πŸ’˜ 27/7/365    🀍 our ability to work through issues instead of pushing them down   🀍 the way we balance each other   🀍 our commitment to individual growth and growth as a couple   🀍 the way we make each other better   🀍 our ability to laugh, have fun, and be best friends     Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing something you love about your relationship OR (self love is everything) something you love about yourself in the comments πŸ’•β€‰   πŸ·οΈβ€‰ .  .  .  .  .  #lesbiansofig #wlw #wlwcouple #lesbiancreator #queerjoy #samesexcouple #twobrides #lgbtcommunity #lgbtq #queerrepresentation #lgbttravel #globalgaygirlgang #healthylove #womenwholovewomen #pride #lovewins #lesbiancouplegoals #girlswhokissgirls #wifeandwife #samesexfamily #dateday #cutedateideas #wlwdates #fundateideas #diml #datenight #valentinesdaydate #raleighnc #exploreraleigh

Ever grateful, ever true πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸš‚ 🏷️ . . . . . #lesbiansofig #wlw #wlwcouple #lesbiancreator #queerjoy #samesexcouple #twobrides #contentcreator #lgbtcommunity #lgbtq #queerrepresentation #lgbttravel #globalgaygirlgang #healthyqueerrelationships #healthylove #womenwholovewomen #pride #lovewins #lesbiancouplegoals #girlswhokissgirls #wifeandwife #samesexfamily #relationshiptips #personalgrowth #growingtogether #ego #ourstory #couplestattoos

Family Planning with Cryos International

They’ve been in the sperm donor business for 30 years and have supplied donor sperm to patrons in over 100 countries. Another super cool aspect of the Cryos sperm bank is the ability to reserve donor sperm. Reservations can be made for future use, whether that be securing that donor’s sperm until you’re ready to start trying next year, or you want to use the same donor’s sperm multiple times to produce genetic siblings. Much like the sperm bank, the egg bank allows reservation of donor eggs and provides adult photos of ID Release donors.

30 Days Of Pride Content Guide – A Prompt a Day for the Month of June

LGBTQ+ visibility means a lot to us, especially as content creators. And little by little, story by story, it’s not so unfamiliar anymore. Pride month is the perfect time to create content specific to LGBTQ+ issues and the community at large. To help content creators get a head start, we created a 30 Days of Pride Content Prompt Guide!

Instagram Launches Three New Gamechanging Features for Small Businesses

Between trying to continue to stay open with adjusted operations and navigating things like the Small Business Protection Program, they’ve had their hands full. Small business Instagram accounts can now add a sticker that will allow customers to purchase a gift card directly from the business’s Instagram Story. For restaurants or businesses providing food products, the order food Instagram story sticker allows customers to place an order for delivery straight from the business’s Instagram Story. If you’re a business or manage a business’s social media account, let us know what you think when you try them!

Brand Building, Content Creation, Engagement

The Chels + Ky brand was born from my craving to take our story, our life, our wins, and our struggles, and share them with the world to inspire and promote a life of health, acceptance, and being your most authentic self. Through a strategic and consistent approach, we found our people – let’s just say the β€œChels + Ky dynasty,” and have continued to increase engagement and spread our messaging of health, love, and authenticity with the world. We figure that if some of the people in our circle have questions, are dealing with roadblocks, and could use some insight/tips, we might as well utilize our blog to reach more people who are looking for a resource like us. It just means we’ll be adding a brand + marketing educational category to the Chels + Ky blog/content so we can share our knowledge to help you reach your people and tell your story.

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