Charlotte & Starsky

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Hey there, I’m Charlotte! Most days you can find me at work as a legal aid attorney, helping domestic violence victims. On the weekends you’ll find me hiking with my sweet dog Starsky or napping on my couch, with not much in-between! I enjoy engaging in frank discussions about life, social media, and dog ownership, and I love creating content to inspire others. But mostly, I love sharing Starsky with the world!

Introducing my followers to brands and products I genuinely love is one of my passions. I can’t wait to hear what sort of partnership you have in mind!

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One year of Annabeth 💕 I picked up this little tricolor hurricane one year ago today and I have never had so many bruises or laughed so hard. Love you little hound girl 😘 #LostHeritageLaphriasLight #lostheritagehounds #americanfoxhound

It felt great to get back out doing our favorite activity! My girls haven’t run Fast CAT since last November. Moving is chaotic at best, and so dog sports for my own dogs sort of took a back seat. Needless to say, they were THRILLED to get to sprint today! My favorite thing about dog sports is how it supports a strong relationship with your dog. We are all happiest when we are doing something fun together, and most dog sports are a lot of fun! I feel most connected to my dogs when we are playing dog sports! Have you tried any dog sports? If you haven’t, try to find some lessons or events near you! If you’re new to sports, I recommend getting started with Fast CAT or Barn Hunt because they are usually the most accessible!

“A dog is the only thing that can mend a crack in your broken heart.” —Judy Desmond I am so glad Starsky sent me Annabeth. Losing your first dog is tough, especially when that dog is as special as Starsky. Annabeth came home a few months later and brought so much life and happiness to Ginsburg and me. We are pack animals, and our home just feels better with two dogs. I just know in my heart that Starsky sent this little houndy girl. He always looked after me and was worried about my wellbeing, and that didn’t stop after he died. Did any of your past dogs send you any of your current dogs? #TakeMorePhotosWithYourDog 📸 @tailsofvoyage

Missing this guy extra the last couple days 💔 I can’t believe it’s been over a year since he died. Soulmates aren’t always people, sometimes they are Starsky.

Happy #FastCATfriday! This week Talon just wants to remind you that all 2023 sports albums will be deleted from my site on April 30th! I need to make room for 2024 event photos ☺️ A reupload fee will apply if you want them after that date, so make sure you have all your 2023 sports photos now! P.S. I still have availability on my photography schedule this year and would love to photograph your event! Send me a DM or email! P.P.S. In case you forgot or lost the link to view and buy your photos:

Her nose is forever changing colors ❄️👃🏻

Wildlife is more active at dawn and dusk which means gophers and the skunk that lives under my porch are more active at dawn and dusk which means my Foxhound is more active at dawn and dusk #HoundCrankHumpday

It’s a few weeks late but let’s do a Q1 check in on my 2024 goals! READ 15 BOOKS: I have read 13 books *total* since 2019, so 15 was honestly a bit ambitious. But Carly told me to read Book Lovers by Emily Henry and suddenly I was a voracious reader again. I can’t believe I finished and surpassed this goal in just Q1!! COMPLETE 2 HALF MARATHONS: I completed the Princess Half Marathon in February! I haven’t registered for another race yet and I’m still trying to get into another runDisney race this year (easier said than done), but I feel really good about this goal. START CONFO/NEW SPORT: This is not going well. Dog sports are expensive and time consuming, so they aren’t always the most accessible. I’m hoping to learn some more about confo and start showing Annabeth this summer. My friend Caroline is also just starting her confo journey which has been motivating for me! BOOK 15 EVENTS, 12 BEING FASTCAT: I’m happy with the progress I’ve made on this. I’ve booked 7 events (not including the one I had to miss due to Covid). 5 of them are Fast CATs. I would like to have a few more on my calendar and I have lots of availability from June - December, if you’re looking for someone for your events! DOUBLE 2023 PASSIVE INCOME: This is not going well if you look at the base numbers. However, if you take into account that I had the Reels Bonus from Meta last year, and this year that is no longer available, I’m doing better than last year. I’ve also been working hard to get more passive income sources set up, especially affiliate links. I’m calling this a win. EARN MORE THAN 2023: This is going...ok. I just tallied up my 2023 Q1 income and I’m only a little behind where I was, which was a surprise. I had a big setback when I got Covid and couldn’t do much work for a week and missed a Fast CAT that I’d already paid all the travel and lens rental expenses for, plus I had a few big expenses at the end of 2023. Since my recent expenses have been a lot higher, it feels like I’m way way behind 😅 How are your 2024 goals coming along?! #newyearsresolutions #newyearnewme #2024goals

Mushing + Taylor = 😍😍😍 #bikejoring #drylandmushing #mushing ng

2.7 miles on the bike today 🙌🏻 The girls always run fastest right when we start because they are so amped, but they slow down at half a mile or sometimes even sooner. Ginsburg wasn’t really feeling it today and kept trying to stop on the way back to eat grass 🙄

Taylor with a broken heart: The Tortured Poets Department Charlotte with a broken heart: ice cream, wine, and bad tv we are not the same 📸 @tailsofvoyage

can you relate? #thetorturedpoetsdepartment

So which song is your favorite? So far I am reeeeally vibing with So Long, London ✨ #thetorturedpoetsdepartment

Ginsburg asked me if it was swimming season yet and I had to break the news to her that it’s at least another month away 😢

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