Cara Cochran

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~Visibility | Representation | Liberation ~Coming out later in life πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ ~Anti-racistπŸ–€ πŸ“ ATL πŸ‘

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LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON!! πŸ˜…πŸ€£ Like I still don't know how to make that make sense in my brain, or what to do about it! Lol! Oh, and did I mention we both have the same middle initial too?! Yup, that's a thing as well 🫠 Guess we'll just officially have to add a #1 + #2 to the end of our names as well! Lmao Let's be real tho... I've been making phone calls, appointments and orders for Cara W for over 4 years now... if anyone knows how to be her... it's me!! 😝 What's something funny about your partner, or about your relationship that throws you off a bit?? And if you have this same problem... def let me knowwww!! Also, is it a thing in queer relationships that one person makes all the calls, appts, food orders, etc??πŸ˜…β€οΈ #samename #samenameproblems #twobabes #wlw #wlwcouple #lesbiancouple #lesbiancouplegoals #lgbtcouple #lgbtqcouple #queercouple #lgbtweddings #hersandhers #lesbianwedding #lesbianmarriage #lgbt #lgbtq #samesexcouple #samelove

Puppy love!! 🐢πŸ₯Ή Obviously this is just a puppy model, but how adorable is he?!? We seriously wanted to take him home, but unfortunately belonged to the woman standing on the other side of camera getting him to pose for pics! Lol!! We did this styled shoot a while back when we were staying with the Moxy in Chattanooga, and I never shared these photos with y'all, and they are just so cute and full of joy, I wanted to make sure I did!! While we love our precious Demi, we are definitely dog people at heart (except for Myla lol), so we will absolutely be getting another pup one day - hopefully sooner rather than later!! But for Myla not being a dog person, that last photo seems to be saying otherwise!! 😏 We are all big animal lovers in this fam, so we will always have animals around!! They are seriously the best boosts of serotonin you can get!! So tell me, are you a dog person or a cat person?? Which one is your spirit animal?! 🐈🐢❀️ πŸ“Έ: @reykalucreative #catperson #dogperson #catpeople #dogpeople #familyphotoshoot #twomoms #lgbtfamily #twomomfamily #lesbianmoms #sundayvibes #chattanooga #moxyhotels #moxynooga #lgbt #styledphotoshoot #familyphotos #familytravel #travelfamily #lgbttravel #lesbiantravel #puppylove

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE WE CALL MAMA C!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ I can't even begin to explain to y'all the joy, love, compassion, strength and laughter this woman has brought into our lives!! These 10 little pictures of memories don't even do it justice for how she completed our world, and has shown up in the amazing ways she has for both of us!! When we were all sitting around the table the other night we were saying three words that we believed explained how we felt about each other, and both Myla and I agreed on one word for Mama C- SAFE!! She is our safe place, and that brings tears to my eyes just with the importance that word holds!! πŸ₯Ή For being her little introverted self, she sure does have a way of lighting up our universe in the most magical ways possible!! We love her endlessly, and forever grateful to have our Mama C in our lives!! So here's to you @carawatl!!! I hope you feel just as loved, appreciated, valued and treasured as you truly are to both of us!! Thank you for unconditionally loving these two crazy, chaotic, loud extroverts like you do!! Hope 37 is your absolute best year yet!!! Can't wait to keep celebrating you now + forever!! πŸŽ‰ I love you with all my heart!! Happy Birthday babe!! πŸ˜˜πŸΎπŸŽ‚ Y'all show Cara W some love, and wish her a happy birthday today!!! πŸ₯³β€οΈ πŸ“Έ: @oliviabehindthecamera #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #birthdaylove #hbd #happybday #mybirthdaygirl #lgbtcouples #lgbtqcouples #twomoms #lesbianfamily #lgbtfamily #lesbiancouple #blendedfamily #lgbt #celebrate

Who else had a "kissing girls/friends" problem before they actually realized that definitely meant they were πŸ’…πŸ½πŸŒˆ?! Lol!! I feel like this is pretty common for a lot of Queer people, and even if you didn't get to actually kiss them, you probably thought about it a whoooole lot!! πŸ˜… I actually had a few people question if I was gay in my early 20s because of my "fascination" with women! LMAO If only I would have had the ability to see what they saw! πŸ™ƒ Thankfully, I'll be kissing THIS girl the rest of my life, and I couldn't be happier about it!! πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘© Who else went thru this stage, and swore to themselves that it was only because they just really loved their friends!? 😏❀️ #cg5 #girlswholikegirls #wcw #girlswhokissgirls🌈 #lesbiancouple #lesbianlove #lesbiancouples #wlw #wlwcouple #wlwpride #lesbian #gay #gaylife #queerallyear #loveher #kissingher #lgbt #lgbtq

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. πŸ₯±πŸ€£ And this time change y'all... it's got me seriously lagging STILL!! πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« Let me know if y'all feel me on this because I have been on the struggle lately!! LOL!! Share if you can relate!! πŸ₯΄πŸ€£ #iwokeuplikethis #insufficientfunds #funny #morninghumor #momhumor #lgbtmom #twomoms #parentinghumor #parenting #tired #daylightsavings #timechangesucks #timechange #parentinghacks #funnyvideos #funnyreels #lgbt #protecttranskids #lookhuman #parents

And that shouldn't stop you either!!! πŸ‘ No matter if you have a past, or not! No matter if you are 25, or 55!! No matter if you know exactly how you identify, or you are still struggling with it!! None of those things should stop you from choosing to be YOU!! The you that you were meant to be!! And if you are still feeling very square peg in a very round hole, and if life just really isn't making much sense to you... it's ok to take a step back at any stage or point in life, and say this isn't ME!! You have that right, and you are allowed to do what's best for YOU!! No matter when, what, who, where or why!! So don't let the naysayers, or the ones that like to throw your past in your face detour you!! Only YOU know the real you, and your feelings on the inside! And you can decide to be YOU whenever you choose to do so! For me, it was freedom!! So here's to you getting your first breath of fresh air too!! πŸ₯ΉπŸŒˆ Who else felt like their coming out experience was like breathing for the first time? ❀️ #latetolesbian #latebloomer #comingout #comingoutstory #comingoutlaterinlife #latebloomers #latebloomerlesbian #lesbian #lesbianlife #okyougotmethere #lgbtsupport #lgbtstories #lgbtqia #lgbt #lesbianpride #comingoutstories #lgbtcreator #atlantacreator

Breaking the heteronormative stigma🌈 We talk a lot about the heteronormative cycle, but we really don't hear a lot about how, or what that process should really look like! Well, I like to start here, with our young people! I'm sure most of you can remember growing up and hearing the term "boyfriend" if you are a girl, and "girlfriend" if you are a boy! It was ALWAYS the opposite gender in reference to this... he/him pronouns were used towards girls when referring to their future mates, and she/her for boys! Always assuming, and alluding to the fact that this is how it should be! So many adults, cartoons and even children's movies are guilty of this weight that they place on young people to be the way that society deems "acceptable". THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! πŸ‘ I think it's beyond important that we end this toxic grooming culture of children (yes, grooming, because THIS is what it actually looks like)! We have to stop using opposite sex options as our only option when discussing partners for young people. We try to be super conscious when talking to Myla about future relationships she could enter into, and use pronouns like they/them just so they are more inclusive for whoever she might end up with one day! This way she always knows that we will accept her, and whoever she chooses to give her heart to no matter what! If we continue to instill heteronormative stereotypes into children's lives, then we will be perpetuating this terrible cycle of fear that disables our young people from being able to proudly be who they are meant to be!! Shame, guilt and ridicule weigh heavily on the hearts of kids that see themselves as "different"!! So it starts with US!! We have got to change the language we use when discussing significant others with our young people! Let's choose to break the heteronormative stigma! Let's choose to free our young people from this toxic culture we have yielded over them for centuries, and show them love is the only thing that matters! Have you ever felt the weight of the heteronormative stigma in your life... even when you were a child? ❀️ πŸ“Έ: @oliviabehindthecamera #twomoms #lgbt #heteronormativity #breakingthecycle #lgbtq

I mean... what did you expect?! πŸ˜… I don't know if it's just me, but I legit cannot go inside a target and come spending anything under $100!! It's just impossible!! 🫠 Are you the same way? If not, what is place is like this for you? Where do you not need to be left alone for 5 min! πŸ‘€ Share if you can relate!! πŸ’ΈπŸ€£ #ileftyoualoneforfiveminutes #youleftmealoneinacostco #target #targetproblems #targetfinds #targetdoesitagain #targetgirl #targetiseverything #targetdeals #lesbiancouples #wlwcouple #wlw #lesbiansofinstgram #lgbtcouple #lgbtq #lgbtqplus #lesbian #gaygirls

Anyone else?! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Something a little fun for this Friday! πŸ˜† Share if you can relate!! 🌈❀️ Cover πŸ“Έ: @oliviabehindthecamera #lesbian #girlswholikegirls #lesbianhumor #gay #gayhumor #queer #queerhumor #funnyvideos #relatable #lgbtcommunity #girls #wlw #womenlovingwomen #wlwpride #lesbianpride #lesbiancouple #reasonsimgay #explorepage #lgbtatlanta #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia

Now you're gettin' it!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's called NORMALIZING!! Normalizing our community, our partnership and our love!!! 🌈 And we'll continue to do it because we want Myla to know that no matter who she loves... it is NORMAL!! Because love is beautiful in ALL its many facets!! Not just one, or a few... ALL LOVE!! Because LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE!!! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ And we are proud of the love we have, and we want her to know that her Moms love each other, and her, so very much!!! And what better way to teach your children how to love, and what love should look like than to mirror that love yourself in your own relationship!! Kids might not remember what you say, but they remember what you do!! So just living our lives out loud and proud is truly being the best teachers we can be for her!! πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Do you think it's important to normalize our love in front of our kids? How much more do you think they realize that being gay is ok when they see out in the world living life like every other family does?? ❀️ #gayfamily #queerfamily #lesbianfamily #twomoms #lgbtfamily #lgbtqfamily #normalizegayfamilies #loveisloveislove #loveislove #lovewins #gayisokay #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #twomomfamily #samesexfamily #samesexfamilies

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!" -Erick S. Gray That ending is my favorite tho! 🀣 Plainly stated: WOMEN ARE BADASSES!! Now just give us equal pay and equal rights, and see how far we can go!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Happy International Women's Day to all my Queens out there!! I hope you know today and everyday that you are valuable, worthy, unstoppable and the most extraordinary being there is!! OH HOW I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!!! πŸ₯Ήβœ¨ What's your favorite thing about being a woman? And if you're not a woman, what's your favorite thing about women?? ❀️ πŸ“Έ: @oliviabehindthecamera #internationalwomensday #happyinternationalwomensday #women #wlw #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenforwomen #womenarethefuture #womenshistorymonth #womensrights #queerwomen #lesbianwomen #twomoms #womenempoweringwomen #iamwoman

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