Charlotte & Starsky

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Hey there, I’m Charlotte! Most days you can find me at work as a legal aid attorney, helping domestic violence victims. On the weekends you’ll find me hiking with my sweet dog Starsky or napping on my couch, with not much in-between! I enjoy engaging in frank discussions about life, social media, and dog ownership, and I love creating content to inspire others. But mostly, I love sharing Starsky with the world!

Introducing my followers to brands and products I genuinely love is one of my passions. I can’t wait to hear what sort of partnership you have in mind!

Location Colorado Springs, CO
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 12, 2020
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Scorpio sisters 🦂🦂 📸 @tailsofvoyage

I’m at the point of moving where I have no freaking idea how I’m going to get everything finished. I have to be on the road by tomorrow in time to get to Tucson for the FastCAT I’m photographing. But my apartment is still a disaster of boxes and things that have yet to make it into boxes. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve moved in the last 10 years, but it’s definitely more than 12. I’m tired 😅 Paws crossed this is the last time for a long time! 📸 @baxtersmountain

This week’s FastCAT Friday is sponsored by Gimli’s side eye…I don’t know how he managed to run super fast and catch the lure AND make this face, but I am definitely impressed #FastCATFriday

Happy 1st birthday Annabeth 🥹 Lost Heritage Laphria’s Light aka Annabeth, Bananabeth, Annabef, Bethy, Bethica, Beffy, Baby Psycho This puppy is so special to Ginsburg and me. There’s a reason “Light” is part of her name ☀️ . 📸 thank you @tailsofvoyage for our silly snowy birthday session

and here we see the problem...and the solution #sponsored I thought I remembered everything about bringing home a puppy since it hasn't really been that long since I brought Ginsburg home. NOPE. I totally forgot that lots of 6 month old puppies aren't potty trained yet!!! And as we head into the winter season where we will be bundled up indoors a lot....well let's just say that I don't want to be smelling puppy pee while I'm sitting by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa and romanticizing my winter life. Annabeth has mostly figured out potty training, but it took a while, and I went through a lot of Nature's Miracle. With the cold and snow coming sooner rather than later, I am relieved that she's mostly potty trained and that I will have Nature's Miracle enzymatic stain and odor remover for any accidents that might happen. #NMMessMiracle

double post because today is a very special holiday HAPPY NATIONAL BISON DAY

The Best Part of FastCAT, Part VI: the greetings Never ever apologize if your dog comes to say hi to me…I love it 🥰

to be fair, she’s still a puppy 🥰 . . . . #americanfoxhound #foxhound #hounddog #hounddognation #imjustken #imjustpete #scenthound #foxhoundsofinstagram #americanfoxhoundsofinstagram

The Best Part of FastCAT, Part V: the relationships

The Best Part of FastCAT: Part IV: the levitation

The Best Part of FastCAT, Part III: the tumbles (so long as no one gets hurt!)

The Best Part of FastCAT, Part II: the bag grabs You pretty much unanimously voted daily!! So get ready for a week of my favorite things about fastCAT photography - and after that, thanks to a friend’s suggestion, FastCAT Fridays!

The Best Part of FastCAT Photos, Part I: the faces (This is a six part series. Should I post it daily or spread it out?)

Do you ever think about the multiverse? I do and somewhere out there, I hope there’s a hot Pixar style Charlotte running around having cool adventures 🔥 Also in a really shitty and scary world…this trend is giving me some light and happiness. Keep them coming 💕

We miss the we're going back. It's time for a new adventure. Colorado hasn't felt right for a while now. I miss living close to my family. I miss the East Coast. I miss the culture. I miss the lake. I miss the history. I just miss it. The dogs and I are headed back to my hometown. We will be living in a family HOUSE (!!) that's currently unoccupied and fixing it up a bit. There's no fenced yard yet, but getting one up is our first project. I'll still be doing my side legal work, and I am hoping to continue dog sport photography back there. New Yorkers, let me know if you have upcoming events without a photographer! (I’m also totally happy to fly back west for events in Colorado though!) The girls will get to swim regularly. We can still go hiking. My parents have a mountain house in the Adirondacks that we can visit whenever we want. Skiing is cheaper (and I know this is heresy to admit, but I actually like east coast skiing better...) I need a reset. I figure I can always come back to Colorado if I want to, or go somewhere else. Maybe my hometown is where I need to be for good, maybe it's not. But it is where I need to be right now, and I am excited to go back there. Colorado, thank you for the friends and for the lessons. I will always be grateful for my years here. 📸 first photo by @travels_with_zora

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