Charlotte & Starsky

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Hey there, I’m Charlotte! Most days you can find me at work as a legal aid attorney, helping domestic violence victims. On the weekends you’ll find me hiking with my sweet dog Starsky or napping on my couch, with not much in-between! I enjoy engaging in frank discussions about life, social media, and dog ownership, and I love creating content to inspire others. But mostly, I love sharing Starsky with the world!

Introducing my followers to brands and products I genuinely love is one of my passions. I can’t wait to hear what sort of partnership you have in mind!

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Starsky and I were meant to be together. I was looking for a rescue Golden Retriever when I was searching for a dog. But then I saw this goofy hound dog on Petfinder. There was just something about this dog — I had to meet him. I applied and followed up with his rescue @empirerescue and learned a little more about him. He came to EARS by way of a Pennsylvania shelter, where he had been surrendered because his owner’s new baby was allergic. He had been in rescue for around 8 months. During that time, a family no-showed on the day they were supposed to bring him home, and a woman at an adoption event attempted to steal him. (Shout out to his amazing foster mom for chasing down the thief!!) I think the universe was just waiting for me to graduate and be ready for my dog. Starsky and I connected immediately and he had been my rock ever since. Everyone who has met him knows that there is just something special this dog has. This is why I’m proud to be part of the @empirerescue family and I’m proud to raise money for them today. EARS gave me the most special dog ever, the soulmate I didn’t realize I needed. They also do some amazing work to remove traditional barriers for pet owners. EARS works to provide community health clinics to help people afford veterinary expenses after adoption. They also have a partnership with a local federal prison where inmates train dogs to make them more adoptable and enrich the dogs’ lives and their own. Empire Animal Rescue Society isn’t just a pet rescue. It is truly a holistic pet adoption organization that focuses on the wellbeing of pets AND their people. I hope you will support @empirerescue this #GivingTuesday. The link to donate is in my bio!

It is so important to me to live my dream and follow my passions. I used to think I could do a job that I wasn’t passionate about in order to fund my free time. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that - but it didn’t work for me. It made my mental health worse, made my physical health worse, and made my dog ownership worse. I struggled with focusing and getting the jobs done. I wasn’t showing up for myself and I wasn’t showing up for my employers either. For me, I need passion and creativity in my job. I need flexibility. And I need change. I can’t always be doing the same job all the time. I struggle with a traditional employer/employee relationship. It’s so important to me to live my passions because it’s what’s healthiest for me. That’s why you see me creating programs and selling them on here. It’s why you see me creating content for brands. Writing blog posts, taking photos, writing creatively. I need to live and work my passions to thrive. And we all deserve to thrive 💕 . Bed by @bigbarkerusa, affiliate link in blog post “6 things that will help your senior dog feel younger”, linked in bio

It’s Small Business Saturday and I would love your support! I run the Reels Club, a monthly membership for creators designed to help you learn and grow with Instagram’s shift towards video content. My members have gotten millions of views on their videos, created successful sponsored Reels, and most importantly, are having fun with Reels (yes, even the members who initially hated reels!) But don’t take it from me - listen to my members. Swipe to see what a few Reels Club members have to say! I would love to have you join the Reels Club! You can enroll at the link in my bio. And now through Monday, you can get 75% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY

What are you getting this Black Friday? So far I got some new leggings, another rug for Starsky, and a robot vacuum. I also made a list of some of my favorite holiday deals for you, just click the link in my bio to check them out!

This Thanksgiving, as always, I’m grateful for my dogs and my family and friends. But I also can’t help but think of the people who aren’t here on Thanksgiving. In the last week, so many families lost loved ones to gun violence. I am sure they are grateful for the memories they have together, but I can’t imagine losing a loved one to gun violence at all, much less in such a tragic situation as a mass shooting. America, we have to do something. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey dog parent! I put together a blog post with all my favorite Black Friday deals for your dog *and* you! I’ll make sure to keep it updated with even more deals as I find them!

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” We said goodbye to Polly today. She was the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever known. She had so much love and enthusiasm for everything and everyone. I got to see her for the last time back in October and I’m glad I had one last visit with her. May your memory be a blessing, Polly 💔 Redcoat’s Chaos at the Biograph “Polly”, 2010-2022

We have just been hanging out lately. My car has been in the shop for a week and a half and I probably won’t get it back until the end of next week 😢 It’s times like these that I am grateful for how chill my dogs are! Starsky came to me with a fantastic off switch, but Ginsburg’s took a lot of work, and got significantly better after she went through her first heat. How have you been doing lately?

Another fun move is the detangle after your dog follows a good smell @booplethesnoot #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #goldenretriever

We woke up to snow this morning! What a nice surprise 🤗 There won’t be any more winter hikes for this guy and his feet seemed a little more sensitive to the cold this morning (no salt on the sidewalk so that wasn’t it) - so he will be in boots for longer walks too. Senior dog life 🥲 #seniordogsrock #seniordogsofinstagram #seniordogsrule

I just learned that today is #WorldKindnessDay! Thank you @growingupgoldens for the reminder (and for always being such a sweet friend who’s willing to chat for hours!!) Show some kindness to someone else by tagging them in the comments with something you love about them OR show yourself some kindness by commenting something you love about yourself! ❤️

Every dog in my family is a senior, except for Ginsburg. Polly, Rex, and Jack are all over 10. Starsky is a little over 9. No one is particularly spry except for Rexy. Polly is still here and still mostly happy, but she’s in pain. She doesn’t have long. I will miss her so much. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever met. So smart that sometimes I swear she’s human and understands every word we say. She is the reason that I love English Springer Spaniels, and also the reason that I will never have one (at least not a field bred one). She’s incredibly kind and sweet. So here’s a little Polly appreciation post. I wish she had more time and that I would get to see her again.

Behind the scenes of some UGC I’m working on today. Starsky is such a great model…Ginsburg is a little more reluctant but with big brother’s good example plus lots of treats, she was convinced 🎅🏼

Auntie Kate doesn’t do bullshit. When @little.grizz.bear was out to visit, we made some time for a hike with the dogs. Ginsburg was out of control naughty that day and Kate ended up working with her while the two of us talked training. Kate and I have some different thoughts when it comes to training, and I have been in a period of “what the heck do I even believe anymore”. It was really good to talk through some hesitations I’ve had, and good for Ginsburg to work with someone new and with a different training style. It definitely gave me some insight into my own dog to watch her work with someone else! I wouldn’t hand my dog over to someone I didn’t trust completely. If you have the opportunity to watch someone you trust work with your dog, I would highly recommend it! It was really helpful as I continue to work on training and refine the techniques that work for Ginsburg and me as a team. p.s. Kate please come visit again soon, we miss you

Note: this is not the actual nose breaking moment thanks for coming up with this reel for me 😂

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