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Single Mum Travels - Do you want to travel the world with your kids, a single parent? Sharing Tips and advice on how to get started with your trip planning

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Can You Cancel Travel Insurance?

You certainly can’t cancel travel insurance that you have already paid for, but your insurance will surely come in handy when an event that you’re travelling for gets cancelled. While most travel insurance packages include some coverage for trip cancellations, cancellation for an event is special coverage that may vary from plan to plan. People who add this extension to their travel insurance are travelers who will attend events such a weddings, annual meetings, sporting events, religious festivals, conventions, concerts, tradeshows, award ceremonies, or more. So just as travel insurance is a vital part of trip planning and taking holidays, event cancellation insurance is an added on extra that can protect you even further for unforeseen circumstances arising when planning major and special events.

Choosing The Perfect Pyjamas this Winter

The favourite part is that he was able to log onto The Pyjama Factory himself and order exactly what he wanted through their Gamers Zone, you don’t get that amount of joy ordering pyjamas from other online retailers. If I was going to order the kids some quality pyjamas I was definitely going to order a luxury pair for myself. I’ve purchased lots of pyjamas over the years, the quality of the fleece trousers was perfect, not overly thick like some retailers sell them but perfectly warm and cosy. These pyjamas come in several colours and styles, I’m already considering getting another pair from The Pyjama Factory!

Preperation, Airport, Boarding and Flight

When I first started flying with a baby I was worried the pram would count as check-in luggage, it never was but my carseat did count as check-in and I always ensured it was bagged up in a protective bag. I also took my baby carrier on the flight just incase my pram wasn’t ready at the steps when getting off my flight, I also found it handy to hold baby while gathering up my cabin luggage and baby bag. Ok so the first time I needed to change my 4 month old on a flight I had no idea how it worked. On all my connecting flights I never had access to an ATM which sucked, I made sure I had USD and local currency if possible while in transit.

Best Things to do in Koh Lanta Old Town

Koh Lantas Old Town is very different from the beachy west coast which you can read here in my Ultimate Koh Lanta Guide, it’s a small fishing village community and known culturally as being quite diverse with Chinese merchants, sea gypsy community and original Thai fishing families that all reside here. Thai Roti Pancakes – for 60 baht you can buy a banana and Nutella roti pancake, I ate mine daily from Sunee’s Place along the Old Town For more information and advice on eating on Koh Lanta head over to my Koh Lanta Ultimate Guide here. If you want a great price head to Sunee’s Place (a smoothie bar and restaurant) and ask for her brother who operates 4 Island Tours, I took my second trip with them and in comparison to my first it was really fun and entertaining and one of the best things to do in Koh Lanta old town. 3 flavours fish on white snapper is an authentic Thai fish recipe, the 3 flavour sauce consists of sweet, sour and spicy seasoning, it’s appropriately named the 3 flavours fish directly translated from the Thai “Par-Sam-Rot” pronounced as “Par Sam Lot”.

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