Casey Evertove Palmer

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Husband. Father. Storyteller. Media: Portfolio:

Location Toronto, ON
Country Canada
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It’s 2022 and it’s time to get ourselves ACTIVE again. When @ontariosportnetwork was launched in October 2021, it had ONE MISSION—to help Ontarians fall in LOVE with sport again! And that’s not necessarily EASY—we’ve become FAR too used to staying at home these past two years, and we have to RE-LEARN how to fit sport into our lives. But sport isn’t necessarily what you THINK it is. While there are a MULTITUDE of people across the province playing team sports at every level IMAGINABLE, there are PLENTY of options for people who’ve never played a sport before or for anyone just looking for a good TIME. We’re in a time where sport WANTS to be more inclusive and welcoming—you just have to find the sport that’s the right FIT! With their awareness campaign, #ThisIsYourSport, the OSN wants to highlight the value of sport and physical activity in Ontario by addressing their BARRIERS—the things that Ontarians feel are preventing them from participating in sport following the COVID-19 pandemic. Some sports are too expensive. Some seem like they’d be too physical DEMANDING. But the OSN has seen it all and HEARD it all, and they may just dream up some options that you never even CONSIDERED. And for me, that sport was CURLING. There was something about moving a rock down the ice with a broom that had me feel like it’d see me using my body in a way I hadn’t DONE before. And not to mention that as a Black Canadian, constantly struggling with my identity in a country where we’re too often VASTLY underrepresented in SO many spaces, I wanted to try something out in a place where people were VERY unlikely to look like me. And so that’s how I got up off my butt and did something different at a time where I needed more WELLNESS in my life. I don’t have to be the only one, though. All you have to do is go to OSN’s site to take advantage of their vast connections and resources to find the right sport for YOU. They’ve done the research. They’re building the COMMUNITY. Now it’s just up to you to decide whether you want to make it part of your LIFE! Be well out there, everyone, and go enjoy some sport. Your body will thank you for it! —Casey #ad #curling #sport #Canada

SCENE: On my weekly call with my Director. We're on video. Him: "Hey, Casey, I can't hear you—you're on mute." Me: (I look at my Teams options—I am most definitely unmuted. Maybe it's taking a second for the audio to connect. I try talking again.) Him: "Hey, still can't hear you—you're still on mute!" Me: (I feel to the side of my headphones to find the mute button, and my face suddenly changes to one of horror.) (I flip my headphones around.) "I... I had them on backwards." Him: 😂😂😂😂😂 *** Tell me you're doing too much without telling me you're doing too much... 🤦🏾‍♂️ #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleinfluencer #blackblogger #microinfluencer #contentcreators #tdotbloggers #torontobloggerscollective #yyzblogger #torontoinfluencer #canadianinfluencer #canadianblogger #torontoblogger #blackcreatives #blackinfluencers #blackinfluencer #melaninpopping #blackbloggers #blackdad #blackfather #dadblogger #dadlife #busy #busybusy #busydad #hustle #hustlehard #hustleharder #funny #dadjoke #oops

Events might be back, y'all. I got invited to take a short break from my basement by @rmhccanada and @peacecollective to check out P/C x McDonald's Canada, their new collaborative line in support of Ronald McDonald's House Charities, which helps families with sick children stay together. @mcdonaldscanada supports RMHC as its founding and forever partner, and since its inception in 1977 has helped more than 436,000 families across Canada! 1 in 4 Canadians has either stayed at RMHC or knows someone who has, including me—some close friends have been in and out of the hospital with their little one and RMHC has been a HUGE help through the process! The evening kicked off what one might call "The Month of McHappy", with music by the ever-legendary @startingfromscratch and comments from Alyssa Buetikofer, the Chief Marketing Officer of @mcdonaldscanada and Roxanna Kassam Kara, the Director of Marketing and Communications for @rmhccanada, and they highlighted the NEED for a #McHappyDay. That while they've managed to do so much great work ALREADY, they're still only able to serve around 20% of the families looking for help, which adds up to THOUSANDS of families who are still on the wait list. So how can you help? * By purchasing merch from the P/C x @mcdonaldscanada line from now until McHappy Day on May 11th. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to RMHC. * By getting some McDonald's on May 11th anywhere across Canada, either in-restaurant, via the McDonald's app, Drive-Thru or McDelivery, and a portion of the proceeds from menu items sold all day long go to RMHC and other children's charities across Canada! Hopefully, you can show your support for this McHappy season! —case #gifted #event #Toronto #teammcds #events #fun #live #charity #nonprofit #fundraising #community #support #help #giveback #fundraiser #ngo #dogood #children #socialgood #givingback #philanthropy #hope #change #makeadifference #charityevent #helpingothers #nonprofitorganization

Hello, friends, family and people I interact with on the internet on a regular basis—my name is Casey Palmer. I'm not your typical content creator and I'm on an ongoing quest to come to TERMS with that. For the longest time, I thought that parent bloggers were doing the content creator hustle the same way that I was—juggling the family life with a full-time job and squeezing in the content whether we could... until someone asked a room full of a hundred influencers at the BConnected Conference who was creating content while working a full-time job, and the number of people who put their hands up was THREE. There are creators who work jobs and parents who create content, but it's rare that you find those who do all THREE. Let's be real—any one of them is already enough work on its own. In my Senior Manager role, we just wrapped up a season of completing some COMPLEX Treasury Board submissions prior to the election and switching gears to planning for the future. The kids have events three days a week while church, family and our social circles easily fill up the rest. And as for CONTENT, I've been so CONSUMED with the manuscript for my book that any social media work that WASN'T for a client had to be shoved to the backburner while I got the REST of my life in order. In short, this is me saying that I'm back. I'm on the long road till Father's Day these next couple of months, and then slowing things down for the summer, because I've seen what things get like when I don't build time for REST in my life. I hope you're all doing well and I look forward to chatting with you again! —case #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleinfluencer #blackblogger #microinfluencer #contentcreators #tdotbloggers #torontobloggerscollective #yyzblogger #torontoinfluencer #canadianinfluencer #canadianblogger #torontoblogger #blackcreatives #blackinfluencers #blackinfluencer #melaninpopping #blackbloggers #blackdad #blackfather #dadblogger #dadlife #busy #busybusy #busydad #hustle #hustlehard #hustleharder

Tell me you live in Toronto without telling me you live in Toronto. #raccoon #raccoons #raccoonsofinstagram #trashpanda #raccoonlife #wildlife #animals #trashpandas #animal #trash #garbage #litter #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleinfluencer #microinfluencer #contentcreators #tdotbloggers #torontobloggerscollective #yyzblogger #torontoinfluencer #canadianinfluencer #canadianblogger #torontoblogger #torontonightlife #torontoliving #torontolove #torontoinsta #yyz #tdot #torontocanada

Bonding moments at the @raptors game up in the box. Good friends, good times, good game! #WeTheNorth #basketball #Toronto #fatherandson #The6ix

B-Sides: The Story of My Favourite Club on Clubhouse *** One thing that made Clubhouse REALLY stand out in the HEIGHT of the pandemic was how easy it was to build COMMUNITIES. At a time where we were all stuck at home and STRUGGLING to find things to share on social media, @clubhouse took away the one-to-many relationships we relied on, broadcasting our lives for everyone to see, and turned them on their heads. It connected us to people in REAL TIME so we could share our thoughts, our feelings and interests, and find places to vibe with people who are into the same things that we are. And that's exactly what happened when my friend @kerry_anndp pinged me into a room one random Tuesday night, where two people were pitting R&B jams from the '90s against ones from the 2000s, and I knew I found a place I needed to BE. The B-Sides is the brainchild of @kristenvcarter @theworldwidedre & @schyleroneal, a club built around a mutual love for music and the willingness to DEFEND your tastes against the world, whether it agrees with you or NOT. At least that's how it STARTED—over time as people began going back to their REGULAR lives, we all grew CLOSER. We celebrated each other's successes and comforted each other in loss. We'd start travelling to see each other and hanging out on Zoom. We'd taken our friendships BEYOND Clubhouse into something still growing till this day! Which eventually led to a random set of @amazonca packages on my doorstep one rainy day, which was weird because I usually know what's COMING. And when I opened it up, what was inside had me cracking UP—a survival kit from friends CONVINCED that I was going to meet an untimely demise in all the time I spend outdoors 😂 Don't worry, y'all—I'll be thinking of y'all when I'm drowning everyone out around the campfire in my Bluetooth headphone toque! 😂 Thank you all for the good times—here's to many more! #friendship #friends #love #friendshipgoals #happy #life #fun #friend #smile #family #memories #community #support #family #music #onlinefriends #internetfriends #internetfriendship #internetfriend #friendship #internetfriendgoals #breakthedistance #onlinefriendgoals #virtualfriends

I don't know about you, but there was a while there where I worried about whether I was actually going to MAKE IT through the pandemic. It was right before the 2021 Christmas holidays, and if Ontario's track record was anything to go by when it came to schools, I had NO confidence that our kids would be returning to school after two weeks for the break. And while it turned out I'd be right (because it'd be FOUR weeks, or even LONGER for the Palmers when our youngest brought a case of Omicron home with him one day...), I remember thinking all those weeks ago, "I'm going to need something to lift my spirits through all of this." And while in many ways I fit the archetype of "the man who has everything" and I'm often IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, once I start dabbling in a hobby, I usually don't stop exploring till I'm SATISFIED. And the hobby THIS go-around was writing with fountain pens and learning everything ABOUT them! *** It'd been a long time since 2019's @scriptus_toronto_writingshow at the @torontoreferencelibrary, and in the couple of years since, I'd dealt with all sorts of shops to build my stationery stockade since then, but none more than @laywines, located right in the think of Yorkville in downtown's north end. But when you're strapped for time and already flush with a half dozen pens, it can be hard to figure out what to add to your collection NEXT. But Laywine's has a solution for that—the MYSTERY BOX. The Mystery Box is a random assortment of papers, tools and other things you'd find around the store that you'd normally never think to pick up YOURSELF. The value of what's IN the box always FAR exceeds its price, so if you're in the mood to EXPERIMENT, I suggest you check it out! (Tell them Casey sent you!) #notsponsored #loyalcustomer #stationery #stationeryaddict #journal #journaling #stationerylove #planner #studygram #planneraddict #notebook #stationeryshop #stationary #study #design #plannercommunity #stationerylover #notes #paper #journalling #writing #writer #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #love #words #writerscommunity #writers #writersofig

Let's take things back a couple of years, to even BEFORE the pandemic was a thing and many of us spent more time at home than EVER as we waited for a cure to COVID-19 so we could all get back to some NORMALCY. This story takes place at the end of February 2020, a mere WEEK before the first known cases were coming to Toronto, and I was at 2020's @dad2summit, invited to speak on a panel called "Bring Your Own Chair", moderated by @fatherhoodislit and discussing how we brought our OWN seats to the table as dad creators instead of trying to change to suit the seats that were already THERE. And while it was good to be invited and share a stage with other great men, I was at a point where I was really QUESTIONING my brand, trying to figure out IF there was any space for a creator like me anymore. The world had moved on to VIDEO. It felt like we cared more about fun dances and comedy sketches on TikTok than we did consuming content of SUBSTANCE because who wanted to waste their time with THAT? So many of my creator friends had hung their hats up over the years when creating content just wasn't that FUN anymore and I was wondering if it was time for me to do the same. But I wouldn't have much time to lament, because soon a pandemic DID happen, and everything QUICKLY changed. George Floyd's murder made me grow up REAL quick, as the spotlight was suddenly on the Black community and I likely shared my stories in the most honest way I could remember doing in a WHILE. And after the value of search engine optimization finally CLICKED after years of creating without a real PLAN, I went it deep and suddenly found my work ranking on search engines for things like "Canadian dads" and "Canadian dad influencers"—my work was showing up in ways it had NEVER done before, and I wanted to make the MOST of it! There have been so many changes that've shaped the way I do things in the past couple of years, and it's that and a community of family, friends and fans who've helped me have a @byblacks People's Choice Award to hang up on my wall—here's hoping that it's one of many more to come! Thank you! —case #award #awards #winner #awardwinning #recognition #plaque #winning #blessed

If you're going to drink, you may as well make sure you're drinking something you LOVE. *** There's a saying that life is too short for bad sex, and I'd argue that the same goes for bad beer, TOO. It feels like a faint memory NOW, but beer became a COPING MECHANISM in the early pandemic, helping me get through all the months of the kids being stuck home from school, and the job, the house, and everything else in between. Stress was at an all-time HIGH, and I'd end each day with a cold one, taking the edge off while I wrote the night away. And it worked for a WHILE, but I'd eventually pay a PRICE, adding at LEAST a solid COVID 15 to my waistline and just taking its TOLL—all that beer without the exercise to burn it OFF. I'd experimented and found some wonderful breweries in the PROCESS, but the longer the pandemic went, the less joy drinking would BRING me. It's a little hard to believe, but I even hit a point where I was BORED with BEER. But sometimes, that just might mean that you're not drinking the right STUFF. If there's one purveryor who's continually challenged me to try more with my tastebuds, though, it's @collectivebrew, who carry everything from craft beer to hard tea to ready-to-drink mixed drinks—they cover a BROAD range with flavours to suit EVERY palate; go on their site and see for yourself! Their most RECENT drop is the Border Crossing IPA in collaboration with Buffalo, NY's @thinmanbrewery, a combination of Vic Secret, Simcoe and Cascade hops, which makes for a delicious blend of citrus and stone fruits, with a pleasant note of fresh pine to boot! It was brewed to celebrate the NHL Winter Classic between the Leafs and the Sabres, and is an easy-drinking brew for guests, since we're starting to host PEOPLE again 😂 Spend your money on the brews you LIKE—like I said... life is too damn short! —case #gifted #beer #craftbeer #beerstagram #beerlover #instabeer #cerveza #beerporn #bier #birra #bar #beergeek #cerveja #wine #ipa #food #drinks #cheers #beers #brewery #beertime #beertography #craftbeerlover #beerme #drinklocal #beerlovers #craftbeerlife #drink #beersofinstagram

I'm Casey Palmer, and I learned some SERIOUSLY important lessons in the last week! *** As you may remember, this past August, I started a new job as the senior manager of a team of twelve, running a high-intensity shop that tracks the numbers for all the IT hardware owned by the Ontario Public Service. It's not an EASY job by any means—you learn a LOT of it on the fly and have to figure out how to handle your work amidst HUNDREDS of meetings, countless reports and doing what you can to help your staff live the best lives POSSIBLE... but you need to make sure you're not taken ADVANTAGE of in the PROCESS. When you first become a manager, you want to do everything you can to keep your people happy—to be LIKED—that you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it HAPPEN. You get a little more involved in their work than you probably should. You approve vacations without considering the CONSEQUENCES. You put yourself out over and over, figuring that you should give them what you'd always wanted from YOUR managers, but soon enough you realise that even THAT isn't enough for some people. You eventually find yourself working till the wee hours of the morning FIXING things that should've been done WEEKS ago. You can't find the time to do the things you want to DO. And so, a bit more than seven months into this role, I'm making some changes so I can still work the job without taking TOO much time away from the REST of my life. With that said, I'm hoping to get back to my content. I still have a desk full of ideas just waiting to come to life, and they're not gonna do it THEMSELVES. Be well out there, everyone—I hope you're having a great Sunday! —case #dadlife #busylife #busy #motivation #busylifestyle #life #busybee #lifestyle #selfcare #citylife #transformation #doingmybest #goals #management #business #leadership #success #motivation #manager #work #career #learning #knowledge #lessons #lifelessons

When @netflixca reaches out to see if you'd want to be but one of a few parent influencers to sit down with @vancityreynolds to discuss his new movie, #TheAdamProject, the only answer is YES. To be honest, it kind of blew my mind—here I was in the company of creators like @brittlestar, @theassacisse and @thebirdspapaya, and here was little ol' me getting to chat with one of Canada's most BELOVED dads about his views on fatherhood! It's not the kind of experience you get to have every day, so I made sure to make the most of it with a question about the elements of fatherhood that DREW him to this movie instead of something you could just learn from WATCHING it. (Which, of course, you should do as soon as you get the chance!) Out today on @netflix, The Adam Project is a family-focused film with a heart of gold—the tale of a time-travelling pilot who teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while ALSO saving the future. Directed by @slevydirect and starring #RyanReynolds, @markruffalo, @jennifer.garner and @walker.scobell with appearances from #CatherineKeener and @zoesaldana, it's a movie that I got to appreciate so much more thanks to all the research Netflix sent me about the film and getting to hear some of Ryan's inspirations that went into helping put it together! Go check out what he has to say! #gifted #interview #fatherhood #dad #dadlife @netflixca @netflixfilm @netflixfamily @netflixgeeked #movies #movie #film #cinema #films #hollywood #actor #family #familymovie #familymovienight #netflix #scifi #movienight #comedy #cinephile #contentcreator #blacklifestyleblogger #nanoinfluencer #lifestyleblogger #blackinfluencers #blackinfluencer #microinfluencer

#Repost - @lanrickbennettjr (Lanrick has honoured me by making me entry #22 in his #BHM series!) *** February 22nd of #BlackHistoryMonth in #TorontoDanforth Who is @caseypalmer ? As the man behind Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, I’m a husband of one and a father of two living just east of downtown Toronto, having all sorts of adventures across the province and spending time trying all sorts of fun things at home! My digital journey goes all the way back to 1998, and more than two decades of blood, sweat and tears built what you see today. But as the man behind the brand, I’m just a guy trying to balance my passion with my family and the work that keeps them fed so I can give them everything I can to lead the best lives possible. ...I’ve always loved telling stories. Though I’m a long way from the short stories I wrote in high school and the website I laughed in 1998, I push to keep improving, never entirely satisfied with how far I get. But it’s taken a long time to establish this balance, with each part of my life playing a crucial role in making me who I am. Sarah, my wife, takes on the emotional load of the family, thinking up much of what we need long before I do. I’ve become a better Dad with her help, but there’s no way I could create all this content without her. My kids brought me more depth to everything I do, giving me a reason to make sure that what I create has real purpose behind it because time is very finite and I want to use it all as best as I can. And of course, there’s all the work I put my time into, whether it’s all the models and spreadsheets I manage by day or the content I grind on when working after dark—I obsess over how good I can get, always rethinking, retooling and refining until I reach a result that’s simply perfect. @caseypalmer

Listen—when you're married with kids and trying to juggle a job, a business and kids stuck at home thanks to some COVID that one of them brought home, Valentine's Day doesn't exactly become a PRIORITY. I mean, we've already got birthdays, our anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day on the table—do we even NEED another holiday?! But time and experience have taught me that no matter HOW long you're in a relationship, people still like to feel APPRECIATED, and so even if the pandemic makes shopping a little more DIFFICULT, it doesn't mean you should take it COMPLETELY off of the table! One thing I've appreciated about shopping for gifts in the pandemic is how much of the leg work many businesses are willing to do FOR you since we can't always shop in PERSON like we used to. And one example of this is @sam.and.lance, a Torontonian e-commerce shop that specializes in gift and subscription boxes from incredible women-owned businesses. Their products are local, ethical, socially conscious... and now, for the first time, they're available through Uber Eats! With delivery available within an hour, you can either choose from one of their curated selection or customize a box of your own to suit the more DISCERNING of tastes. With products like candles, scrubs, masks, jams and more, there's a little something for EVERYONE with Sam+Lance! So even if Valentine's Day isn't really your thing, you need to remember that it's not ABOUT you. Give a company like Sam+Lance a try, and who knows? You might just save your Valentine's Day! Good luck out there! —case #valentine #love #valentinesday #valentines #gift #valentineday #valentinegift #gifts #valentinesgift #giftideas #happyvalentinesday #valentinesdaygift #lastminutegifts #giftsforher #smallbusiness #shoplocal #lastminuteshopping #toronto #torontobusiness #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal

#Repost - @kincommunityca @kincommunityca asked me to share some of my thoughts on #BHM to celebrate a month of #blackexcellence 🖤 LET'S GO! *** For Black History Month, Kin wanted to shine a spotlight on some our exceptionally talented Black creators! @caseypalmer was kind enough to chat with us about the importance of this month. What does Black History Month mean to you? What I've been exploring more and more as the years go on is just how many different histories combine into the one "Black history" we try to highlight every February. When we refer to Black history in Canada alone, do we mean our East Coast history starting with Mathieu da Costa back in 1608? Or the rise and fall of Hogan's Alley in early 1900s Vancouver that was demolished for a freeway? We have so many stories across the two hundred plus different ethnic backgrounds that make up our Black Canadian community that a month alone is HARDLY enough time to learn about it all. What Black History Month means to me is the opportunity to intentionally make time to explore these stories as Black creators, historians and speakers look to bring them to the forefront for our education. I hope that one day we can keep exploring it beyond four weeks at a time, but I'm going to make the most of it while the opportunity's here! What is one thing you hope people take away from this month? What I'd LOVE people to remember from this Black History Month onward is the sheer depth and breadth of stories we have across the African diaspora. As a way to showcase this, this February I partnered up with @comfygirlcurls and @sherleyjos to come up with the #BlackCanadianCreatorDirectory, a list of nearly 500 different creators each bringing their own take on the Black Canadian Experience and everything that comes with it. I want people encouraged to have DISCUSSIONS about Black history—I want people to LEARN. I want to live in a world where we talk about Black history in EVERY month of the year—we may as well start today! #blackhistorymonth #BHM2022 #februaryforever

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