Erica Dermer

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Former researcher/marketer. Blogger, editor, writer. Opinions are MY OWN! #GlutenFree #EhlersDanlos #Endometriosis #Celiac #CATBbook

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UP NOW ON THE BLOG! JoJo 🐄 and I have secured the GLUTEN FREE @oreo AND DOUBLE STUFF OREO COOKIES 🥛 and we are shoving our faces full of #glutenfree chocolate 🍫 sandwich cookie goodness. I just put together a blog post about where they are at, the ingredients, and comparing them to top sandwich cookies on the market! 🛒 *received free samples not a paid promotion* #glutenfreeoreos #glutenfreeoreo #glutenfreeoreowatch2021 #glutenfreefollowme #whatceliacseat #oreocookies

Gluten Free Thanksgiving You Can Order Online!

Here’s a round-up of my favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving items that you can order online! Pastries DIY Layer Cake Kit ships two boxes of chocolate or coconut cake mix, along with pre-made vegan/gluten-free buttercream in choices like vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, passion fruit or lemon. To receive an order for Thanksgiving week, you must place an order between Saturday 11/14-Friday 11/20 by 5pm PST. MYBREAD Bakery’s Thanksgiving pack comes with 8 dinner rolls!

Thanks to @uwpharmacy for this great infographic on the safety of the mRNA vaccine 💉! Let’s bust some COVID-19 vaccine myths! Also, thanks to the SSCD the Society for the Study of Celiac Disease 🦠 is currently urging those with #celiacdisease to be vaccinated - so the greatest minds in #celiac are begging you - along with the rest of the world - to get the vaccine when it becomes available to you. Please. Until then, #MaskUp!

Travel: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Seattle, WA

I’ve compiled a list from my visits of the best gluten-free restaurants in Seattle! Flying Apron is an incredible gluten-free, plant-based (vegan) bakery with two locations in the Seattle area. (CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY, NO RETAIL) and 4709 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, Razzi’s is a trusted location in the Seattle community for safe gluten-free pizza. If you’re also visiting Portland Oregon on your trip to the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend these gluten-free bakeries and gluten-free restaurants in Portland Oregon!

I LOVE spaghetti squash. Like obsessed. And yet I still have not made this package of @solelyfruit DRIED (yes dried - you boil to rehydrate) spaghetti squash. Has anyone tried it? I love the idea of having it on the shelf instead of having to de-seed, bake, and fork - but is it the same amazing texture as fresh spaghetti squash? I’m obsessed with @solelyfruit mango 🥭 PS. *free product* @natprodexpo #sparkchange #spagehttisquash

The Best Gluten-Free Sourdough

I’ve traveled a lot across the USA and, because of my passion for carbs, I’ve tasted a lot of gluten-free bread. These loves are made in San Fran – much like Bread SRLY – and available in original, fig walnut, olive herb, and seeded buckwheat flavors. The original loaf contains GF flour (sorghum flour, millet flour, cassava flour), starter (water, brown rice flour), psyllium husk, and sea salt. Again, it’s not as yeasty as the homemade style loaves like Bread SRSLY or Young Kobras.

I miss traveling SO much. I want to go back to @visitnapavalley. I want to visit a vineyard 🍷 🍇 and hang out with winery cats 🐈‍⬛ and eat tacos 🌮 at @myccasa. Can we all just get vaccinated 💉 so we can go back to exploring this incredible world and dine in restaurants and fly on planes ✈️ and stay at B&Bs safely? K thanks.

Best Gluten-Free Donuts

However, their soft baked donuts are not as good, and something you can easily do at home with a good donut recipe and silicone donut baking pan. You can find donuts at Kyra’s Bake Shop (two locations), Gluten Free Gem, Back to Eden Bakery, and New Cascadia Traditional. While Gluten Free Gem is small, they’ve got a great selection of products, including baked donuts in fun and often funky flavors. If you’re looking for the most legit fried donuts in Phoenix, you’ve got to go to Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe.

Every time January rolls around. It’s particularly cruel to talk about dieting in a pandemic when we all rushed the stores for pantry items and comfort food because we’ve been stuck at home. If I hear about detoxing, new year new you weight loss, or crash diets (don’t even get me started on keto), I will scream. We, as a nation, have such an unhealthy relationship with food, and honestly with what we all see in the mirror. If you’re not happy at the size you’re at, maybe there’s an issue with what you’re not happy about besides your body. Now, that’s not saying that a healthy diet and regular forms of exercise aren’t inherently good - of course they are! Y’all I’m not talking about the regularly recommended movement by the CDC, I’m talking about physically punishing your body with exercise because you’re unhappy with some thing about it or something inherently you don’t like about yourself. I particularly am saddened by the trend of #disorderedeating and straight up #eatingdisorder behavior seen in influencers. If you are having a tough relationship with food - seek help with a therapist, and look into #intuitiveeating. Remember that your worth is not measured by what you see on the scale. Remember, especially this year, that you do not have to punish yourself for the food you are eating in order to get through this all. When we come through with this all, take time to nurture a healthy relationship with food. Not one based on fear, deprivation, sadness, anger or guilt.

Guys I can’t create content right now - I’m exhausted and disheartened and flabbergasted. And to top it off i’m feeling under the weather. I’ve expressed everything I needed to on IG stories. Might come back in a few days. Please enjoy this placeholder image of how I feel, in cat form.

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