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I am a celiac foodie with a passion for finding delicious gluten free food! On my page, I post about products that I believe meet a certain level of taste and celiac-safety. I also try new restaurants and post about my experience eating there. I have collaborating with many brands that whose products I feel passionate about and are usually in the healthy gluten-free snack and beverage space. With a big geographic move in my personal life, the future directions of my page will include focusing on how to prepare healthy and quick celiac-safe meals at home. I am looking for brands that create products that can be used in creating meals at home or for work.

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(Very slightly healthier) Coconut Cream Cake

There are three main parts to this cake: the cake itself, the syrup to let soak into the cake, and the frosting. > 1 box cake mix (I used https://shop.kingarthurflour.com/items/gluten-free-yellow-cake-mix) > Add the ingredients on the box, but substitute coconut oil where it calls for canola oil Follow the instructions on the cake mix, substituting melted coconut oil, and then bake into two round cake tins. Syrup: > 1/2 can of coconut milk, you can use the liquid part now > 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch > 1/4 cup coconut sugar Stack one cake on a cake plate, top with good helping of frosting and then put the next layer of cake on top.

Brownies (& not from a box!)

I personally like to use “Cup 4 Cup” flour in my baking so that is what I used here. 1 teaspoon vanilla (make sure that it is gluten free) 3/4 cups cocoa powder (make sure that it is gluten free) 3/4 cups Cup4Cup or other gluten free flour blend (needs to include xanthan gum) 1 cup (or however much you’d like!!) of chocolate chips or chunks (I use Enjoy Life brand) Recipe (makes ~16 brownies – Put butter, sugar, and salt all in microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 1 min.

My All Time Boston Faves

There were many contenders, but the following six restaurants were at the top of the hierarchy for the following categories: celiac safety; overall experience dining experience – including atmosphere, kindness of staff, and options available; and of course, quality of the food! Most significantly, their homemade gluten free bread is the best gluten free bread I have had at a restaurant ( The staff here know exactly which sauces have gluten (this can be tricky in Chinese restaurants, i.e. soy sauce) and will bring you gluten free soy sauce without needing to ask. When I arrived here, I was totally surprised by the atmosphere, the gluten free options, and the true dedication of the staff to making me feel like I could have a safe meal.

Boston Dining Guide now available!

Skip to content For leading a successful and easy (well, easier) gluten-free lifestyle. Includes city dining guides, product reviews, and quick recipes. Check out my guide on where to dine celiac-safely in Boston! (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)

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