carly esquerra

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Jesus + Wife + Mom + Surrogate Founder: @henleyraeagency

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Thanking Jesus for my joyful girl. She’s been extra clingy this past week, and it’s hard. The days become longer when she doesn’t seem to want a minute alone. But I’m praising Jesus for her life, and the joy that exudes her little body. The sweet extra snuggles I’ve been receiving is somehow just what I needed. So grateful for you my girl 💕

Some results of our DIY Valentine Photoshoot! My favorite Galentine ❤️ Head to my reel to see a time lapse set up!

I Just love you so much Henley girl 💕 You make my days better!

My Best Girl! I put her in a new dress + new boots and she said “mommy let’s go show daddy!” 😭❤️ So we showed daddy & did some twirls in our new boots & dresses! Loving our new boots from @blowfishmalibu & @blowfishmalibukids

I miss traveling & matching with my girl! Hoping we can escape to the mountains again really soon! What’s your go to place to escape??

Always posing & always wearing a matching set 🙃If only I could borrow her clothes haha!#ourgirlhenleyrae

Welcoming 2021 with a photo I’ve wanted to recreate since we had Henley! 🤍 Swipe to see my parents! My grandma made the sweatshirts & thanks too @sunshiinesoul_ for making ours!

I always get family pictures during the holidays & I’m pretty sure henley was OVER it.... that fake smile and double chin is everything 😂😂😂 swipe for the zoom!

Esquerra Christmas 2020 ❤️

Merry Christmas from the Cookie Queen! She’s always asking for just a tiny bit more 😂

When you’re way more invested in the photo shoot than your bestie 😂 Caption maxwells face in the comments!!

My little copycat! This girl has learned my morning routine before going down to breakfast! I rinse my face & apply lotion. Henley now joins in on the fun. Gets the lotion herself, and uses a cotton pad to blend it in haha! Had to capture this tiny moment I do every morning with my girl 💕 #selfcare #confidence

Spent the weekend having an early Christmas celebration with family. This girl ate way to much candy & did not get enough sleep, but I loved seeing her have the best time! The rest of our Christmas week will be spent at home, painting ornaments, making cookies, eating yummy brunch, and zooming with family. How are you guys making this year special?!

Let’s talk Postpartum & Postpartum Depression. I was feeling great & cruising through PP then 6 weeks hit. I started having some “down” not understanding what I was feeling, lethargy, and just an overall fog took over. Postpartum depression was hitting me. I wouldn’t say it was because there was no baby, or because I was attached to the baby in any way. After giving birth, hormones run wild. Your body aims to get back to normalcy post baby, and this is what I was experiencing.... It’s averaged that 1 in 8 women go through some sort of post partum depression after giving birth and yet it’s such a taboo topic! Let’s come together in support of one another to get through and battle #ppd and understand how common it is. Read my whole experience on the blog and what ended up helping me battle through! Link in Bio. 🖤 • • • #postpartumdepression #postpartumjourney #ppdawareness #ppdsurvivor #augustbabies #surrogacy #surrogatemother #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #ivfcommunity #surrogate #surrogates #surrogacyrocks #realmotherhood

Let’s talk CONFIDENCE! It’s not something your born with & it’s not something that forms over night. Confidence is a learned, practiced, and built attribute. Step by step we need to build up our confidence both inward & outward in who we are! Today I want you to practice one thing: giving yourself a compliment. ONE compliment, ONE thing you LOVE about yourself & repeat it all day! Build yourself up. And if you feel good at the end of the day, snap a selfie to remember that feeling. Each new day choose a different part of you (whether it’s inward/outward) and build yourself up because guess what?! YOU’RE BEAUTIFULLY MADE & YOU SHOULD BE CONFIDENT IN WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE! Today my self compliment is: I love my caring spirit (yes it’s sounds like I’m bragging, but that self-talk is building self confidence-and we all deserve to be confident!)

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